The Shapes is an American-British animated television miniseries that aired 5 episodes on The CC (Cartoon Comedy) throughout the week of July 6 - 10, 2009. It is part of a yearly deal by The CC (Cartoon Comedy) in which the channel airs a new miniseries every year. This is the first TV show to be part of that deal.


The plot involves a group of 4 anthropomorphic geometric shapes who are tangled in a mystery after a dinner party they're hosting stirrs shaper murders and the classic "whodunnit?".


  • Trevor Triangle (Horatio Sanz), a "businessshape" who is happily married with Cara Circle, the "loveshape" of his life.
  • Cara Circle (Grey DeLisle Griffin), a shape who works at a clothing factory and Trevor's "spouseshape".
  • Raymond Rectangle (Mark Hamill), a retired "millionaireshape" who hosts the dinner party.
  • Sarah Square (Betty White), a "grandmashape" who is Raymond Rectangle's husband.

Secondary characters

  • Oswald Oval (Tim Curry), a "depresshape" suffering from depression who may be the murderer behind all of the shape killings.
  • Tara Trapezoid (April Winchell), a "reportershape" who is one of the victims of the shape murderer.
  • Dimitrius Diamond (Phil LaMarr), another shape who is one of the shape murderer victims.
  • Rhonda Rhombus (Jennifer Hale)
  • Patrick Parallelogram ("Weird Al" Yankovic)
  • Penny Pentagon (Toks Olagundoye)
  • Hector Hexagon (Elijah Wood)
  • Helga Heptagon (Jessica DiCiccio)
  • Octavious Octagon (Carlos Azraqui)
  • Nina Nonagon (Candi Milo)
  • Dick Decagon (Nolan North)
  • Perry Pyramid (Steve Blum)
  • Curtis Cube (Crispin Freeman)
  • Connie Cone (Kari Wahlgren)
  • Sofia Sphere (Sofia Verguara; special guest appearance)
  • Selena Cylinder
  • Craig Cuboid
  • Hexagonal Prism Hannah

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 10 July 6, 2009 July 10, 2009

Series (2009)

No. Title Original airdate Production code
1 "Murder Party" July 6, 2009 101
Raymond Rectangle, an antropomorphic rectangle, hosts a dinner party fulled of other anthropomorphic shapes, the most noticeable being Trevor Triangle and his wife Cara Circle, who Raymond knows thanks to Raymond's involvement in business, which Trevor's also involved in well, was. All goes well at the dinner party, which also has a slow dance and DJ putting in music, until a masked murderer enters into the house and starts murdering, one by one, numerous shapes. Raymond goes to get his highly expensive shotgun and succesfully manages to shoot down the murderer. As the police is called in, the murderer manages to escape through a "hidden" escape.
2 "Scene of Crime" July 6, 2009 102
The police arrives at the scene of crime where all the murdered shapes are present. They try to get information on the murderer from the many witnesses that survived the murder, but he is simply described as "shapeless". Meanwhile, Raymond is worried that the murder will shatter his reputation along with his mansion's, and Sarah tries to console him. Elsewhere, Trevor gets a blurred-out photo that may be proof of who really was the killer, but finds it useless to the case since, well, it is blurred-out.
3 "Whosquaredit?" July 7, 2009 103
As the murders are being unsolved and suspects are released due to lack of information, all of the surviving murder witnesses start blaming themselves over the murder in a classic "Whodunnit?", tearing apart relationships in the proccess. Raymond starts claiming Trevor was the murderer, or was somehow involved in the murder, so he could ruin Raymond's reputation out of a proposed "jealousy" since Raymond is richer, but Trevor disagrees and argues back by saying he could care less about his "dirty money" and his upper-class status, as he enjoys being middle-class. Then Sarah claims it was Cara because she is jealous of Raymond's riches and was going to murder Raymond himself in order to get his riches, but Cara argues that she too loves being middle-class and is not greedy at all. However, Oswald Oval is claimed to be the murderer, as he suffers from depression and it took a toll on him by making him snap. Oswald is angry that he would be blamed for such adultery, and storms out of the mansion. The next day, however, he is not found.
4 "Sarah Said Goodbye" July 7, 2009 104
Sarah is found dead in her bedroom the same day as Oswald's disappearance, sparking rumors that Oswald killed her since she was the first one to propose him as the murderer. However, missing people posters claim that Oswald may have disappeared to Califormia (pun on California), with proof of witnesses seeing a oval taking a bottle of Prozac from a pharmacy. He is ruled out as a suspect, and now everyone is back to square one. A new clue is present when Raymond finds a camera with no photos in it, underneath Sarah's pillow, while he is cleaning her room.
5 "Notice: You're Next" July 8, 2009 105
After Sarah's murder happens, a bunch of notes written on Post-It NotesTM are found all over Raymond's mansion telling him things like, "You're Next", "See Your Wife In Hell, Bastard", and "Money Don't Mean No Good Life, Rect-afeller". These notes cause Raymond great stress as he somehow cannot get rid of the notes, as they appear everytime. Eventually, Raymond locks himself in his closet, the only place lacking any written notes, as he feels he's about to lose it. Not wanting to get out of there, Raymond eventually dies of asphyxiation, though this cause was given out of guess since he actually died of unknown causes.
6 "Another Murder Party" July 8, 2009 106
Due to both Sarah and Raymond's joint funeral causing great melancholy in everyone he knows, Trevor decides to lighten everyone's moods by hosting a party that would make-up for Raymond's disastrous dinner party. He promises that all doors and windows will be locked tightly and that his dog, a German Shepard shaped like a rectangular prism named Prismo, will bark in case of any intruders. Like Raymond's notorious dinner party, all goes well as everyone feels happy and care-free, until yet another murder happens unexpectedly. Prismo manages to deafly bark and bite hard at the intruder, who escapes like last time. By the time the murders have ended, only 8 remaining witnesses, including Trevor and Cara, are alive. The police come back and declare the case unsolved, as they're still solving the other murders that happened at Raymond's mansion.
7 "This Must Stop" July 9, 2009 107
Trevor tries to find a way to stop any future murders on his shape friends. He finally finds a way: by contacting his police friend, Patrick Parallelogram, to stake out with another police shape, Hector Hexagon, in order to find the shapeless culprit. The stakeout appears as boring first, until the shapeless shape murderer appears out of nowhere and seems to attack the three of them, until he simply runs off. Disappointed that they didn't catch the murderer, Patrick and Hector are unexpectedly killed off by the murderer. Trevor manages to escape the police car used for the stakeout with a shot to the leg.
8 "Plan of Murderous Action" July 9, 2009 108
After his failed stakeout gets his police friend and his partner dead, Trevor decides that he must take matters into his own hands if he wants the shape murders to come to a stop. He gets his wife Cara to help him "shape" up a plan to catch the shape murderer once and for all. The plan involves him planning a fake party with fake cutouts of shapes that will attract new victims for the shapeless shape murderer. After hours of writing up the plan, editing a few things, putting up a table, food, banners, and a disco ball for the "party", and cutting and painting the "guests" of the party, the plan is ready. Trevor and Cara wait for the murderer to come. When he does, he starts "killing" the "guests" of the "party" before realizing they're fake cutouts and it was a trap, both figuratively and literally, as a banner falls on his face and springs up a net that traps the murderer. Trevor and Cara feel accomplished but save that for later as they try to untie the net with the murderer in it so they can turn him over to the police. The murderer, however, had been prepared with a knife that he uses to cut up the net and escape, but not before he kills Clara and leaves her there for dead. Trevor, shocked and appalled yet sad, all at the same time, carries her corpse in his arms and screams out "Why?".
9 "It's Now or Never, I" July 10, 2009 109
Trevor gives up on catching the murderer after the many failed attempts to do so, and simply keeps on calling the police so they can eventually find and arrest him, but to no avail. Each time they try to find him, they end up with the opposite. Finally, after calling for the "100th" time and failing to get any arrest on him due to his unknown whereabouts, Trevor decides to move somewhere else as he doesn't want to die next. He chooses the state of Squaregon (pun on Oregon) as his permanent home, and so boards a plane destined there. In the plane, he ends up sitting next to Bernard Blob (Jack McBrayer), a seemingly normal shape who's cheerful and doesn't have a care in the world. That is, until it he reveals himself as the shapeless shape murderer and threatens to kill him.
10 "It's Now or Never, II" July 10, 2009 110
After Bernard reveals himself as the shapeless shape murderer and openly threatens murder on him, Trevor tries to escape the plotted murder but is unable to as the plane is already flying. He tries to explain all of this to one of the flight attendants, who gives him a confused look and asks about his sanity. Trevor is confused at her saying until he starts realizing something: he comitted the murders. He actually suffers from schizophrenia, and made up the shapeless shape murderer in his mind. He was the one who killed all the guests, Sarah, Raymond, and Cara. And he's actually on the run from the police, not going to Squaregon. Trevor realizes this and tries to escape the plane by jumping out of it. He succeeds, but it is later revealed that it was actually a hallucination, and the present time's actually after the party begins, making all of the previous episodes a hallucination due to Trevor's "drinking". As Trevor finishes drinking and starts dancing with Cara, a gunshot is heard and the scene fades to black.
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