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The Shadows 3 Action, Adventure, Thriller, film..,,, starring by Arley Swaby.



  • Arley Swaby as, Jack Ryan (rumored).,,, Kyle's brother.
  • Andy High as Ian (uncredited).,,,

Deleted scene he's on cameo.

  • Unknown Mentioned Actor as Hayes Carter/Hayes Barton (villain).,,,
  • Nicholas Myers as Kendall Ryan (uncredited).,, Jack's youngest brother.
  • Derlis Swaby Mayo as Jack Ryan's father/Colonel Emmet Ryan (uncredited).,, Jack's father.
  • Joshua Rush Pennyworth as young Jack Ryan (story by)..,,, Kyle's brother.
  • Taylor Belford as Teenage Kyle Ryan (story by)..,,,
  • Chloe Walter as Kimberly Rendall (uncredited)..,, Jack's future niece/best friend.
  • Unknown Mentioned Actor as Lyle Victors (cameo)..,,, Kimberly's Great Great Uncle..,,


  • Unknown Mentioned Actor as Lt. Rocky Benowki (uncredited).,,, Ian's far-cousin.
  • Denia Swaby Ortiz as Lt. Carmen Willis (photograph; cameo only)..,,,
  • Yasel Hernandez as Charile Carter (uncredited)..,,, Noah's son.


  • "Save Me" performed by Remy Zero courtesy by Remy Zero, John Powell
  • "Shadows Theme" performed by Danny Elfman featuring by Hans Zimmer courtesy by Danny Elfman
  • "Wonder Woman Theme" performed by Hans Zimmer featuring by Danny Elfman courtesy by Hans Zimmer
  • "Jack Ryan Theme (remix) arranged by [(Jack Ryan Series)]" performed by Remy Zero & Hans Zimmer (uncredited)
  • "Stronger" performed by Kayne West courtesy by Kayne West, Danny Elfman
  • "Nights of Guns" performed by CFO$ courtesy by CFO$ ft. Jim Johnston (uncredited/story by)