The Shadow (TV series) Action-neo nior TV series.


  • Tyson Tatum as Kent Albant; main antagonist, former printed alter ego is The Shadow also.
  • Oliver Swaby as Cranston Senior, Lamont's deceased cousin.
  • Richard Ebanks as Francis \ The Shadow (Uncredited) alter ego is shadow.
  • Jules Tagasling as Joe Lung, Lamont's trainer.
  • Joe U. Tagasling as James Lung, Lamont's Enemy, Joe's brother.
  • Ervin Swaby as John Parker; an old friend / half cousin of Lamont.
  • Yasiel Hernandez as Joker / Jack Napier (guest star)
  • Darrel Swaby as The Skull / Freddie Carlone (uncredited); transforms into Meta-human.
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