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The Secret of NEST is a 1981 is a American animated dark-science fantasy adventure film directed by Scott Webb in his directorial debut.

Voice Cast:

  • Paul DeLuise as Jimmy, A Crow. The deurtagonist of the film.
  • Liza Minnelli as Mrs. Brisbee, A Mouse. The protagonist of the film.
  • Roy Kinnear as Jackson, the leader of the Mice of NEST.
  • Freddie Jones as Mr. Rages, Mrs. Brisbee's Dad. He is a Retired Nurse from NEST.
  • Michael Hordern as Johnson, a Rat. The main antagonist of the film.
  • David Jason as Silver, a rat. The second antagonist of the film.
  • Frank Welker as Jenna, a Cat.
  • Joan Gerber as Auntie Screw, Mrs. Brisbee's sister. She takes care of her children while she is with Jimmy.
  • Michelle Stacy as Tessa Brisbee
  • Sean Marshall as Marco Brisbee
  • Lisa Norris as Sylvia Brisbee
  • Sparky Marcus as Tommy Brisbee