The Scary Tale of Chuck E. Cheese's
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Director: Wes Craven
Producer(s): Robert Shaye
Writer(s): Wes Craven
Release: July 17, 2013
Running Time: 3 Hours
Budget: 1.7 Million
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The Scary Tale of Chuck E. Cheese's is a 2013 horror film done by the same creators who worked on Nightmare on Elm Street. It released to theaters on July 17, 2013.


The story takes place with Kevin (Mark Edward Fischback), and Marco (Feliz Kjellberg) taking their family to Chuck E. Cheese's during summer vacation. On the ride to pick them up, they stop at GameStop to see if their are any new games this year. They come across one of their friends who works at GameStop, and tells them what happened at Chuck E. Cheese's one night. Some teenagers were goofing off at night at the parking lot. The other teens dared a 17 year old, DJ, to enter Chuck E. Cheese's during nighttime. Once he went in there, he was never seen again. They were becoming scared of going to Chuck E. Cheese's. Once they arrive, they sit down talking about the story. A little while after seeing Chuck E., they left, and they realized that they forgotten about Kevin's baby son. It was nighttime during this, so they quietly entered Chuck E. Cheese's, but out of nowhere, the door shut itself. Now they were trapped in, with only those Chuck E. Cheese animatronics to play with.


  • Kevin - Mark Edward Fischback
  • Marco - Felix Kjellberg
  • DJ - Toby Turner
  • Toby - Rodger Bumpass
  • Chuck E. Cheese - Duncan Brannan
  • Hellen - Stephanie Nadolny
  • Mr. Munch - Christopher Sabat
  • Jasper - Jeremy Biaido
  • Joe, Pasqually - Bob West


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