The Scary Scream is a fictional crossover between the Scary movie and Scream series and takes place months after the events of Scary Movie 1 and months after scream 4. It is the Prequel to The 2nd Scary Scream (Scream and Scary Movie crossover) and The Final Scary Scream: Cindy Campbell vs Sindey Prescott


The movie takes place two months after the ending of Scary movie which was Cindy being run over by an unknown driver (who managed to evade arrest). She is revealed to have survived her injuries and after recovering has gotten over the events two months ago where the killer escaped. Not long after her recovery however she is stalked by a new killer and teams up with Sidney Prescott in order to survive.


Two Months after Scary Movie we see a fully recovered and alive Cindy Campbell meet Gale weathers and Sidney Prescott and the three become good friends and is also revealed that Kirby Reed indeed survived being stabbed by Charles Walker in Scream 4. Cindy has made new friends after her old ones were killed in the previous film: Bob, Dan, Maddy, Olivia (not the same one from scream 4 who was killed), Matt (who is the son of the shreiff from the previous film) and a man named Brian. Brian goes to sleep when he sees a dark figure approaching, he turns on the lights and sees that it is 2 Ghostfaces. He attempts to flee only to stopped by a third Ghostface who kills Brian offscreen. Cindy, Sidney and Kirby are informed of this and team up to overwhelm the killers and they wonder who they are. Cindy and Kirby is ambushed by ghostface 1 and Sidney by ghostface 2. Kirby is knocked out and Cindy is about to be killed when the shreiff from the previous film comes in and shoots the ghostface 1 in the head killing him instantly.

Ghostface 1 is revealed to be the same driver from the previous film that ran over Cindy and she begins to suspect that Doofy is connected in this somehow. Meanwhile Sidney manages to overwhelm Ghostface 2 by kicking him and is forced to retreat when the police arrive on the scene. Cindy, Sidney and Gale talk to the sheriff in order to try to figure out how to proceed from here. Meanwhile Ghostface 3 and a fourth one attack Dan, Bob and Gale. Ghostface 4 manages to kill Dan by dropping a TV on him and Ghostface 3 snaps Bob's neck. Gale manages to escape in her car much to their frustration and the Ghostfaces begin arguing with each other. Ghostfaces 2, 3 and the fourth meet up to discuss their progress and Ghostface 4 is revealed to be Brian who had faked his death in the beginning and mentions that Ghostface 3 hired the Driver (Ghostface 1) from the previous film to kill Cindy which reveals Cindy being run over was not an accident. Olivia and Maddy are spying on them and discover this they text Sidney that Brian is the fourth ghostface and the truth about the car accident before they are both caught. Ghostface 2 strangles Maddy while Ghostface 3 shoots Olivia. All 3 ghostfaces decide it is time confront Matt, Sidney, Gale, Kaley and Cindy in a final showdown, now that ghostface 4's idenity is revealed. The three ghostfaces find them in the shreiffs house where they knock out the shreiff.

They each take turns revealing themselves in front of the survivors. Ghostface 2 reveals to be female and is Gail Hailstrom, Doofy's Girlfriend who drove Doffy away from the pursuing Cidney and Shreiff from the previous film. Ghostface 4 then reveals his name never was Brian and takes off another mask under his ghostface mask. Ghostface 4 is really Stu Macher from Scream 1 who had survived having a TV dropped on him back in Scream 1 by Sidney and has waited years for his revenge and is even more insane than he was in Scream 1. Ghostface 3 is the last to be revealed and turns out to be Doofy, the killer from the previous film who had escaped by car and decided since Ghostface 1 (who was the driver in the previous film that ran over Cidney) never managed to kill her and he decided he had unfinished buisness and met Stu on his way and convinced him to work together. Gail Hailstrom takes on Kirby and Matt, Stu takes on Gale and Sidney, and Doffy takes on Cindy. Kirby punches Gail: this only makes her angry. She then manages to kill Kirby by stabbing her 3 times and turns her attention to Matt. Matt then drops a ceiling lamp on Gail and Matt goes to awaken the Shreiff. Stu, having learned from his previous encounter with Sidney Manages to Put up a fight by Stabbing Sidney in the shoulder and killing Gale by stabbing her heart . Sidney who is now in a rage has an intense fight with Stu before Sidney kills Stu by shooting him with a gun she brought with her through the chest and didnt remember it until now. While Matt is waking up the sheriff, Gail, who is still alive manages to fatally shoot matt in front of the now awakened shreiff . Furious, the Shreiff angrily kills Gail by shooting her 3 times in the head and says "you do NOT mess with the shreiff's son!".  Matt gives his farewell to the shreiff before dying of his gunshot wound and the shreiff begins mourn.

Doofy is now being taken on by both Cindy Campbell and Sidney Prescott. He has learned from the last fight with Cindy and now knows better than to fight her directly. Instead he engages her and Sidney with a gun which they manage to dodge all the bullets except one. The bullet injures and removes Sidney from the fight but doesnt kill her and Doofy drops a bookshelf on Cindy stunning her. Doofy relizes he is out of bullets when he tries to shoot Cindy while she is down. When Cindy gets off the bookshelf Doofy throws trays at Cindy and she dodges them. Doofy then resorts to strangling Cindy and she tries to kick him but dodges it this time. but is shot by the shreiff who is now back in the fight. Doofy survives the shot, kills the sheriff by stabbing his brain and tries again to kill Cindy. Cindy overwhelms Doofy by shocking him with wires from a nearby computer. Doofy, who is now barely functioning crawls out of the house with a knife toward Cindy who is now helping Sidney. Kirby is now revealed to be wounded but still alive. Kirby tells Cindy to watch out and Cindy shoots Doofy through the head with the sheriff's gun, finally killing him and putting an end the killings. Sidney, Cindy and Kirby are the only survivors from the killings. Weeks later, Kirby has a message from the police department for Cindy which is if she would like to be the new shreiff and says she has certainly proved capable of it. Excited, she eagerly accepts the role and asks Sidney if she would like to be her deputy.  

Before she can reply however, Stu appears out of nowhere and stabs Cindy and shoots Kirby, incapacitating them both. He reveals that he had worn a bullet proof vest and faked dying. Sidney, who does not have her gun anymore engages Stu in a vicious and brutal fight. Sidney is stabbed in her left arm and right foot by Stu but she manages to edventually win by stabbing him four times. Stu, who is barely alive tries one last time to kill Sidney but Kirby and Cindy recover and manage to alert Sidney and she finally finishes Stu by shooting him through the head just as Stu stabs Sidney again causing her intense pain. Sidney is rushed to the emergency room when Kirby calls an ambulance where she is nursed back to health. After recovering, Sidney thanks them both for their help but refuses to be a deputy due to wanting to go back to having a normal life. Cindy understands and hugs Sidney and she walks off into the sunset ending the film.  A post credit scene shows Kirby Reed walking home when she hears a familiar voice. When she opens a door, Charlie walker, one of the main antagonists of scream 4 appears, still alive and says "nice to see you again Kirby" having actually not been stabbed in a fatal spot after all. The film ends as a shocked Kirby begins screaming as Charlie attacks leaving Kirby's fate unknown.

Ghostfaces and motives

Ghostface 4:Brian/Stu Macher: survived having a TV dropped on him from scream 1 and waited years to take his revenge on Sidney Prescott.

Ghostface 2:Gail Hailstrom: Gail helped Doofy kill the survivors since Doofy is her boyfriend and had helped him escape in the previous film.

Ghostface 1/ The driver: Doofy had hired him to kill Cindy by running her over in the previous film since his idenity was exposed and he managed to evade arrest. He hired the driver again to be ghostface 1 to help him.

Ghostface 3: Doofy: He had returned to kill Cindy after he and the driver had failed to do so in the previous film and got kicked out of a window by her.

Deaths (obviously spoilers)

Brian: attacked by ghostfaces and killed offscreen, did not die

Ghostface 1/ The driver: shot and killed by the shreiff

Dan: Tv dropped on his head by Ghostface 4

Bob: neck snapped by ghostface 3

Maddy: strangled by Ghostface 2

Olivia: Shot by Ghostface 3

Kirby: stabbed 3 times by ghostface 2, did not die

Matt (the shreiff's son) : shot by Ghostface 2/ Gail Hailstrom

Gail Hailstrom/Ghostface 2: Ceiling lamp dropped on head by matt and shot by the shreiff

Gale weathers: stabbed in the heart by ghostface 4/Stu macher

(1st) Ghostface 4/Stu Mancher: shot through the chest by Sidney, did not die

The sheriff: stabbed in the brain by Doofy/ghostface 3

Ghostface 3/Doofy: shot by the sheriff, electrocuted, shot again by Cindy

(2nd) Ghostface 4/Stu Macher: stabbed four times and shot by Sidney

Kirby Reed: reunited with and attacked by Charlie Walker, unknown if actually dead

Main Charecters (pictures needed, please add if possible)

Sidney Prescot

The Shreiff

Cindy Campbell


Stu Macher

Kirby Reed:


Gale Weathers

Gail Hailstorm


. 3 people return from being killed in the scream films: Kirby Reed, Stu Macher and Charlie Walker

. Doofy and Gail, the true main antagonists in scary movie 1 return to kill Cindy again and are killed off

.Gale and the sheriff, are killed off in this film

.Sidney's fighting skills are shown to have improved, being able to survive big injuries and able to overwhelm multiple ghostfaces like Stu and Gail

.There is a sequel called: The 2nd Scary Scream (Scream and Scary Movie crossover)

.Cindy Campbell and Sidney Prescott meet

.Cindy becomes the new shreiff

. the driver who over Cindy in scary movie 1 did not do it by accident and is ghostface 1

. it is revealed that the sheriff had a son named Matt

. this is the movie with the most ghostfaces with a total of 4


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