The Ruins 2 is an American Psychological Horror Film Sequel to the 2009 film the Ruins based on the 2006 drama novel by Scott Smith who wrote the screenplay for the film adaption and for this sequel.

It is followed by The Ruins 3: Stranded on an Island ...there isn't a 2nd one and there isn't a third. Don't believe whatever this site says.

It stars Jena Malone, Chris Argirousis, Tyson Bradly, Bradley Cooper, Robert Munns, Isabella Scorpuco, Kestie Morassi, Lisa Foiles and Sergio Calderon.

It is directed by Alexandre Bustillo director of the infamous horror masterpiece À l'intérieur (Inside)


The film begins with opening credits on a black background with the dialogue of the first film much in vein to the opening sequence of Danny Cannon's I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.

Following a heard scream from Stacy the scene opens on a plane travelling through a storm with an uneasy traveller heard.

The traveller is revealed to be Amy who has severley blood shot eyes is seated next to an elderley woman who keeps staring at her.

A stewardess asks her if she wants something of which she doesnt answer.

Amy begins to hallucinate and remember what happened on the temple and her escape until she hallucinates the stewardess who returns to have a viney face with red eyes.

She panics and leaves her seat frightening the other passagers as she steps out into the aisle.

The Stewardess then somehow unlike the others on the plane attempting to help Amy sees invisible vines grappling her just as her bloodshot eyes begins to bleed and she then implodes.

Blood hits the stewardess sending her to the floors.

Vines then attack the passangers including the elderley woman by piercing her ears.

The stewardess 's friend is then knocked out the pressure door into the propellor causing the plane to finally crash.

The film then flashes to the two greek friends of Dimitri arriving at the ruins with two following girlfriends.

The locals then gather around and entrap them.

Their threats force them to the top where they discover the bodies of Stacy, Eric and the now skeletal body of Heimlich's girlfriend.

As the group undergo a series of horrible trials of attempting to survive and call for help one of the Greeks injures himself and becomes entered by the vines.

His girlfriend then also follows upon descending into the inside of the ruins finding roses mimicking their voices before shooting upwards creating a barricade over the entrance hole.

The scene then cuts to four American Backpackers and their Berlin Male friend.

The group lead by a woman named Allison leads her friends to the woods surrounding the ruins and finds an abandoned jeep the one driven by Amy in her escape.

It is revealed Amy upon escaping in the vehicle realized she had the vines inside her and she had attempted to cut it out.

She got some of it out of her leg and dumped in the back trunk of the jeep.

Allison and her friends open the trunk but the vine appears normal.

The vine however sneaks out and enters a wound on one of Allison's friend ankle.

The vine continues to eat him from the inside and the friends are soon happened on by the lead Mayan desperate to protect the curse.

He forces them to the temple but the group upon reaching the top immediatley entered the manhole.

They are able to enter into the actual temple with their injured friend.

The injured friend is finally killed by the infecting vines and the rest begin to be infected one by one or fall victim to the vines or the temple's booby traps.

Eventually Allison escapes the inside of the temple with her boyfriend's death at the time the Greeks and their girlfriend's have arrived and be forced to the top of the temple.

Allison escapes and finds the jeep again this time hotwiring the jeep to escape in.

However Amy didnt just remove a vine from her leg but her arm and stashed it in the glove compartment.

Allison is killed upon opening it as the vines hoot upwards and pierce her eyes.

The rest of the film covers a groundskeeper at the cemetary where a tombstone for Amy is covered in the vines.

He brings it accidentally home to his pregnant wife, teenage daughter and eight year old son.

The ending then finally flashes to the wailing woman from the first film whose son was killed in an apartment walked in on by a woman.

The woman is revealed to be the stewardess of the plane who saw the vines who has has survived the plane crash with scars asking for help claiming she is cursed.

A whisper is heard is then finally heard in her head.


  • Jena Malone as Amy
  • Chris Argirouris as Aeolus The First Greek
  • Kestie Morassi as Julia Mariebella
  • Tyson Bradly as Stergi Elytis
  • Isabelle Scorpuco as Adele Ambrogio
  • Abibo Ambrogio
  • Robert Munns as Adelfo Ambrogio
  • Cristina Capotondi as Ambra Ambrogio
  • Lisa Foiles as Connie The Stewardess


The film received mostly negative reviews due to the poor suspence and tension of the film supposed to impact the film.

Many critics also deplauded the gaping plot holes but the film did received fair apparaise for film gross and interesting storyline concept.

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