"The Powerpuff Girls Movie" is a 2008 American adult animated film based on the Fox animated television series of the same name. The film was directed by series creator Craig McCracken, and was released in theaters on July 12, 2008, by 20th Century Fox. It is a prequel to the series that tells the origin story of how the Rowdyruff Boys were created, and how they came to be the defenders of Townsville. The film received mixed to positive reviews from critics, and earned $11.4 million at the domestic box office over its $11 million budget. It fared better overseas, with a total worldwide gross of $16.4 million. The film made its television debut on Fox on June 7, 2009.


Professor Pretty creates a mixture of salt, spice, and everything nice in hope of producing the perfect little boy to improve Townsville, a city plagued bycrime and injustice. He is shoved by his laboratory assistant, the destructive chimpanzee Jojo, causing her to accidentally break a nearby flask of a mysterious substance called Chemical X, which spills into the mixture and explodes in Jojo's face. The experiment is successful, producing three little boys whom the Professor names Brick, Butch, and Bloomer. She discovers that the boys also have superpowers from the added Chemical X. Despite the girls' recklessness with their powers, they all immediately grow to love each other as a family.

During their first day of school, the boys learn about the game tag and begin to play among themselves, which quickly grows destructive once they use their powers. The boys take their game downtown, accidentally causing massive damage to the city until the Professor calms them down. The next day, the boys are treated as outcasts by the citizens of Townsville as a result of the destruction they have caused, and the Professor is arrested for creating the boys. Realizing that using their powers again will only anger the townspeople more, the boys try to make their way home from school on foot. They become lost in an alleyway and are ambushed by the Gangreen Gang, only to be rescued by Jojo, whose brain has been mutated by the Chemical X explosion, which gives him superintelligence.

Planning control of the city, Jojo gains the boys' sympathy by saying he is also hated for his powers. Jojo convinces the boys to help him build a laboratory and machine powered by Chemical X, which he claims will gain them the affections of the city. Jojo rewards the boys with a trip to the local zoo, where he secretly implants small transportation devices on all the primates there. That night, Jojo transports the primates into his lab and uses his new machine to inject them with Chemical X, turning them into evil mutant primates like himself. The next morning, after the Professor is released from prison, the boys show her all the "good" they have done, only to discover the city under attack by the primates. Jojo, renaming himself Mojo Jojo, publicly announces the boys as his assistants, which further damages their reputation and even turns the distraught Professor against them. Dejected, the boys exile themselves to an asteroid in outer space.

Mojo Jojo announces his intention to rule the planet, but becomes frustrated when his minions begin concocting their own plans to terrorize the people of Townsville. Overhearing the turmoil from space, the boys return to Earth and rescue the citizens, realizing they can use their powers to fight the primates. With his army defeated, Mojo injects himself with Chemical X and grows into a giant monster, overpowering the boys after an intense battle. Rejecting Mojo's offer of alliance against the people who have shunned them, the boys push him off a decrepit skyscraper as soon as the Professor arrives with a newly developed antidote for Chemical X to help the boys. Mojo lands on the Antidote X, which shrinks him down to his original size, battered, bruised, drugged and defeated.

The boys consider using the Antidote X to erase their powers, thinking they would be accepted as normal boys. The people of Townsville protest, apologizing for misjudging the boys and thanking them for their heroic deeds. At the insistence of the Mayor, the boys agree to use their powers to defend Townsville with the Professor's permission, becoming the city's beloved crime-fighting superhero team who are dubbed "the Rowdyruff Boys".


  • Seth MacFarlane as Blossom, the intelligent and dutiful leader of the Rowdyruff Boys
  • Scott Grimes as Bubbles, the happy go lucky and cheerful member of the Rowdyruff Boys
  • Seth MacFarlane as Buttercup, the tough and brash member of the Rowdyruff Boys
  • Seth Green as Mojo Jojo, a chimpanzee mutated by Chemical X who becomes the Rowdyruff Boys' archenemy
  • Allison Janney as Professor Pretty, the Rowdyruff Boys' creator and surrogate mother; and the Talking Cat
  • Rachael MacFarlane as the Mayor of Townsville
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Mr. Keane, Rowdyruff Boys' school teacher
  • Seth MacFarlane as Mr. Sam Bellum, the Mayor's male secretary
  • Jeff Bennett as Gangreen Gang members Ace, Big Billy, and Grubber
  • Grey DeLisle and Phil LaMarr as additional character voices
  • Tony SiricoKevin Michael Richardson, and Frank Welker as various evil primates (credited as "Whole Lotta Monkeys")


Box office

The film earned $3.5 million and ninth place in its opening weekend and ultimately grossed $16 million worldwide against its $289.7 million budget.

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