The Rose Samurais is a fictional magical girl manga series. It focuses on the exploits of a group of girls chosen by a mysterious spirit called the Godfather to become warriors known only as the Rose Samurais. These samurais utilize their given power to overcome the evil foces of the Shadow Demons, shady demonic beings that haunt the world and bring destruction to anything and anybody they touch.

Up until volume four, the main characters of the series are Andorea Roozu, Elizabeth Smith, Sara Silverpete, and Jade Silverpete. Later, a fifth Samurai, Terry Manuary, the only male Rose Samurai, joins them. They gain their powers seperately from the Godfather and gain the ability to transform into their Rose Samurai form and use their Jeweled Swords to fight the Shadow Demons.

The manga series is divided into six volumes:

  • Rise of the Roses
  • Silver Spoons
  • Home
  • The Last Samurai
  • The War Continues
  • Finale

(This article is incomplete. More will be written as the series develops.)

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