The Road to Equestria Trilogy is the 3rd trilogy of the story.


the Twins Lorcan and Lilly Tredwell are the half brother and sister of Kino Darcy ( a year older) and Deathic Darcy (5 years younger than Kino and 4 years older than the twins), They obtained a mysterious map and an object that can transported them along with Ed Edd n Eddy, Clementine and the Cal De Sac Kids to Equestria. So Now They emark on an Journey to find their way home to the real world.


  • Lorcan and Lilly Tredwell: They are Half-Siblings of Kino and Deathic and the Main Protagonist of the Trilogy, Lorcan is Fun, Awesome and Popular and his Twin Sister Lilly is Brave, Smart and Kind.

The New Story

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