The Road House 2: Class (film/II) Action film sequel to Road House (film).


  • Ernesto Laurance Peaz as Detective Williams
  • Jedd Ebanks as Mr. Williams (flashbacks); Williams's brother.
  • Junior "Jr" Swaby as John Dalton (mentioned only mentions to Frank)
  • Jose Swaby Nixon as Leon (main protagonist)
  • Sean Broderick as Logan; antagonist-main villain.
  • Jordan McLean as Billy (secondary villain)
  • Yuri Ferguson as Detective Frank "Dog" Williams (corrupt cop villain) (Williams's rookie partner)
  • Liorky Aguilar as Rudy (main first villain)
  • Wilber Corrina Swaby as Daryl
  • Evelyn Swaby as Anne (friend of Detective Williams)
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