The Risk is 2017 science fiction adventure film directed by Andrew Niccol. Warner Bros. Pictures distributed the film with RatPac-Dune Entertainment and Annapurna Pictures.


A 17-year-old orphan boy found himself on the run after agreed to let the doctors to went to his memory to found his real parents. Now he make a risk to follow the clues to found out the truth about his real life.


The movie open with


  • TBA as Darith/A 17-year-old orphan boy who trying to found his real parents
    • TBA as Young Darith
  • Aaron Eckhart as General Joseph Mason/A general who is Darith's biological father
  • TBA as Riley Murphy/Darith's childhood friend/love interest
    • TBA as Young Riley Murphy
  • Rachel Weisz as Amanda Winter/A woman who used be doctor before going missing for 17 years and she is Darith's biological mother and Joseph's former lover
  • Amanda Peet as Vanessa Murphy/Riley's mother who she took Darith in when he was just a little baby when she was 6 months pregnant with Riley
  • Chris O'Donnell as Octavio Murphy/Riley's father and Vanessa's husband
  • Raymond Ochoa as Robert Murphy/Vanessa and Octavio's 14-year-old son
  • Alina Foley as Brittany Murphy/Vanessa and Octavio's 12-year-old daughter
  • Mckenna Grace as Lily Murphy/Vanessa and Octavio's 9-year-old daughter


The Opening Scene

  • (6 months Riley inside of her mother's stomach)
  • (Riley's heartbeat)
  • (Riley move slow)
  • (Riley's mouth yawn)
  • (Far away from Riley and into Vanessa's stomach)
  • (Vanessa sit in the sofa)
  • (Vanessa eating a strawberries)
  • (Octavio doing his work in the computer)
  • (Octavio writing in the computer)
  • (Octavio look the time at the computer)
  • (time shows 10:13pm)
  • Octavio: 10:13pm.
  • Octavio: Lovely night.
  • (Vanessa saw the star in the window)
  • Vanessa: The star is beautiful.
  • (Octavio saw the star)
  • Octavio: I know but you are first beautiful
  • Vanessa: You are the perfect man to made this child,
  • Octavio: A girl.
  • Vanessa: I wanted to call her something different.
  • Octavio: The unusual.
  • Vanessa: Your name is unusual.
  • Octavio: My name is sound bit weird.
  • Octavio: Sound like spanish.
  • (Vanessa laugh and Octavo smile)
  • Vanessa: Your name is perfect.
  • Octavio: I know.
  • (A woman bang on the door 3 time)
  • Vanessa: Hello? Who is it?
  • (A woman bang on the door hard 4 time)
  • (Police siren)
  • (Vanessa walk to the door and open the door)
  • (Vanessa in shocked face)
  • Amanda: Help me.
  • (Amanda hold a baby boy)
  • (Dramatic music)
  • (Octavio saw the computer going funny)
  • Vanessa: Octavio!
  • Octavio: I got big problem, the computer is not work.
  • (Amanda groan and put her baby son to the sofa)
  • (Baby boy cries)
  • Amanda: Don't cry, my son, we are safe.
  • Vanessa: Who are you and what you wanted from us?
  • Amanda: Protect.
  • (Wanted: Amanda Winter on Computer)
  • Octavio: Vanessa, look.
  • (Vanessa walk to the computer and Amanda write a note with black pen)
  • (Baby boy cries again)
  • (Vanessa with Octavio looking at the computer)
  • Vanessa: What is it?
  • Octavio: I don't know but it wasn't me.
  • Vanessa: Who she is?
  • Octavio: Amanda Winter.


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