The Ring 3D
Directed by: Gore Verbinski
Written by: Kôji Suzuki

Ehren Kruger

Scott Frank

Distributed by: DreamWorks Pictures
Starring: Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Chris Evans

Arlen Escarpeta

Meagan Good

Released on: September, 10 2013

The Ring 3D is a Horror slasher film which is directed by Gore Verbinski, written by Kôji Suzuki, Ehren Kruger and Scott Frank and is distributed by DreamWorks Pictures and stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Chris Evans, Arlen Escarpeta and Meagan Good.


many months ago Emily (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and her boyfriend Alejandro (Chris Evans) decided to go on a sleepover with Krissy (Meagan Good), Krissy's abusive boyfriend Ethan (Arlen Escarpeta), Sloane (Aimee Teegarden), Olive (Britt Robertson), Britney (Katrina Bowden), William (Nico Tortorella), Jerome (Matt Lanter) and Charlie (Chelan Simmons) when suddenly they accidently watch the video of Samara which causes them to be hunt by her.


The Film opens with Samara chasing Rachel Keller to the woods where Rachel decided to hide on a cabin and seen a photo of her cousin Emily Hammersmith. Many months ago, Emily and her boyfriend Alejandro decided to go on a sleepover hosted by Sloane. Sloane is spoiled brat and is bestfriends with Olive.


Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Emily Hammersmith

Chris Evans as Alejandro Masterson

Arlen Escarpeta as Ethan Woodley

Meagan Good as Krissy Hannon

Daveigh Chase as Samara Morgan

Aimee Teegarden as Sloane McNamera

Britt Robertson as Olive Johnson

Nico Tortorella as William Wallace

Chelan Simmons as Charlie Jensen

Matt Lanter as Jerome Lopez

Katrina Bowden as Britney Simpsons

Naomi Watts as Rachel Keller


Sloane McNamera - Killed after she haved an heart attack after she saw Samara.

Olive Johnson - Thrown on the balcolony by Samara which causes her bones to break.

Ethan Woodley - Jaw ripped off by Samara.

Britney Simpsons - Beaten with a Iron then her face was burnt by Samara.

William Wallace - Neck snapped by Samara.

Krissy Hannon - Back Head impaled with knife by Samara.

Jerome Lopez - Strangle with a barbedwire and decapitated by Samara.

Rachel Keller - Butchered by Samara.


Emily Hammersmith

Alejandro Masterson

Charlie Jensen

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