The Revenge of Santa Claus is an American 2015 horror-slasher film starring Danielle Panabaker, Michelle Trachtenberg, Channing Tatum, Brittany Snow, Leah Pipes, Taylor Lautner, Courteney Cox, Teresa Palmer, Nicholas D'Agosto, Dustin Milligan, Amanda Crew, Briana Evigan, Amber Heard, Jensen Ackles, Leighton Meester, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ryan Merriman, Drew Seeley, Julianna Guill, Texas Battle, Sam Easton, Johnny Simmons, Megan Fox and Ellen Wroe. It takes place after Santa Claus Coming To Kill 2.


Claire is taken to a hospital after her last encounter with Santa, but Santa kills her doctors. One year later, she is entering Roberts University with all her new friends and trying to forget about Santa. After one of their friends is murdered one night by a killer, Claire suspects Santa is back and wanting revenge.


The film begins with Claire at her house after her last encounter with Santa when she hears a noise and goes to look and sees Santa standing on the staircase holding a knife. Claire runs to the kitchen and grabs a bottle of beer, then smashes it on Santa's head when he comes in. She then runs to the backyard with Santa following her. However, before she can get to the gate, Santa trips her with his boot and she falls, then Santa stabs her in her chest with the knife. She falls in a coma as Santa runs away and hides, then Claire wake up in hospital. She sees the doctors who tell her that she fell in a coma after she was stabbed in the chest. She is taken to the surgery room to have the stab wound treated, but the power goes off and after a few minutes, they come back on and Claire sees the doctors dead. She runs to the ambulance and climbs in it, then drives away, but Santa appears in the back seat and slits her throat before she wakes up from her nightmare. She sees the doctors who ask her if she is okay, then suddenly Santa appears and slays the doctors. Claire shoves a cart full of supplies in front of Santa and Santa falls over, then she runs to the entrance of the hospital. She runs out of the hospital and waves for help, but Santa grabs her and drags her back into the building and tries to stab her. She kicks him several times in the stomach and then stabs him in the heart with his own knife, then calls 911. She runs out of the building and the police come, but Santa is gone with a note saying "I will get you, Claire" and a puddle of blood. Claire cries.

One year later, Claire is in her first year at Roberts University with her friends Emily, Nathan, Britt, Casey and Nelson, and some new friends as well. Later that night, Emily asks Claire if she wanted to have a sleepover with her and Claire said yes and asked her mother Diane and Diane said yes. At Emily's house they are laughing and watching Scream 4 and Claire decides to go to the kitchen to make popcorn. She is making the popcorn when she sees a shadow move by the window and blood splatters over the window. Claire panics and runs to Emily and tells her blood splattered on the window, and suddenly Santa breaks in through the door. They scream and run, and Claire punches Santa knocking him unconscious. They run to the attic and shut the door. Emily grabs a baseball bat to defend them and they hide behind some boxes. Santa comes in and Emily jumps out and hits Santa with the baseball bat. He falls back through the attic door and they climb out the window in time to call Diane and the police.


  • Danielle Panabaker as Claire Flynn
  • Michelle Trachtenberg as Emily Foster
  • Channing Tatum as Nathan Parks
  • Courteney Cox as Diane Flynn
  • Brittany Snow as Britt Reynolds
  • Leah Pipes as Casey Dawson
  • Taylor Lautner as Nelson Jackson
  • Teresa Palmer as Mary Robertson
  • Nicholas D'Agosto as Chris Carsia
  • Dustin Milligan as Frank Baxter
  • Amanda Crew as Caitlin Grover
  • Briana Evigan as Alex Sanchez
  • Amber Heard as Taylor Carmichael
  • Jensen Ackles as Shawn Grover
  • Leighton Meester as Kelly Barnes
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Julianne Mone
  • Ryan Merriman as Drew Olsen
  • Drew Seeley as Joey Riggs
  • Julianna Guill as Jessica Fowles
  • Texas Battle as Andy Perkins
  • Sam Easton as Carlos Ross
  • Johnny Simmons as Ben Prescott
  • Megan Fox as Jenna Riley
  • Ellen Wroe as Brianna Gibson
  • Bradley Cooper as Doctor Neil Parr
  • Scarlett Johansson as Nurse Karen Ashen
  • Ryan Kwanten as Doctor Michael Stevenson
  • Kerr Smith as Doctor Henry Park
  • Cameron Richardson as Nurse Betty Randall
  • Anita Briem as Nurse Ashley Carson
  • Ali Larter as Nurse Tracy Benson
  • Diora Baird as Nurse Irene Jensen
  • Bobbi Sue Luther as Nurse Maria Hardy
  • Katherine Heigl as Doctor Vivian Morris
  • Jessica Biel as Doctor Bella Curtis
  • Paul Walker as Doctor Eric Browning
  • Michael Copon as Doctor Eddie Lopez
  • Tom Welling as Doctor Wayne Harrison


Doctor Wayne Harrison- Decapitated with an axe (Claire's Nightmare) and gutted (Real Life)

Doctor Eric Browning- Stabbed in eye (Claire's Nightmare) and thrown out window (Real Life)

Doctor Vivian Morris- Stabbed in back several times (Claire's Nightmare) and stabbed in head (Real Life)

Doctor Bella Curtis- Throat slit (Claire's Nightmare) and stabbed multiple times (Real Life)

Doctor Eddie Lopez- Hanged (Claire's Nightmare) and stabbed in stomach (Real Life)

Nurse Randall- Axed in chest (Claire's Nightmare) and slashed to death (Real Life)

Nurse Carson- Pinned to wall (Claire's Nightmare) and neck snapped (Real Life)

Nurse Maria Hardy- Stabbed in chest (Claire's Nightmare) and eyes gouged out (Real Life)

Doctor Michael Stevenson- Stabbed multiple times (Claire's Nightmare) and cut in half with machete (Real Life)

Nurse Irene Jensen- Stabbed in neck (Claire's Nightmare) and axed in head (Real Life)

Nurse Karen Ashen- Stabbed in head (Claire's Nightmare) and hanged (Real Life)

Doctor Neil Parr- Head bashed in wall (Claire's Nightmare) and stabbed through wall (Real Life)

Doctor Henry Park- Neck broken (Claire's Nightmare) and stabbed in heart (Real Life)

Nurse Tracy Benson- Stabbed in mouth (Claire's Nightmare) and axed in stomach (Real Life)

Claire Flynn- Throat slit (Claire's Nightmare)

Carlos Ross-

Brianna Gibson-

Ben Prescott-

Jenna Riley-

Andy Perkins-

Julianne Mone-

Kelly Barnes-

Joey Riggs-

Jessica Fowles-

Drew Olsen-

Shawn Grover-

Frank Baxter-

Taylor Carmichael-

Mary Robertson-

Alex Sanchez-

Santa Claus- Stabbed in heart with his own knife by Claire,


Claire Flynn

Emily Foster

Nathan Parks

Diane Flynn

Britt Reynolds

Casey Dawson

Nelson Jackson

Chris Carsia

Caitlin Grover

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