The Reluctant Drama Queen is a 2018 teen comedy film directed by Rob Marshall.


13-year-old Tess Sunfield is the it girl. She befriends the queen bee as they become drama queens.



  • TBA as Tess Sunfield, a 13-year-old it girl who is the main protagonist of the film.
  • TBA as Lily Durnt, a 14-year-old queen bee and a 7th grader. She is now Tess' friend.
  • TBA as Jenna Lopez, a teenage cheerleader who now dates the football team captain. She is the former victim of Bub and now became friends with Tess. Her name is a pun of child actress Jenna Ortega and singer Jennifer Lopez.
  • TBA as Richard North, a teenage football team captain.
  • TBA as Michael Trenton, Tess' next door neighbor.
  • TBA as TBA Sunfield, Tess' overreacting brother who knew too much. He loves playing video games.
  • TBA as Jake "Bub" Bullworm, the bully who bullies his victims. He is now the friend of Richard.
  • TBA as Iris Lively, a perky gossiper who spreads rumors and one of Jenna's friends.
  • TBA as James Short, a nerd boy and the victim of Bub.
  • TBA as Emma Poehler, the victim of Bub.



  • It will be distributed by TBA, TBA, TBA and TBA.
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