The Regaination of The Darcy Twins is the TV short film.

The Regaination of The Darcy Twins
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Running Time: 26 minutes
Budget: £1.20000000
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the Twins Cillian and Kino were adopted by Twilight Sparkle who calling them Blaze and Crystal Sparkle who're forbidden to talk to each other. They can't remember their true memories of their mother after eighteen years. 

In the human world, The Twins named Lorcan and Lilly builted a portal to rescue the twins for Deathic's 13th birthday aka Cillian and Kino's younger sister. They jumped into the portal to begin their journey. While they begin their journey. They saw Cillian feeling his head so Lilly goes to him while Lorcan can find Kino.

The Bat Pony named Moondrop and his pegasus named Dollar Rain manage to help Lorcan and Lilly to order to regain their memories is to make them Kiss.

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