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The Reeftown Rangers (formerly known as Splash and Bubbles Super Why!) is an action-adventure children's television series starring the characters of Splash and Bubbles in a Super Why format to solve their problems.



  • Bubbles: The host of the series, a pink mandarin dragonet who loves getting messy and lives with her caregiver above the surface when not playing with her friends in Reeftown. When transformed, she becomes Ninja Dragonet in season 1, and Princess Cerulean for the rest of the series, with the power to read. Her symbol is a bubble that is half pink and half blue.
  • Splash: A very adventurous yellowback fusilier who's been all over the ocean. When transformed, he becomes Splashachu, with alphabet power. His symbol is a light blue lightning bolt.
  • Ripple: A pink Barbour's Seahorse who lives with her dad and 499 brothers. When transformed, she becomes Spectral Seahorse, with word power. Her symbol is a curled seahorse tail.
  • Dunk: An orange, nervous dog-faced pufferfish who makes sand art. When transformed, he becomes Spikes, with spelling power. His symbol is a sandcastle.
  • Carrot Cake: Bubbles's 2 week-old daughter who first appears in Season 2. She is an orange-and white mandarin dragonet who has a twin sister named Pudding. When transformed, she becomes Bright Light, with dictionary power. Unlike the others, she doesn't have her own Why Flyer, instead riding in her mom's Why Flyer. Her symbol is a carrot.

Alter egos

  • Ninja Dragonet (in episodes, shortened to just Dragonet): Bubbles's alter ego from Season One who looks like a typical Ninja Dragonet, a fanmade Pokémon species, in its Hybrid form. She posesses the power to read and change stories with her Why-Writer. She can also grab stuff with black hands made of shadows.
    • Her Why Flyer is dark pink and dark blue with a few spots, the same color as her skin.
  • Spectral Seahorse (in episodes, shortened to just Spectral): Ripple's alter ego. She looks similar to her normal form, but she is surrounded by a dark purple shadowy aura and her eyes are dark purple. She has a word basket held in her tail that she uses to change a thing into another thing that rhymes with it. She can also pass through solid objects and make herself unable to be touched.
    • Her Why Flyer is pastel pink.
  • Splashachu: Splash's alter ego. He has a pair of Pikachu ears on his head, red spots on his cheeks, and his tailfin is lightning bolt shaped. He has a toolbox that can build words, and he can also destroy obstacles with bolts of electricity.
    • His Why Flyer is yellow with blue lightning bolts on it.
  • Spikes: Dunk's alter ego. His skin looks more metallic than normal and he has a horizontal row of spikes across his head. There are also big spikes on his fins. He posesses a magic spelling wand which spells words and makes the thing appear, and he can resist injuries fairly well.
    • His Why Flyer is orange with metal decorations on it.
  • Princess Cerulean: Bubbles's new alter ego starting in Season 2. She has the same power to read as her old form, but no longer has the ability to use shadow hands, or any shadows at all, reflecting her pure state as a princess. But like the others, she can still float in the air inside books that don't have water. She is teal colored with darker blue teardrop markings and a small yellow crown on her head with a red jewel. Princess Cerulean's voice sounds noticeably more soft and feminine than her normal form.
    • Her why Flyer also receives an update, being bright teal like her skin with dark blue jewels along the edges and a gold crown decoration on the back.
  • Bright Light: Carrot Cake's alter ego, first debuting in Season 2 along with Carrot Cake herself. She has dictionary power, using a tiny pink dictionary hanging from her neck with a ribbon to define words for the group. Her skin is made of prisms and is very shiny and reflective like a cut gemstone. Her forehead jewel becomes bigger and the green lines on either side of it become curvy. She also has the ability to make dark areas like caves light.
    • She doesn't have her own Why Flyer and rides in her mom's Why Flyer.


  • Bubbles's Caregiver: An unnamed human who lives above the surface and takes care of Bubbles as her pet. She is never shown above her feet, and often only her voice is heard. She can be a bit overprotective of Bubbles, but loves her nonetheless.
  • Charlie: Ripple's dad who speaks Spanish.
  • Pudding: The twin sister of Carrot Cake. In Carrot Cake's and Bubbles's problems, she is often mentioned.
  • Ripple's 499 brothers
  • Gush: A wise purple frogfish who knows a lot.
  • Angela: A marine angelfish. She runs a shop called Angela's Artifacts that sells human objects that fall from above the surface.


Season 1

  1. The Little Dragonfish (Pay attention to your things)
  2. Brown Girl Dreaming (Proud)
  3. Coraline (Be careful)
  4. Attack of the Friendly Donuts? (Explain)
  5. Pinocchio (Tell the truth)
  6. The Forest Witch (Be quiet)
  7. Cinderella (Be yourself)
  8. Snow White (Stop and think)
  9. Frozen (Embrace your talents)
  10. Kim's Dance Party
  11. Romeo and Juliet
  12. Splash's Adventure
  13. The Milkmaid and her Pail
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