The Reeferees (2016 Film)

Directed by

Quentin Tarantino

Produced by

Reginald Hudlin
Pilar Savone
Leonardo DiCaprio

Screenplay by

Quentin Tarantino


Jake Gyllenhaal
Domnhall Gleeson
Melanie Laurent
Arimie Hammer
Michael Madsen
Michael Cassidy
Kit Harington
Carlos Valdes
Emma Bell
Tessa Thompson
Oscar Issac
Jeremy Renner
Peter Krause
Samuel L Jackson
Walter Goggins
Leonardo DiCaprio

Music by

Ennio Morricone


Robert Richardson

Edited by

Fred Raskin


The Weinstein Company
Columbia Pictures

Distributed by

The Weinstein Company

Release date(s)

December 15, 2017

Running time

178 Minutes


United States




$120 Million

The Reeferees is a upcoming 2016 neo-noir black comedy drama film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Domnhall Gleeson, Arimie Hammer, Melanie Laurent, Michael Cassidy, Kit Harington, Carlos Valdes, Emma Bell, Oscar Issac, Samuel L Jackson, Walter Goggins and Michael Madsen. Centered around a failed mutiny of Bud Dewitt and Mary Jane in which they failed to kill the members of their group and die form the cops. Bud awakes in a hotel with scattered memory and Mary Jane pregnant and no memory he finds his old member Kush and Kush informs him that all the members aim to kill him and that he will help him surivive. Tarantion stated that Battle Royale and Other Neo- Noir films inspired him to make this.

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When a Man while on a bank heist with his crew goes wrong as he tries killing and shooting his gang members he then wakes up in a hotel in a random town and the receptionist is a pregnant woman who looks like his girlfriend and the rest of the members however find out his location and hunt to kill him.


The gang is seen smoking and relaxing watching TV and Kush brings up the fact that almost every show is the same but Bud and Reefer deny it and Kush then says that the same drama’s come on all the time. An anti-hero who does crimes and slowly degrades to scum but is still a good guy and that but Bud brings up shows like Homeland and that it won in 2011 but Kush tells him that they only let that show to show people that it is diverse but everything else on TV was better at the time but Reefer tells him that Mad Men won for all those years and Kush then tells him that Mad Men fits the formula and that he does not bother watching TV anymore since the next generation is gonna be the same and that Movies have way more significance and Reefer agrees but Bud tells him that he won’t stop since it is so diverse with shows and unlike the Oscars, the Emmys does not have an serious snubs and that Art and great writing is actually appreciated and he tells him that it is bullshit someone like Leonardo DiCaprio never one because they only give the awards to people who play disabled people and Bud goes on to says that he is the best actor since Di Niro but Di Niro has only won once but anyone in the Academy would talk about how he is the best or how Nicholson is the best but together they only one 2 combined but Dagga and Bammy come in with a map and has a plan for the bank heist and that the goal is to get 2 Million and that they have a strategy to get the money and they agree and Kush talks about how he is gonna spend the money and Bammy then tells Kush that he heard their conversation and that Fargo is the best movie never win an Oscar but Kush argues To Kill a Mockingbird. Bud then goes into the bedroom and kisses Mary Jane and they are about to have sex she tells him that he smells like her little pot boy and he tells her about the plan and she tells him that she wished that they didn’t have to have sex in the same house with all the other guys but Bud tells him that they have had so much fun with other women but she tells him that she does not plan to do this forever and actually wants to have a family and everything and Bud agrees and tells her that he has a plan.  

Reefer is throwing up in a corner but Dagga punches him and tells him to help take the money from the vault and Bud is shaking but Mary Jane tells him to get it together as him and Reefer are still in shock after having to kill all 27 people in the Bank and Kush is holding his wound but.

Dagga is yelling at everyone to get it together and the rest are taking the money while Bud and Mary Jane hold watch out until Bud sees police coming and the rest hurry up and get the money but Bud then kisses Mary Jane and then shoots and kills everyone else except for her and she points a gun at him but he tells her that this was his plan and that all they need is still escape with all the money and they can start a life and have kids and a family and though confused she agrees until the cops breakthrough the door and they shoot and kill the cops and they shoot at the hood of the cars and they are able to kill cops until one gets in and shoots  Mary Jane in the stomach and she falls down and Bud breaks down in tears and then shoots and runs to the back but is shot in the back. He escapes through the back door and then hears more cops coming and knows he won’t make it to the car and then grabs his pistol and puts it to his head and pulls the trigger. 

Bud then instantly wakes up and sees himself in a hotel and is extremely shocked and checks his phone and sees that 7 months have passed and looks around his room and sees he has a bag of money and two guns and is extremely confused and he goes downstairs to see he is in an Inn and sees the receptionist and sees that she looks exactly like Mary Jane and he kisses her and ask what is happening but she pushes him off and tells him if everything is okay but Bud questions her until he sees that she is pregnant and ask how far along she is and she says 7 months and he ask where they are and he tells that they are in Traverse City, Michigan and he is shocked by this and he then goes outside and sees the town and is still greatly shocked he then goes back into the hotel room and sits and tries to remember all that happened but he can’t and The Receptionist ask if he is okay and he tells her that he needs a drink and she tells him where bar nearby is and before he goes she tells him that her name Alison and that his not a bad kisser. 

Bud is in line at a coffee shop and looks around and is observing the city and the store until he looks and sees someone who looks like Kush and Bud quickly looks away until they are the only two people left in the store and Bud is about to walk out with his drink until Kush shoots and kills the cashier and when Bud attempts to run out he is shot at and then hides behind a table and he throws his coffee at Kush and it gets Kush but when Bud makes the run for the door but Kush trips him and then hits him with his gun and tells him he won but Bud pleads and tells him that he thought he was dead and Kush tells him that he doesn’t die easily but Bud then tells him that he doesn’t know what’s going on and does not even know where they are and pleads to let him live so he can understand this and after a minute Kush then decides to now kill him and he then takes to a restaurant since Kush is hungry and while leaving Bud is confused and thinks they should run but he reveals that the city does not have a police force and that he will explain more later. They are seen eating at the restaurant but Kush tells him that he does not really trust him yet and then puts the menu to hide the gun he is pointing at Bud and this scares Bud and he Bud explains that he just woke up and that when the heist happened the police came in and shot Mary Jane and that he committed suicide but that he is still alive now and Kush is confused about that and he tells him that they were shot but not fatally and that they he and the others are in town in and they are supposed to hunt and kill him within 7 days and Kush then lifts up his shirt and reveals that they all have bombs implanted in their stomachs and it will activate immediately if they try leaving the city. The bomb will also activate blow everyone up in 7 days and whoever kills him first will stay alive while everyone else will blow up and this shocks Bud greatly.

Kush then ask him if he still has the money and he reveals he does and Bud then takes him to his hotel and Kush is shocked by the receptionist but Bud tells him that it isn’t Mary Jane. They enter his room and Bud shows him the money in his room and Kush then makes a deal and says that he knows where the guys are coming from and that he will help him stay alive if he gives 76 Million half and Bud thinks about it but then agrees to the deal. Kush and Bud head back to the hotel and Bud awkwardly greets Alison again. They get upstairs and Kush is shown the money and he is incredibly shocked by the money amount but Bud quickly snatches the gun from him and tells him that they need trust and that if a moment comes once when he doesn’t trust him anymore he will kill him and Kush laughs and tells Bud that he has forgotten how to kill someone but that he will play his game and that he will make sure they trust each other and they reluctantly shake hands and Kush heads to sleep. Kush and Bud head out for coffee and Bud and Alison talk and Bud tells Alison that he is still sorry about the kiss and that he doesn’t want any issues with the husband but she tells him that he doesn’t have to worry about the father and he apologizes for bringing it up before they leave.  Bud and Kush are in the coffee shop and Bud is telling him about how cute one of the receptionist are until two men come behind them and tell them to not move. One man recognizes Kush and tells him that he killed on of his men and that they are gonna go to an back ally, they head their and Bud and Kush are on their knees and Bud tells them that they did not nothing wrong Kush admits to the murder and tells him that they ae not gonna kill them and as they continue talking Kush turns around and bits the man’s crotch and before the other man shoots him Bud tackles him and takes the gun and shoots the man and Kush bites off part of the man’s crotch and Bud shoots him and they then drop the weapons and run with Kush excited and smiling and Bud calls him crazy but Kush tells him that he felt good and Bud Admits he did a little bit and Kush tells him that he has to be used to it as men will be coming to kill him that if he doesn’t he is going to die very soon and fast and embarrassing, he then tells him that they need to meet Astro Turf and get some gear.

They meet Astro and Astro tells Bud that he still looks like a bitch and a shit ton of guys are going to kill him but Bud brushes it off and ask for some auto rifles and Astro is able to give him some needed weapons and also leaves them a bag of weed and though Bud rejects Kush takes some and they leave but Kush points a gun at Astro and tells him not to tell anyone they were here though Astro tells him that people will assume by the fault. The next day comes and Kush tells Bud that the competition is probably gonna stat coming today and that he has to stop bullshiting and has to continue becoming aware. Bud heads downstairs and he ask Alison if she can fix the bathroom but he remembers she’s pregnant and feels bad for asking but she still vouches to do it, she then ask him if he can climb up to one of the upper drawer and get the bell ring for the counter. While he is up their he asks more about the hotel but he then sees a shotgun up there with the initials “D.L”. He gives her the bell and he leaves quickly. When he gets back to the room he points a gun at Kush and ask what the “D.L” initials mean and Kush tells him that it means Devil’s Lettuce, The Leader and mastermind of the operation and Bud tells him about what he just learned and Kush tells him that she might be a spy for him and thinks that they should kill her but Bud states that he is not sure as he still thinks and hopes the baby is his but Kush doubts but admits that it’s a good reason, he then heads.

Bud heads to the coffee shop and Bud talks to the receptionist and she notes that he is a new customer and has been coming quiet often and Bud tells her that it’s because he found his new coffee girl and he ask what he name is and she tells him that she likes being called Widow and he agrees. He then asks her if she is busy later and if she would like to go on a date after her shift and she tells him that she would and ask to go to the movies and they agree on the date. When Bud gets back he sees Alison cleaning the room and he then quickly takes her out the room and she obliges and leaves. Bud gets a call from Widow telling him that she is off work and Bud leaves to go on his date with Widow. After Bud leaves Alison goes back upstairs and opens the room and Is about to check the bathroom until she hears someone ring the bell and she goes downstairs but sees the man put a gun back into his pocket and she gets scared and she goes behind the desk and talks to him during this she clutches the knife under her desk. The Man, Hash ask where Bud’s room is but she denies him and he ask again angrier but she tells him that she doesn’t reveal info about her guest and he tells her that her guest is a dead man and leaves.    

Bud arrives at the movies and hugs Widow and she reveals that they are going to see a romantic revenge film called Ramon’s Fatale though Bud reveals that he wanted to see the Kill Bill 2 3D re-opening. Bud goes into the theater and waits for Widow to come with the popcorn and snacks. He sits in the theater and waits and notices he is the only one in until he feels a shotgun placed against his head and smiles and tells him that he is gonna win and Bud ask who he is and he tells him he is Chronic. He laughs and states that it was so easy to find him easier than he thought and that he is gonna blow him and his girls brain out and continues bragging. Bud then turns around and shoots him in the throat and Bud falls to ground as Chronic continues shooting at him but Bud gets another good shot and kills him. Bud escapes through an emergency exit and throws the gun away and meets with Widow and the crow outside the theater and vouches to drive her home. Bud arrives back at the hotel but is slapped by Alison and she tells him to leave and he ask why and she tells him that he has people with guns and suits and who look high coming in looking for him and that she isn’t going to deal with it but this worries Bud and while she continues ranting Bud tells her to leave for her and her baby’s safety but she refuses and Bud tells her that he knows about the shotgun and she freezes and shouts for him to leave but he refuses and he ask what D.L means and she tells him. She reveals that he is the leader of a heist she was a part of that he killed the father of her child and that he has her on watch and that she leaves he will kill her and Bud then tells her his situation and Alison agrees to help him and they reach an understanding. Bud is upstairs cleaning all of his weapons, until he hears Alison talking to Detective Lloyd and he ask if Bud lives her but she denies that he does but hears a sound and goes upstairs to check. Bud is flipping out and is trying to hid the guns until he stares at his shotgun. Lloyd is about to come up much to the dismay of Alison and Alison secretly clutches her knife and Lloyd is about to kick down the door until Alison stabs him in back and he screams and Bud opens the door and shoots Lloyd in the chest twice and the both are shocked. Alison begins crying but Bud calms her down, Bud then puts Lloyd’s dead body in the tub in the bathroom.  She asks to sleep with him tonight and he allows her. 

Kush arrives back to the hotel and he sees Bud and Alison sleeping together and is confused. He then heads to the bathroom and takes a piss but smells something bad and he turns to see Detective Lloyd dead and he throws up. Bud then wakes up and heads to the bathroom and he is tackled by Kush and Kush assaults him until Bud pushes him off and he explains what happened and that it was him or me but Kush is still angered greatly by this and Bud ask why he is taking it so much to heart until Alison comes in and ask for them to leave so she can pee but Kush then ask if she knows and Alison reveals what happened and tells him that it’s much harder to pee with two guys arguing than with a dead body and the two leave. Kush then tells Bud that there are 5 more guys coming and with 3 days left things are going to get way more crazy. Kush then reveals to Bud that he is trying to find Devils location so they can end this whole thing and leaves. Bud gets a call from Widow and she ask if they can go on a date to a restaurant so they can put what happened in the past and Bud agrees and then heads over and he tells Alison to be careful and she tells him the same thing and she kisses him on the cheek and he leaves feeling weird. Bammy is seen in the back of the hotel climbing up and enters Bud’s room and he waits. Alison is seen reading a book until Aunt Mary comes and ask for a room but before Alison can answer she whispers into her ear that there is a man who wants to kill Bud in his room and she offers help but Alison denies her help and Aunty Mary then takes a knife out and puts in near her stomach and tells her that she better talk to her in a better tone and then leaves and Alison is scared by this.

Bud arrives at dinner with Widow and the two talk at dinner and Bud tells her that doesn’t remember much about himself and ask mostly about her and she tells him that she went to USC for psychology and that her and her dad don’t have the best history together but that there close, she reveals that she only knew her father and that her dad told her that her mother couldn’t handle his lifestyle and that she was a scared bitch and Bud is freaked out by this and she then tells he isn’t gonna leave and she then points a gun at his penis and he gets freaked out. She tells him that her father is Devil’s Lettuce and that he killed a good worker in Chronic and that he is gonna pay for that and Bud pleads for her to let him go but she declines and that she is gonna make her father happy, Bud then sees a butter knife on the ground and he drops to the ground and picks it up and before she fires throws the knife at her gun and it explodes in her hand and she then tackles him and starts scratching him but he kicks her off and she picks up a cutting knife and slashes him and she sweeps his leg and gets him on the ground and gets on top of him and tries cutting his throat until he pushes the knife upwards and her throat is cut and blood spills onto Bud’s face and he quickly leaves. Alison is seen reading a book on a bench and he sits beside and he ask about today but while she is telling him he puts his hand up her dress and up her thigh and they look at each other and she tells him that he’s him and they smile and they get on the floor and have sex. Bammy comes out of the room and tries shooting Bud but he can’t as Alison is on top. Bammy turns and sees Mary outside the window and uses his silencer and he goes out of the window and him and Mary fight outside.

The Next day comes and Bud and Alison wake up and Bud tells her that he can’t believe they had sex on the floor and they laugh, the two then spends the whole day together. As night comes Bud wonders where Kush is and she is worried as well until she feels the baby kick and Bud feels it as well and they share a smile. Bud then goes upstairs as he remembers the body and states that he is gonna have to find a way to get rid of it. However, a van rams through the front of the hotel and Hash falls out of the van but Dagga comes behind him and cuts his throat and Reefer comes out of the seat and is about to be stabbed by Dagga until he is shot in the arm from Alison and Bud screams for her to take cover. Dagga takes out a pistol on Alison but Bud shoots him in the wrist and he takes cover using the perimeter of Alison’s desk as she hides inside. Reefer is able to get shots at Dagga and Reefer comments to Bud that he is still on his side and didn’t want to kill him. Before Bud can responded Dagga throws a grenade at Reefer but he moves but while escaping is shot in the head and dies. Dagga, now really hurt is shoot in the chest by Bud and he crawls back to the perimeter of the desk and stretches the shotgun to Alison’s head and is about to shot until Kush arrives and shoots him in the head and Alison begins crying and Bud comforts her but Bud is shocked to see Kush bleeding out and he falls into Bud’s hand and before Kush can tell him what happened Kush is shot in the throat and dies in his arms as a car drives by and Bud runs and jumps onto the car. Bud sees Aunt Mary in there and she takes out a hatchet and tries killing Bud until he opens the car door and throws her out of the car and tow fall to the street. Aunt Mary takes out her AK and shoots at him and Bud runs into an Ally and when she follows Bud gets her into a chokehold and strangles her to death and Bud breaks downs after seeing all of the death. He goes back to the hotel and hugs a crying Alison and tells her that it’s over.

Devil’s Lettuce is seen getting high until Cripple comes in and tells him that everyone is dead and Devil is pissed and shocked and Cripple then tells him that Bud is still alive and he then kills the dope man and him and Cripple leave. Astro Turf is seen smoking with a girl he just had sex with, she hears a knock and opens it and is shocked as Cripple opens the door and kills Astro with a silencer and Cripple and Devil take the guns and clear out his house of weapons. Night comes and Alison and Bud are seen having sex and Bud finishes. After she starts crying in Bud’s arm and she reveals that she is worried more will come but he assures her that nothing is going to happen until they hear rumbles from downstairs and Alison tells him that construction already left and Bud quickly puts on some clothes and gets his weapons ready and tells Alison to leave soon. Bud opens the door and sees Cripple and they start shooting but Cripple and Devil get close enough and get outside and soon into the room and Cripple and Devil enter the room and Bud is frozen. Devil Breaks into laughter and congratulates him for killing everyone in time and calls him a real Nigga and states that he wouldn’t have guessed but tells him that there’s one more, one more person who is gonna die if he doesn’t die tomorrow night and Devil reveals that it’s the baby and that baby inside of Alison will explode if he doesn’t die tonight and Bud is completely shocked by this Alison, hiding on the balcony begins silently crying.

Devil then comments how it works as an very, very effective abortion and Bud then shoots and kills Cripple and is shot at by Devil while Bud hides behind a couch and Devil Continues shooting at him and gets him in the shoulder and he drops the gun and Bud  falls down and Devil starts bragging and then tells him that he can kill himself or he will do it for him but Devil turns and shoots near Alison’s location and tells her that she saw him take Cripples gun and that if she shoots he will kill her. And Bud tries getting up but Bud shoots him in the arm and Alison turns and shoots Devil in the arm and Devil turns to shoot her but Bud stops it and stabs him the waist and he kicks him and Alison continues shooting and he runs into the bathroom but sees Detective Lloyd’s body and says “Goddamn” and Bud comes behind him and shoots him in the head. Bud and Alison hug each and Bud begins crying and Alison tells him that she doesn’t believe Devil but Bud doesn’t want to take the chance and Bud and her kiss and have sex for a last time.

Alison is seen at an airport and getting on airplane and she looks at a picture of Bud. Bud is seen still in Traverse City on the top of a building and cries and then shoots himself in the head

Reefer's Side

Reefer, Hash and Ganja are seen in abandoned house and Reefer comments that it’s far way form everyone and that no one can find them. Reefer than formulates that they try and find Bud before he can start someone starts shooting the warehouse and they fall to the ground and Dagga is revealed to be shooting and he enters the house and Reefer calmly gets up and ask for him to calm down and tells him that he doesn’t have to hurt him and explains their plan of possibly deactivating the bombs so they don’t have to go out and try and kill Bud and Dagga then hold Reefer hostage and ask the rest if they agree on letting him in and Hash agrees but Ganja disagrees and Dagga puts the gun into Reefer’s mouth and the two beg him to say yes and Ganja reluctantly does and Dagga demands a handshake and they reluctantly shake hands and Dagga tells them that he is gonna lead the pony but first he needs sleep.     

The Next Day comes and Dagga Orders Reefer and Hash to head out and get more info and they do. Reefer and Hash don’t know what to do but Reefer suggest going to Astro Turf to get weapons and they head there. They enter and Reefer acts tough asking question but when Turf as if they want to get high they agree. The three talk nonsense and they try fitting the Star Wars universe in real life but Reefer and Dagga then crave coffee and they head out. Reefer and Hash continue their talk of fitting Star Wars into real until Reefer notes that he sees Bud and Kush but they brush it off, they then start a conversation about cannibals and what humans taste like. Reefer and Hash then arrive back and Dagga ask what they found and Hash states that they found good weed and Dagga jokes with them but then breaks Reefer’s hand and tells them that they will kill every single one of them if they keep messing around and calls them brain dead stoners and states that he will take control of the operation from now and Ganja tries denying but Dagga then assaults Ganja and tells him to shut up. 

The Next day comes and Dagga and Reefer head out to find Bud. They find the hotel and camp out and look from a building across. Dagga keeps asking Reefer which women he would fuck and he answers but ask why he is asking him this and reveals just to fuck with him until they see a cop car outside of the hotel parked and Detective Lloyd leaves and enters the hotel. Another cop is looking at the building and sees Reefer move and the cop comes closer and Reefer doesn’t know what to do until Dagga comes and kills the cop and Reefer is shocked and an angry Dagga and Reefer escape. Reefer and the others are shocked that this happened and suggest leaving Dagga and they think of getting a truck and they can leave with the computer and others things and they can leave Dagga in the apartment and they agree. Reefer and Kush arrive back with a truck and they begin moving the computers into the truck. The next day comes and Dagga tells them that he is gonna go and see the hotel again and they let him go. As soon as Dagga leaves Reefer and the others are about to leave.    

Dagga then sees a cop car head to the abandoned house and sees it’s a Detective Named Jones and he turns back. Detective Jones kisses a picture of him and Lloyd and he is about to head in until he shot in the back by Dagga and Jones gets inside and hides as Dagga continues shooting. Jones comes up to shoot again but is shot again. He then looks at his picture of Lloyd and cries and tells him that he is sorry and breaks down until Dagga shots him in the shoulder and then looks at his picture of Lloyd and laughs and then stomps it and Jones tries moving until Dagga stops him and then puts a gun in his mouth and then takes out a knife and then smiles and states that his brother did this to a cop before and then cuts off the cop’s ear. Reefer and the others hear and the screaming and try getting the truck started. Dagga then burst through the door dragging Jones and ask them what they are doing and he then shoots and kills Jones and Ganja then reveals that they are tired of him and tries pulling out his gun but Dagga shoots and kills Ganja. Reefer and Hash enter a shootout with Dagga and they are able to get into the truck and drive away but Dagga jumps into the back of the truck. 

Kush's Side

Kush is seen in at the police station playing with a rubix cube and Detective Lloyd comes in and tells him that he looks like 2-year-old playing with one of those. He then gives him a file telling him about how is lucky to find him since he thought that he was the worse spy for dying in Devil’s Plan and tells him that the needs to find Bud and when that happens they can have him and surround him with SWAT so the criminals come and get shot and killed Kush happily agrees and tells him that Bud loves restaurants and he will find him in one of those. Kush is seen at a restaurant and is reading until Bo-Bo comes into his booth and tells him that he knows about him and knows he is a spy and Kush tries to tell him otherwise but Bo-Bo tells him to fuck off before he kills him in the restaurant and then tells him to give him the file he has on Bud and Kush looks out the window and sees somebody and Kush agrees. Kush has Bo-Bo follow him to his car and the two walk out until Bammy, from the tower shoots and kills Bo-Bo and shoots at Kush but Kush escapes in the car. Kush is scolded by Detective Lloyd and that people already know he is a spy but Detective Jones calms him down and Lloyd gives him a gun and tells him to go rouge and do whatever but get Bud to the station and Kush agrees. Detective Jones calms Lloyd down and he hugs and kisses his partner.

Kush is seen at a bar and talking with the bartender until Aunt Mary comes in and orders a drink, Mary then tells Kush that she wants to kill Bud but needs to find Bammy first and she tells him that she knows that Bammy shot at him and that he might know where he is but Kush tells her that he probably doesn’t know where he is but she ask again and Kush tells her that he might be in the watchtower for a good post and she thanks him but before she leaves she tells him that he better not kill Bud but laughs and ask what she is gonna do and she then shoots and kills the Bartender and smiles and leaves. Kush is seen arriving back at the police station and sees Detective Jones In tears and Kush ask what happened and Jones states that he hasn’t seen him in days and thinks that he might have gotten caught or he is in trouble but Kush calms him down but tells him that he is a detective and needs to focus on his job and Jones agrees and Kush gives him more info but then tells Jones that he doesn’t want to arrest or capture Joe at all but Jones tells they can’t have this talk now as he heads out to Lloyds’ last location and Kush leaves.  Kush is about to head back to the Hotel until he sees Bammy through Mary into the water and Kush then puts a gun to his head and smiles and tells him to follow him. They are on top of the building and Kush tells Bammy to jump but he refuses but Kush tells him to jump as he doesn’t want to risk the gun fire and Bammy is about jump until he turn’s and punches Kush and the two fight for the gun and Bammy turns Kush and he hangs off the building but Kush regains footing and they two continue  until the two fall off the building and Kush falls onto the fire escape but Bammy misses and falls to his death and Kush sees his body and throws up and he quickly leaves.

Kush then arrives back at the station and an officer tells him that Jones and Lloyd both haven’t been at the station for days but Kush tells the officer that Lloyd is dead but then quickly leaves before he can ask again. Kush is back at the bar drinking until Mary comes in and she lets her heart out telling him what she loved about Bammy and revels that he was manipulated by Devil and that want to try and convince him to come home with her and their daughter but she then takes out pistol and shoots Kush in his side and tells him that he killed her family but Kush then head-butts her stomach and slams her head against a stool but she then stomps and stabs his hand with her heel but Kush is able to escape and runs down the street but Mary follows shooting at him and Kush fears for his life.


  • Jake Gyllenhaal as Bud DeWitt 
  • Mélanie Laurent as Mary Jane/ Alison 
  • Domhnall Gleeson as Kush Mackie
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Devil’s Lettuce
  • Michael Madsen as Dagga
  • Armie Hammer as Reefer 
  • Michael Cassidy as Hash
  • Carlos Valdes as Ganja
  • Kit Harington as Bammy 
  • Emma Bell as Aunt Mary 
  • Walter Goggins as Chronic 
  • Joe Bernthal as Bo-Bo 
  • Tessa Thompson as Widow 
  • Jeremy Renner as Cripple
  • Oscar Isaac as Astro Turf
  • Leonardo DiCiprio as Detective Lloyd
  • Peter Krause as Detective Jones


  • Leonardo DiCiprio was only brought into the project since Taratino wanted to create another memorable scene and thoguht he needed a Memorable Actor.
  • Dane DeHann was originally thought as for the role of Kush but Taratino dropped him from the project as he looked to young to co-star alongside Jake Gyllenhaal.
  • Jake Gyllenhaal originally audtioned for the role of Kush.
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