The Redwood Limbo is a British indie animated series that currently airs on Adult Swim. It is based upon the 2008 novel series "Findlaich's Redwood Limbo" by Scandinavian author Aleksei Gangestad. The series was revealed in Comic-Con 2017 by creator Adrian Rutger, and it's first season was aired on Adult Swim on July 26, 2018. Season 2 is scheduled to be released on September 11, 2019, with Season 3 currently under development.


Based upon the book series "Findlaich's Redwood Limbo", the series is centered around Iain Findlaich, an honorably discharged military doctor from Athlone, Ireland, who is looking for a new purpose in life, namely a job.

Down on his luck, Iain finally finds a job as a doctor at a distant island off-land called Redwood. Unknown to him, Redwood is actually the only refuge for mages and other rare beings. In short, it is the only place where magic exists. Upon arriving in Redwood, he starts to learn about the island's history, even learning how to study it's magic. But, a threat arrives in the form of Iron Bay, a militaristic organisation on a mission to enslave all mages for unlimited power. Because of this, he is now forced to fight against his own kind, to preserve a lost art from fading.


  • Iain Findlaich: Voiced by Steve Burton, Iain Findlaich is a former military doctor who previously worked in the Defence Forces of Ireland, who wants nothing more than to find a purpose in life. He is depicted as a witty, intelligent and curious figure with (as Richard describes) “a big pair of balls”.
  • Morton Barnes:
  • Richard Barnes:


Upon release, The Redwood Limbo received exceedingly positive reviews, scoring an average of 96% approval rating on various review websites. Many people who have read the books have regarded the animated series to be the most accurate book to media adaptation ever.

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