Set 10 Years before Ghostbusters III, Eddie, Jake, and Tracy, are starting a business similar to The Ghostbusters of New York City, but their team uses Magic, so they decide to call themselves: "The Real Ghostbusters" and bust the forces of the evil supernatural with Magic.

However one day when busting they were set up by their personal car (The Ghost Buggy) and were lead to fight a team of supernatural beings that despise humans and fail miserably.

So its up to The Real Ghostbusters to stop this team. 


  • Peter Cullen as Eddie Spencer Jr.
  • Pat Fraley as Jake Kong Jr.
  • Seth McFarland as Tracey The Gorilla (Voice)
  • Pat Fraley as Ghost Buggy (Voice)
  • ? as Second in Command
  • ? as Third in Command
  • ? as Fourth in Command
  • ? as Fifth in Command


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