The Readiness Circus is a fanmade TV series based off of the video, Get Ready to Read. This show has APM Production Music.


Ready the Clown and his circus friends have lots of fun adventures in The Readiness Circus with reading skills.


  • Ready the Clown: He is the main character. He can be ready for almost anything. He is good at driving the circus train.
  • Diver Don: He is a diver who wears a brown loincloth with jaguar spots.
  • Bing the Bear: He is tan bear who impersonates Bing Crosby. He wears a yellow and red birthday hat with a blue puffball at the top.
  • Juggler Jake: He is a juggler who can juggle more than the letter J. He has red hair, wears a blue shirt, a red vest with a yellow collar, blue pants, and yellow pointy shoes.
  • Tardy Tiger: He is an orange tiger who is mostly late because he falls asleep.
  • Scarlett Scooter: She is a scooter rider who does amazing stunts. She has yellow hair, wears an orange helmet with a red sideways hourglass, a red cape, a yellow suit with a red belt, and red boots.
  • Leon the Lion: He is an orange lion with a brown mane, a brown tail tuft, and a red nose. He is mostly lazy to jump through Lucas Lion Tamer's hoop.
  • Lucas Lion Tamer
  • Mighty McMann: He is a strongman who lifts up letters, both uppercase and lowercase. He wears a yellow toga with A, B, C, D, E, and F on it.
  • Puppies
  • Snake Lady
  • Snake
  • Hank the Human Cannonball
  • Petunia: She is an acrobat whose catchphrase is "Look out, they're going to crash!".
  • Mr. Magico
  • The Animal Parade
  • Roberto the Ringmaster
  • Peter P-Man: He runs a stand that only sells peanuts, popcorn, and pennants. He wears a green hat, an aquamarine shirt with an orange apron with three pockets, blue pants, and gray shoes.
  • Charlie: He is a man who runs the cotton candy stand. He sells cotton candy in flavors of cola, which is the smallest, cucumber, which is medium-sized, and cantaloupe, which is the biggest. He wears a white hat, a white shirt, blue pants, and brown shoes.
  • Sally: She is a girl with brown hair with a ponytail, a red shirt with a white collar, orange pants, and black shoes.
  • Old Blue Bull
  • Daniel Dog
  • Pete Pig
  • Walinda Walrus
  • Irene Ice Cream Lady
  • Chubby Chuck
  • Ollie Octopus
  • Max Monkey
  • Tabby
  • Clumsy Clown
  • Barry B.
  • Ted Teddyman
  • The Beagles
  • Pete Parrot
  • Marv Monkey
  • David Duckman
  • Matt
  • Tommy
  • Sarah
  • Clown Conductor
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