The Rake is a found footage mystery horror-supernatural horror film it starring various actors

The Rake (1988 Film Poster)


a 20 teen in a footage found in a mysterious guy who crawling in the park and the teen disappear at the lose and it killing at the park where 4 will survive and it paranormal of a crawling creepy guy who this is THE RAKE


a 20 teens have new home to a park and "ONE NIGHT" Julia (Bella Sana) and her bestfriend Barbara (Katie Silverman) have a 10 footage camera to record what creature in here.

in 10 minutes there a creepy crawling guy in looking at the camera. Julia call Barbara, Hanna (Tersara Jordan) and all the people and Hanna is very scare of this creature and Barbara go outside and see it. partly chase Julia.

Julia back in the house park and Hanna locked the door and Hanna, Julia and everyone sleeps and The Rake go open the window and go in the house.

Young Laris get killed by the Rake and her big sister in the lose and Julia, everyone, Hanna wake up and see the Rake.

Everyone run away and hiding some place. in the grass. plants, or committed suicide, hiding at the kitchen, living room and every rooms.

The Rake find the teens and eaten all everyone partly. the screen cut to black


  • Bella Sana as Julia
  • Tersara Jordan as Hanna
  • Katie Silverman as Barbara
  • Connor Gibbs as Young Laris
  • Urnold Morgan as Jordan
  • Hanna Bella as Bote
  • Nanielle Panabaker as Bakergirl
  • Danielle Panabaker as Bakergirl 2
  • Barbara Crampton as Bakergirl 3
  • Baris Katie Hanna as Bakergirl 4
  • Sodra Hanna as Georger
  • Christopher Allport as Dad
  • Aileen Nane as Mom
  • Felia Clark as Big Sister
  • Shawnee Smith as Katie
  • Niki Kolocrusto as The Rake (Voices)
  • Giannis Chronis as Jake


  • anyone- killed by the Rake
  • Julia-killed by the rake. Partly
  • Barbara-killed by the Rake. Partly
  • Hanna- killed by the rake. partly


  • Julia?
  • Barbara?
  • Hanna?
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