The Rage: Carrie 2 is a 2016 horror-thriller film and a sequel to the 2013 remake Carrie.


A young girl named Rachel Lang's best friend commits suicide; she finds out she's the half sister of Carrie White but when she goes to a school party, she gets humiliated by showing her a sex tape of her and Jesse Ryan having sex, bringing her to rage.


Peyton List as Rachel Lang - Main protagonist / Half sister of Carrie White

Brenton Thwaites as Jesse Ryan - A love interest of Rachel

Kate Winslet as Barabra Lang - The crazy mother of Rachel

Jamie King as Sue Snell - The school counselor / Someone from Carrie's past

Addy Miller as young Rachel Lang

Zach Roerig as Mark

Tyler Posey as Eric

Steven R. McQueen as Chuck

Alexa Vega as Monica

Cole Sprouse as Arnie

Thomas Brodie Sangster as Brad Winters

Kay Panabaker as Lisa - Rachel's best friend

Nicholas D'Agosto as Boyd

Garry Chalk as Eric's dad

Katie Cassidy as Tracy


Lisa - Falls off a roof and lands on a windshield of a car

Arnie- Rachel uses her telekinetic powers leading him to being strangled, burned, then thrown through a window to his demise.

Chuck - Crushed by a door

Brad - Burned alive

Tracy - Head smashed against a wall, multiple times

Monica-Body crushed from a door


Eric-Stabbed by 8 glass shards

Rachel-Caught in a fire





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