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The Rage is an 2016 American supernatural drama/thriller film and is the remake to the original sequel to Brian De Palmas classic 1976 movie adaptation of "Carrie", "The Rage: Carrie 2" and is the sequel to "Carrie: Blood Of Redemption". The film will be directed by the director behind the Spider-Man trilogy and the "Evil Dead" series, Sam Raimi, produced by Rob Tapert and distributed by Screen Gems, Universal Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Ghost House Pictures and Gramercy Pictures. Despite the fans completely bombing the decision for a remake to a film that wasn't well receipted to begin with, Sam Raimi stated that, "A chance of redemption comes in many shapes and sizes, even in a movie that wasn't really supposed to be made. I am beyond confident that we will make this film give the characters and the actual story real justice." The film was released on December 23, 2016.

The cast consists of Odeya Rush, Logan Lerman, John Boyega, Nick Nolte, Reese Witherspoon, Chris Zykla, Drake Bell, Emma Roberts, Thomas Haden Church, Harry Lennix, Sandra Bullock, Rhys Ifan, David Arquette, Erin Sanders, Carlos Peńa Jr, Thomas Dekker, John Travolta, Idris Elba, Jay Hernandez, Alison Brie, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Chloë Grace Moretz


Rachel Lang (Odeya Rush) has never felt more on the outside after her friend Lisa Parker (Emma Roberts) committed suicide. The one person who reached out to her, Jesse (Logan Lerman), happened to be part of a popular crowd that lives to torment outsiders like her. But Rachel has something else that separates her from the rest, a secret amazing ability to move things with her mind, just like her sister, Carrie (Chloë Grace Moretz). Her father, Ralph (Nick Nolte) may hold the key to helping Rachel come to terms with her awesome, but unwanted power. But as Rachel gets closer to uncovering her friends true assailant, a terrible mistake will be made and making her angry can prove to be fatal. Has the Rage already taken its toll on her?


  • Odeya Rush as Rachel Lang
  • Logan Lerman as Jesse Ryan
  • John Boyega as Arnold Thomas
  • Nick Nolte as Ralph White
  • Reese Witherspoon as Barbara Lang
  • Chris Zylka as Eric Stark
  • Drake Bell as Mark Bing
  • Emma Roberts as Lisa Parker
  • Thomas Haden Church as Coach Walsh
  • Harry Lennix as Senior D.A
  • Sandra Bullock as Detective Helen Rink
  • Rhys Ifan as Principal Edwards
  • David Arquette as Chief Inspector Miles Walter
  • John Travolta as Carter Ryan
  • Erin Sanders as Rebecca Ryan
  • Idris Elba as Lieutenant Nelson
  • Jay Hernandez as Detective Jones
  • Alison Brie as Monica Jones
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Tracy Campbell
  • Thomas Dekker as Brad Winters
  • Carlos Peńa Jr as Chuck Potter
  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Carrie White


17 years ago at Ralph White's house, it was a stormy night in 1999 and Ralph (Nick Notle) was looking out the window, for his last thunder storm was on the night he raped Margaret and left "Carrie" inside her. He felt guilty on some nights and then he would take a bottle of whisky from the fridge and drank from it. But this night would be completely different. He continued to stare out the window 'till he heard his door bell rang. He walked over and opened it and saw a basket with a baby and a note.

  • Dear Ralph, I meant to tell you before. But I just didn't know how after our divorce. I was pregnant; yet, I can't look after her now due to some complications. I know she'll be safer with you, so watch over her and protect her. Her name is Rachel. Please give her the life she deserves and one day, I may come for her......if things settle down. With love always, Barbara Lang.....

Ralph: Dear God......*Looks down*

Baby Rachel cried and the bushes moved so fast only it wasn't the wind. It was her powers. Ralph picked up his second new born daughter.

Ralph: *Shh*....there there. It's OK. Daddy's here. Daddy's got you. My dearest Rachel.

~Title sequence~

~17 years later~

Rachel Lang (Odeya Rush) was at school (Sean and Raymond's school) in art class. She and her classmates were sketching and painting copies of a statue while some others were snickering at her behind her.

She turned around and they stopped snickering as they looked down.

Rachel: *sighs*

Lisa (Emma Roberts): Jocks on to you again?

Rachel: Huh?'s not that big of a problem, Lisa.

Lisa: Are you positive, cause I know you can---

Rachel felt spitballs at the back of her head as she turned around again to see them not looking at her.

Lisa:---get annoyed real easily.

Rachel: Try explaining that to them. It doesn't matter.

Lisa: How?

Rachel: It just doesn't.

Lisa continued to look at Rachel with a look of concern.

Then it cuts to outside the classroom with Eric Stark (Chris Zylka) and Mark Bing (Drake Bell).

Mark and Eric were spray painting something inappropriate about Rachel on the walls by the door outside of the room.

Eric: Hahaha! Boy, that creep's gonna have a fit when she see's this.

Mark: It'll be a good time for all of us.

They laughed again and as soon as the school bell rang, they fled. When Rachel and Lisa came out, they saw the spray paint and they gasped as everyone who saw it snickered and laughed at her and around her. Rachel was in between sad and angry and the lockers shook a bit 'till Lisa covered her face by pulling her to her chest.

Lisa: You sons of....*Walks away with Rachel*

While walking away with Lisa, Rachel then turned around and the lockers burst open one after the other as everyone became hysterical. And she quickly turned back around.


Principal Edwards (Rhys Ifan): How long has this.....fasade been occurring for?

Lisa: I'm not the right person to ask that, with all due respect, Principal Edwards. But all I know is that it's getting worse.

Principal Edwards: Well, as unfair as it is, I don't really see the point of accusing anyone yet.

Lisa: Wha--It has nothing to do---we're not accusing anyone.

Rachel: I have problems.

Principal Edwards: What problems?

Rachel didn't answer him. She just rocked uncharacteristically in the chair, for she couldn't keep her mind focused on anything.

Principal Edwards: Ummmm....Rachel, do you think it's best if you excuse yourself for a brief moment? You look like you need some to time to relax.

Rachel just nodded and got up from the chair. She was about to walk out the door, but Lisa stopped her and grabbed her arm.

Lisa: Don't go. *to Edwards* Sir, whatever you have to say to me; you can say to her. Rachel can't be alone, not even with those morons out there.

Principal Edwards: *Sighs* Very well. Continue.

Lisa: Thank you.

And they sat back down.

That's when we cut to Ralph at home.

He was drinking out of another whiskey bottle 'till he got a call from Principal Edwards. It ran for an extended period of time.

He normally doesn't answer the phone at all, so he was hesitant.

But he picked it up anyways and answered it.

Ralph: Greetings......

Edwards: Mr. White?

Ralph: Yes.

Edwards: This is Principal Edwards from your daughters school.

Ralph: Carrie?

Edwards: Who?

Ralph: Oh, sorry. Is Rachel ok?

It cuts to Rachel walking home. She was looking around at everything and losing herself in her head. She continued until a car slowly rolls up besides her and honks the horn. She turns to the car as the windows roll down.

Arnold (John Boyega): Hey, Rach! You need a ride?

She turned to see her friend, Arnold Thomas in the front seat with Jesse Ryan (Logan Lerman) behind the wheel, unbeknownst to Rachel.

She was hesitant, to say the least.

Rachel: I, uh...I--I guess....

Once she got in, Jesse kept giving her a uncomfortable look. Rachel tries to ignore him and when they go off the road, a van passes them (Desjardin's van from Blood of Redemption)

Arnold: So, the boys and I were gonna go to the beach and I wanted to see if you were game.

Rachel: Uhhh....thanks, Arnold. But my dad needs me at the house tonight.

Arnold: Awww come barely get out anymore.

Rachel: Sorry, but it's just curfew.

Arnold: I get that. Really, I do. But curfew or not.....

Jesse: Ey, ey, it, ok? She hasn't been on the best of terms.

Rachel: Who told you?

Jesse: No one. I've just seen the way the jocks be treating you. It's not really....right.

Arnold: Ahhhhh.....

Jesse: Sorry. I don't think we've met. I'm Jesse.

Rachel: Rachel.

And they shook hands.

Soon enough, Rachel was home, but instead of going through the front, she went in from the back.

But even as quiet as she was, Ralph could hear her.

Ralph: Again with those humanitarians???

Rachel: Dad??

Ralph: Your principal called me. He said some kids were spray painting about you. Are you alright?

Rachel: Yeah.....But I don't wanna talk about it.

Ralph was silent as he held that bottle of whisky in his hands as screams and echos were racing through his head. As he tried to stand up, he almost lost balance and fell. But he caught himself.

Rachel: Dad?

Ralph: Sorry, princess. Guess I'm not myself today.

Rachel nodded and headed up stairs. Ralph, later, went into the cellar and stepped forward into an alter for God he built when he moved to Florida.

Ralph: Forgive me, Lord. My sins are still haunting me. Not a day goes by where I wish I could take back what I've done to Maggie or for leaving Carrie. I ask that you protect Rachel from any sin that will come and from my own.

Ralph kneels down to the alter as Rachel upstairs looks out the window in her room.

Then, without noticing, the window starts to crack.

But luckily, it stopped.

Rachel didn't even realize it was her. She petted her dog Walter and closed the blinds which leads to the next scene.

It was the weekend and Rachel was taking Walter for a walk until she spotted Lisa on top of her house, looking like she was ready to fall.

Rachel immediately ran to try and talk Lisa out of it.

Rachel: LISA!!!

Lisa: *Gasps* scared me.

Rachel: I scared you? You scared me! Why are you gonna jump?!

Lisa: Ju---?? You thought---?? No. Rachel, I wasn't gonna jump. I was only stretching out before I clear the chimney.

Suddenly, Rachel just felt awkward and Walter panted and licked her hand

Rachel: Easy, boy. *to Lisa* Sorry. I guess I just....

Lisa: It's alright. Wait there. I'll be right down.

Suddenly, Walter started growling as Eric and Mark were coming and Rachel looked over at them

Mark: Hey, heard about the school laughing at ya.....we thought we come by and see if you're cool. *Snickers*

Rachel: What's it to you two?  

Mark: Ahhh, you know.....its just.....we the types of people who want to be supportive and stuff.

Rachel wasn't buying it. And she could tell when Eric was texting Lisa from all the way over there.

The more texts Lisa read, the more her facial expressions changed and the more heartbroken she became. Eventually, she couldn't take it. She re-entered the house and slowly walked out almost in tears.

Seeing this, Mark and Eric just ran off.

Rachel: *Hugs Lisa* What's wrong?!

Lisa: *sniffling* E-eric----He just.....He broke up with me.

Rachel: Just NOW? Whatcha do?

Lisa: Absolutely nothing, I swear I feel so stupid. He never cared for me?!

If Rachel felt bad enough already for Lisa, what happened later that night would only deepen her desire to get back at Eric and Mark.

She was asleep that night, till she got a call.

Rachel: Hello?

Jesse: Hey,'s Jesse. We met in Arnold's car?

Rachel:'d you get my number? Did he give it to you?

Jesse: Yeah, but don't blame him. It was my idea. I talked him into it. ran into Eric and Mark earlier and they told me about Lisa. Eric was laughing about it, so I socked him a little. Just wanted to check if you guys were cool.

Rachel: I appreciate it. Thanks. I heard those two were your friends.

Jesse: Not after today.

Rachel almost smiled until she felt an eerie presence. The room was awfully quiet as she looked over and saw a shadowy image of Carrie (Chloë Grace Moretz) standing at the corner in her prom dress and covered in that pigs blood. She screamed and jumped. By the time she looked back, it was gone.

Jesse: Rachel? You ok? Rach, you still there?

Rachel: *breathing heavily* I got to go.

She quickly hung up and just sat there rocking, terrified.

The phone rang again except this time, it was a voice mail from Arnold.

All he said was: It's Lisa.....

That's when Rachel snuck out the house to find Lisa and after almost an hour......she found her lying on the windshield of her car.

Rachel: No.....

She immediately ran to her aid, but it was no use.

There was blood everywhere as her head had literally broke on impact. She pulled her off the windshield and tried conducting CPR. Eventually, she knew she was dead.

Rachel: Oh my god.....Lisa....No, no, no......CALL AN AMBULANCE!!!! SOMEBODY HELP!!!!

She didn't have a cell yet, so she couldn't call.

And that.....THAT is when her telekinesis finally kicked in.

It shook the car as Arnold came there.

Arnold: Rachel! Get away from the car!

He had no idea it was her shaking it, but it stopped when she looked over carrying Lisa with tears. She gently put Lisa's body down and ran away. Arnold couldn't catch up to her, so he dialed 911 on his cell.

Operator: 911, what's your emergency?

Arnold: I need to report a missing person.....and a dead body.

Rachel ran deep in the woods knowing her closest friend was gone.

Rachel: *breathing heavily* Why her?

Slowly, her sadness turned into anger as she knew who was responsible.

Rachel: *breathing heavily* Lisa......I will.....avenge you......

Then she looks at the screen as her eyes go black for the first time.

By now, word has gotten out that Lisa is dead. Yet, the students seem terribly disinterested. Back at school, Rachel takes matters into her own hands and decides to do a little research into what led to Lisa's suicide/murder. So since she stayed after school on Wednesdays, she went sneaking around in the boys locker room.

She looked high and low for anything 'till she looked in Mark's locker and discovered a photograph of Eric and Lisa as well as a piece of paper with the names of other jocks. The title was self-explanatory as she saw that each jock who participated received a specific number of points for sleeping with girls.

That confirmed her theory that Eric never gave a damn about Lisa.

That was all she needed to send the evidence to the principal, but she decided to check with Eric's coach, Walsh (Thomas Haden Church).

But before she could, two detectives came in and Rachel hid in the locker and watched them pass. They came into Principal Edwards office. Slowly but surely, she followed them.

Edwards: Can I help you two?

Inspector Walter (David Arquette): Yes I'm Chief Inspector Miles Walter. This is my partner Detective Rink (Sandra Bullock) and this is Detective Jones (Jay Hernandez). We've come behalf of Lieutenant Nelson and we'd like to ask you a couple of questions concerning the accident of one of your missing students.

Detective Helen Rink: And the murder here last night (The first murder from Blood Of Redemption)

Edwards: Uh....very well. Have a seat.

They sat down as Rachel watched from the window on the door, unbeknownst to her that Carrie had seen her. But when Rachel turned around, no one was there.

She continued to look through the window.

Detective Rink: Sir, were there any slight events with the students and teachers before the incidents?

Edwards: I'm really not sure. I mean we've had some wild experience over a couple of years ago. One of the students had some problems and almost caused chaos down here till he was killed during a shoot out. (The events with Andrew)

Inspector Walter: And what do you know of this girl? *Hands him a picture of Rachel*

Rachel quickly turned back in shock.

Edwards: Uh....yeah. She goes here.

Detective Jones: Would you mind bringing her down here? There's some questions we'd like to ask her.

Without hesitating, that's what he did.

Over intercom: *Pardon the interruption. Would Rachel Lang please report to the principals office at this time?*

Rachel heard it. But she didn't go.

She went all over the school until she found Coach Walsh and handed him the photograph and piece of paper.

Rachel: I know it may seem ridiculous, but I have eyes at the back of my head, which is I found out what about this.

Coach Walsh was always suspicious of Eric and his behavior, but now that suspicion had been confirmed.

Coach Walsh: Ugghh.....

Rachel: I just saw this. He had something to do with Lisa Parkers suicide or murder. I'm sure of that.

Coach Walsh: Look, I've always had my suspicions about that kid. And they're not exactly warm and fuzzy thoughts. But I'm occupied at the moment. There's not much I can do....except turn this in to the Senior D.A (Harry Lennix) and let him deal with this.

Then he looked at the paper again and saw Jesses name on the list.

Coach Walsh: The hell? Wasn't expecting Jesse to be on here.

The name made Rachels eyes bulk up.

Rachel: Wait. What?

Coach Walsh: Jesse's also on this list. That's what it says......

Rachel: Why would Jesse be involved? I mean I know he and Eric have history, but....

Coach Walsh: He DID have some problems awhile back. They say his dad (John Travolta) beat him while he was drunk. Jesse hanged in so many rough crowds; that's why he was with Eric.

Rachel had a suspicious feeling in her stomach about Jesse. She walked away from Coach Walsh and, later was walking to Arnold's house 'till she heard barks. She looks over and her dog Walter was running to her.

Rachel: Walter! Come here, boy!

He jumped on her and licked her face.

Rachel: Good boy. Down now. *Gets up* Come on. We got a friend to visit.

They came at Arnold's and knocked and he answered.

Arnold: Rachel? Where you been? I was worried. Cops are even looking for you.

Rachel: There's no time to explain. Can we talk?

Arnold let her in.

Arnold: So what's chillin'?

Rachel: Be honest, now. Have you noticed anything unusual about Jesse at all?

Arnold: *blows air* In terms of being popular, it wasn't easy. It had something to do with his dad.

Rachel: Drunk?

Arnold: Beyond drunk.....

Jesse: It's none of your business.

They both turned to see Jesse watching them behind the couch.

Jesse: I don't mean to be rude to you both, but I don't wa---

Rachel: Save it. What's the meaning of this? Why is your name on that list?

Both (Arnold, Jesse): What list?

Rachel just scoffed.

She showed it to him as Walter growled at him.

Jesse: Oh....that list. Well; to be honest, It's ancient history mostly, though..... *Crumbles it* like I said, none of your damn business.

Rachel: Did you kill her?

Jesse: Who?

Rachel: LISA!!!!!!!

Jesse: You crazy? She killed herself. I think you're just freaking out cause your close friend died. Life goes on. You need to chill, ok? Chill.....

He walked passed her and Walter jumped up and bit his butt.

Jesse: EEEOOOWWWW!!!!!

Rachel: Walter, down!

The dog pulled on his pants and growled as Jesse tried to shake him off


Rachel: *WALTER, DOWN!*

Without even noticing, Rachel lifted Walter up with her powers and threw him halfway across the room with his head colliding and bouncing off the top of the doorway.

Everyone just stood there in silence.

Arnold: Uhhh....o--thi--this is some Exorcist sh** right here.

Jesse: Wha-- how did you do that?

Rachel: That wasn't me.

Jesse: Rach, stop playin' with me.

Rachel: What makes you so determined that it's me?!

Jesse: You JUST killed your dog!

Then the house started to shake.

Arnold: *Steps in between them* Hey, back off!!! If she says she didn't do it, she didn't do it!!!

Jesse took a good long look at Rachel in grief. He turned away in guilt.

Jesse: I' you be.

Jesse left and Arnold looked over at Rachel who was holding her dead dog in tears.

Rachel: *Sobs* Walter, I'm so sorry....*Cries*

Arnold: I--sorry, Rachel.

Rachel hugged him in tears and we later cut to when Arnold digs a hole and Rachel carries her dog's body wrapped in a sheet, crying. They soon bury him and later that night, they were sitting inside and Arnold couldn't help on what just went on.

Arnold: Are you sure you don't know what happened?

Rachel: Maybe I do, but maybe......I'm crazy.

Arnold: Well.....can you at least TRY to do it on purpose to see if it WAS you?

Rachel: I just....why does it matter?

Arnold: I'm just curious. Besides, it could help you in trying Lisa's killer. Then again, you never know.

Rachel just sighed and closed her eyes.

She started to focus really hard and soon enough, items started to levitate slowly.

Arnold: Woah woah woah.....

Rachel opened her eyes and turned around to see all the items levitating around them.


Before she can respond to it, there was a knock at the door.

It was Barbara Lang (Reese Witherspoon), unbeknownst to Rachel.

The objects fell and Arnold answered

Arnold: Can I help you?

Barbara: Hi, my name is Barbara Lang. Are you a friend of Rachel?

Arnold: Lang?

He looked over and saw an open window that Rachel may have escaped from.

It then cuts back to school where Coach Walsh was talking with the Senior D.A about the Eric/Lisa incident.

Senior D.A (Morgan Freeman) : Hmmmm......This seems more like a statutory rape then letting someone sleep with them.

Coach Walsh: Personally, I haven't come across something like this ever.

Senior D.A: There's a first for everything.

Coach Walsh: I'll have to talk Eric and Mark about this. And I'll have to kick them off the team.

Senior D.A: Wait for that. After this, I'm more interested in charging the two of them, as well as anyone else involved in this. But for now, I'll cover this up from their families due to their.....influence.

Coach Walsh: Just do what you have to do.

Senior D.A: Trust me, it's necessary....

Little did they know, Mark was listening to the conversation.....somehow. He knew they were screwed.

Mark: *to himself* What did you get me into, Eric?

He was now determined to distance himself from the situation as far as possible.

So he visited Jesses house and saw his father open the door.

Carter (John Travolta): Mark.....

Mark: Sorry to disrupt. Can I talk to Jesse?

Carter: Uhh.....hold on a sec. Jess!

So Carter went upstairs and got Jesse.

Jesse went downstairs and as soon as he saw Mark, he almost ran back upstairs.

Mark: Whoa.....Johnny Law, cool your heels. I didn't come here for much.

Jesse: I know that's a lie......

Mark: You mean I can't say I'm sorry?

Jesse: Sorry for what? Y'all know you meant what you did.

Mark: That whole scam on the paper was Eric's plan. All of it. None of it was on me.

Jesse just looked at him.

Jesse: Just get out.

Mark was about to walk off till Eric slam the door on him.

Jesse: What the hell?

Eric: Come on now, Jesse. After everything we've been through, you're not gonna bail on us now. We're all in this to the end.

Jesse: Why are you guys doing this? This girl has done nothing to any of you.

Eric: Hey, look....If you want out, feel free. But if you go snitch on us, you're dead. And if SHE snitches, she dead too.

Mark: *to himself* What???

Jesse: You better not.

Eric: Too bad. Too....bad.

Then they both walk out as Jesse slams the door on them.

Jesse: *sighs* What now?

We cut to when Ralph was talking on the phone to the police about his daughter.

Ralph: There's people dying out there and you have no idea to whether to find her or the psycho first?! Damn you! *Hangs up*

He was about to go for another bottle for whiskey......that is until.....he looked at his finger where his ring used to be before he was mugged. That's what made him think of that night with Margaret and he soon learned about prom night. He threw the bottle at the wall and it shattered.

Ralph: Oh, Lord. Protect my Rachel....and my Carrie.

Barbara: She won't make it.....and you know that.

Ralph turned around as he saw Barbara and gave her a death look.

Ralph: Why are you here?

Barbara: I told you on the note I'd come for her one day.

Ralph: Took you 17 years. She just lost a friend and she blames herself for this. And there's a psycho killer on the loose. I don't know what to do.

Barbara: Then be a man for once and do something. You can't just expect God will do something quickly. He would want you to save your own daughter.

Ralph: How would he explain my recent marathon of absurdity? She would never forgive me for what I've cursed upon her.

Barbara: The hell you trying to say?!


Barbara: What....??

Ralph sat down and explained what happened.

Ralph: About 19 years first wife, Margaret and I lived in Maine for over 6 years. We both lived under God's name to stay true for him. But one night, after colleagues and I went to this bar....I lost myself after 12 glasses of whisky. I came home later......I took her in the room.....and after that, I....I left....I left my wife there. To raise my first child there!!! And she lived in fear!!!!! My Carrie lived under abusement of her mom and those nasty children at that school that was burnt down. Both my wife and daughter died there in that house!!!! *Cries and shouts* How can I be different with Rachel....if I couldn't save my other family?!!!

Barbara: Carrie......Carrie White is your daughter?

Ralph: *slowly glances over* How do you know that?!!

Barbara: Because she hangs out with two boys here. I don't know who they are, but she's very much alive.

Ralph stood there in silence all stunned and breathed a sigh of relief.

He just paced around until.....

Rachel: Dad?

They both turned around to see Rachel with Arnold at her side.

Ralph: Rachel.....I....your MOTHER has something to tell you

Arnold: Wha-wha-wha????

Barbara: No.

Ralph: Barbara, 17 years is long enough to hold a heavy burden. He knows it's that time to let this go. It's better this way.

Barbara just sighed heavily.

Barbara and Rachel sat with each other as Ralph and Arnold sat across.

Barbara: Rachel, it's true when your father says I am your mother. But there's something you have to understand. A mad man had harassed me since I was 18. And when I married your father, he was in prison for awhile till he made bail. Your father and I divorced when he came after me again. And when I learned I was pregnant with you, I couldn't let him get you too. So, I thought you'd be safer with Ralph.

Rachel: But why haven't I heard from you in years?

Barbara: I didn't want him to know about you. But when I thought it was safe, I came back. Apparently, it was your fathers idea to keep my identity under wraps.

Rachel: *Looks at Ralph* Why didn't you tell me?

Ralph didn't know what to say, then Rachel rushed up to her room. Arnold wanted to go after her but Ralph stopped him and went after her in her room.

Ralph: Rach....?

Rachel: *Lying in her bed* Go away.

Ralph: Sweetheart. You're right. I should have told you. And that's why I wanna take you somewhere.

Rachel: Take me where?

Ralph: Where it all transpired......So we can learn about your sister.

Rachel looks at him and we cut to later when Ralph, Barbera and Rachel drove pass a sign, "Welcome to Ewen." 

Ralph: all started.

Rachel was stunned to see nothing left of the school.

Barbara: Wow. She was THAT pissed off to burn the whole thing down?

Ralph: The savages here were twice as callous and demented then I was that night when I left her mother. If God could've gave out a sig-

Barbara: I told you God can't fix EVERYTHING.

Ralph: He still could've saved her sister in time.

As they continued to bicker, Rachel still couldn't believe what she was being told. She refused to believe it.

Rachel: *sighs* Why.....why is so difficult for ONE person to be truthful to another one?

Ralph was shocked to her say that.

Rachel: You really didn't think I had to learn of this earlier?

Ralph: You and I both know it was guarante-

Rachel: For WHAT?! For my safety?! They always say that!!! You didn't think I would notice this?! HAVEN'T YOU DONE ENOUGH?!?!!!!

Barbara: Young lady, how dare you?!


The ground then cracked completely as Ralph's worst fear had now been confirmed.

Ralph: You have it too???

Rachel: What's it to both of you? You've never been there for me...and now you want me to call you my parents, but I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

The place shook further making Ralph trip and fall on his head. Barbara held on to Ralph as Rachel left him there out cold.

Back at Florida, Eric and Mark had everything set for opening night of their new club 

Eric: Alrighty, then. We're set for this for this saturday night. All we need now is the lady of the hour.

A look of concern overwhelmed Mark.

Back at Arnold's, he was trying to get a hold of Rachel, but no word. Just voicemail.

Rachel's voice: Hey, it's Rachel. Please leave a message.

Arnold: Rach, it's me. I've been calling at least 17 times. Please pick up.

Once he hung up, the door bell rang. He walked pass the tv showing the report of Ms. Desjardin's murder and answered.

Detective Helen Rink: Hello sir. Are you a friend of Rachel Lang? 

Arnold: Yes. But I haven't heard from her in a couple days. Is everything alright?

Lieutenant Nelson (Idris Elba): I assure you. We're working around the clock to assure her safety. But we've also---

Then Arnold's phone started vibrating.

Arnold: Ahh, damn it. Hold on a sec.

It was Jesse, and he was asking if Arnold could get Rachel to come and see him.

So he texted him back.

  • Sorry Jess, I haven't heard from her in days.

  • Well, let me know whenever you do.

  • Why?

  • A surprise to make everything up for her.

Lieutenant Nelson: Everything alright, son?

Arnold: Yeah, but....that wasn't about Rachel. She's not in some kind of trouble, is she?

Detective Rink: No, of course not. We just need to ask her a couple of questions.

Lieutenant Nelson: If you hear anything regarding the were abouts of Miss Lang contact us with this. *Hands his card*

Arnold took it and as soon as they left Arnold felt himself grabbed from behind and his mouth covered.

Rachel: Shh! Shh! It's just me. *Lets him go*

Arnold: Where you been?

Rachel: Learning about my heritage..... I'll tell you everything.

So she did.....

Then they took a walk outside.

Arnold: You really think it's possible? Those psychic powers you have? And you're not the only one?

Rachel: Trust me. I know the difference between what's possible and what isn't. But.....there is NO way it's true. I still don't believe that I have a sister. And you know what? If they hadn't hesitated to tell me earlier, maybe I wouldn't have that problem.

Arnold: Speaking of problems, Jesse texted me earlier. He...uhh....he wanted me to invite you to some night club he and his gang just opened. I thought of going too....but...I want to know if you were up for it......just to clear your head.

Rachel: I don't know. I don't do so well in wild parties. But after what happened to my puppy, why should I trust him? He's friends with that jerk, Eric. And I blame him for what happened to Lisa.

Arnold: Do you think Eric killed her?

Rachel: Yeah. But I don't have proof.

Arnold: In that case, that's probably where you'll find it.

So that got Rachel thinking.

Later that day, Jesse got the text from Rachel, who was using Arnold's phone, confirming that she'll go.

  • 'Alright, Jesse. I'll go. But you gotta help me afterwards.
  • Really? Sure. I promise you, you won't regret this.

  • I need you to help me search for any evidence that links Eric to Lisa's death. She and him had history and he broke her heart and I think he killed her.
  • Sure, I guess. I also thought of bringing my sister along. She's been dying to meet ya
  • Sure. Whatever.

Then she hangs up.

Rachel: Looks like we are going to that party.

Arnold: Alrighty. Hey, Rach?

Rachel: Hmm?

Arnold: Look um.....Listen, we've known each other for all our lives. We grew up together. And....well there's....never been a good time to tell you that.....

Rachel: Arnold....don't.

Arnold: Don't what?

Rachel: I know where you're going with this....but.....I'm...not really ready for that kind of relationship. Arnold, I know you're a sweet and wonderful guy. I just....I don't want anything to get in between our friendship.

Arnold: But it won't. It....I just....I thought we'd....

Rachel: I'm sorry, Arnold....I just don't feel that way about you. I love you very much, but....just not that way.

Arnold: *Sighs* I get it. You're more into Jesse, aren't you?

Rachel: No. Arnold, it's not like that. Try to understand.....

Arnold then walks up and hugs Rachel.

Arnold: Hey, don't sweat it. I guess it was just a matter of time. Give Jess my regards. *Walks away*

Rachel: Arnold....

She just sighed and sat down.

Then it cuts to the police station where Lt. Nelson and Chief Inspector Miles were now focusing fully on finding Rachel.

Chief Inspector Miles: It's been nearly 24 hours.....still no sign of her.

Lieutenant Nelson: Trust me, we're doing all we can.

Chief Inspector Miles: "All we can" is not good enough.....

Then Detective Jones walks into the room.

Detective Jones: Lieutenant. We have a link to Ms. Lang.

That caused him to bolt of his chair.

Lieutenant Nelson: Really?

Detective Jones: This way, sir.

Lieutenant Nelson: Rink, you're with me.

They followed him to the printing press room to show them printed hospital records on Rachel

Lt. Nelson: Hospital records?

Detective Jones: Blood records, more or less. This links her to another subject that recently showed up in this town. This file here shows what we know so far.

The officer gave Nelson a file on "Carrie White".

Lt. Nelson: Hey, I know this girl. She was a witness to one of the recent murders, "Rita Desjardin". How is she linked to Rachel Lang?

Detective Jones: Probably a relative of hers.

Lt. Nelson: Rink, get down to the Fords. We need to ask this new girl what she knows.

Detective Rink: I tried them earlier. But they're down at that karaoke club. That's what the younger Mr. Ford said. 

Lieutenant Nelson: *sighs* You, try and look up more info on Miss White. Put out a B.O.L.O for either her or Miss Lang. Rink, Jones, you're with me.

Lt. Nelson took Detectives Rink and Jones with him for a drive to see if they could find anything.

Eventually, they stopped at the party/club where they saw everyone piling up to get inside.

Finally, they saw Rachel.

Lieutenant Nelson: Miss Lang? *Gets out of the car* We need to talk to you.

Rachel looked over at Nelson and suddenly he felt stuck. He couldn't move. Then he was flying as Rachel used her powers to put Nelson back in the car and made the car fly without anyone noticing.

Detective Helen Rink: What's going on?!

Detective Jones: We're flying!

Detective Helen Rink: But that's impossible!

The car was then stuck in some large tall tree sealing the doors so they can't get out. Then Rachel went in the club to see Jesse waiting for her.

Jesse: Ah, the guest of honor has arrived. Where's Arnold?

Rachel: He's not talking to me. We had some misunderstanding.

Jesse: Ahh, that sucks. He would've liked this. Well, come on in and meet the rest of the gang.

Soon enough, Jesse introduced Rachel to Chuck Potter (Carlos Peńa Jr), Brad Winters (Thomas Dekker), his girlfriend, Monica Jones (Alison Brie) and her best friend and Jesses ex, Tracy Campbell (Mary Elizabeth Winstead)

Rachel nodded at them with a smile as Jesse wrapped his arm around her and showed her around. He smirked at Eric in the back corner and he nodded. Then they came up to a balcony with a view of the town.

Rachel: Wow. That's amazing. I've never seen the town like this before.

Jesse: You know if you look through these vernaculars, you can see the karaoke club from here.

He gave them to her and she saw through it. What stunned her is that she saw Carrie go in the karaoke club with Sean and Sue and she remembered her from the image she saw her in.

Rachel: It can't be....

Jesse: What? What'd you see?  

Rachel: Huh? Uhh...Nothing. It-I--umm--had a nightmare couple nights ago. When we were talking on the phone and you heard me scream?

Jesse: Oh, that's why you hung up. I get it. I used to have one of those nights as well.

Rachel: Yeah, it's just.....I haven't felt so.....alone and.....useless since Lisa died. I still don't even know if she killed herself or not.

Jesse: Hey, that's why you're here. And that's why you asked for my help.

Then he looked around and didn't see Eric, Mark or any of the jocks/cheerleaders in sight.

Jesse: In fact, let's look for evidence right now.

Rachel: Now?


Eric and Mark had everything in position.

Eric: She's never gonna know what hit her.

Mark: I'm still not sure about this, man. I mean when you popped your ex girlfriend, people had suspicions. And they still do.

Eric: I know, man. That's why we're gonna pin it on her. The authorities are suspicious on her too. She takes the fall while we walk out on a clean slate.

Arnold: *From behind* Ah-HA!

They looked over and saw him.

Arnold: I knew it was you who killed her.

Eric: Arnie.....buddy, you got it all wrong.

Arnold: Oh, I'll show you how wrong I have it!

He runs away.

Eric: Get him! If he talks we're screwed!

Then Mark grabbed a gun and chased after him.

Rachel went down to the lower level to look for anything and everything linking Eric to Lisa's suicide.

When she got to one of the basements, she scoured through the boxes and containers until she found EXACTLY what she needed to pin the blame on Eric.....

Rachel: Jackpot.

But before she can even exit, she heard footsteps and assumed it was either Eric or Mark. So she hid.

But it was actually Jesses sister, Rebecca (Erin Sanders).

Rebecca: Uh...can I help you?

Rachel: Sorry, I got lost....I...

Rebecca: Hey, you must be Rachel. I'm Rebecca, Jesse's sister.

Rachel: Oh well then.... *Shakes her hand* Nice to meet you.

Rebecca: *Eyes on the evidence* What's that you got there?

Rachel: Oh....just some stuff. You wouldn't happen to know where your brother is, would you?

Rebecca: He's at the casino. Come on, I'll show you.

Meanwhile, Arnold was driving and speeding, trying to reach the police on his cell

Operator: 911. What's your emergency?

Arnold: Get me the police! I need to report a murderer!

But in the back seat, Mark popped up and shot him in the back of the head as the car crashed into a closed StarBucks. Mark stumbled out the car and hurried back to the club. But little did he know, the bullet didn't hit Arnold dead center as he slowly started to move.

Mark then called Eric to let him know it was time.

Mark: Eric, I took care of the problem. The plan! DO IT NOW!

Eric: Got it. *Hangs up* Ok, guys let's do it.

And just when Rachel and Rebecca walked in the casino.....

A bucket of pee and feces is dumped from above them. Rachel looks up and sees it, so she slightly pushes Rebecca out of the way as she gets showered with all of it, resulting in her dropping the evidence.

Everyone slowly turns to see the madness. Soon enough, some people started snickering and it soon to turned to all encompassing laughter.

Jesse: Ohhhhhh sh--........

Rebecca: The hell was that?

Rachel: *shuddering*

That's when Eric and Mark barged in over the laughter. Apparently, that wasn't all they had in store for Rachel as Mark "accidentally" slid the evidence over to the far part of the casino where Jesse was. He picked it up as Eric held Rachel with his arm around her neck as Chuck takes down a hidden camera and projects it on the far corner of the wall, showing the dump over and over again.

But before they could do anything, Rachel, infuriated, headbutts Eric and slams him into the wall and pushes Mark through a glass door with her powers, knocking him out. Everyone stopped laughing and gasped. Rachel turned around and grabbed Eric by the neck.

Rachel: You....murdered my best friend.....I have all the proof I need to turn you in.....

Eric: In that case.....*chokes and laughs*.....then do it.

Rachel:, no, no, no, no.....jail time is too kind for you!

And suddenly Rachel twisted his neck and Eric dropped dead.

Brad: ERIC!!!

Rachel then turned to everyone in the room with her eyes completely black. Since she didn't want anyone to remember what just happened, she unleashed her powers and all hell broke loose.

Tables were flipped, booth was broken, DJ set was.....gone.

Brad took Monica with him and tried to exit out one of the rear doors. But Rachel saw them a little over a distance away. She picked up a pool club with her powers (just like Carrie in Blood Of Redemption) and threw it. Monica saw it coming, and ducked. But Brad wasn't so lucky. The pool club pierced through his head and through the door.

Monica: *screams*

With everyone hysterical and running for a chance at escape, Jesse had no choice but to leave with Rebecca with the evidence still in his hand.

As for Mark, he slowly got up and saw everyone running around like wild geese. As he made a beeline for the fire exit, he ran into Chuck through the crowd.

Mark: What the hell is going on?!?!!!

Chuck: *points to Rachel* Right there!!!

And Rachel just stood there with black eyes, slowly locking eyes on both Mark and Chuck.

Mark: Got any other ideas?

Chuck: Guns.....guns, guns! Get the guns!!!! Tracy, get Monica! come on!!!

The four of them scrambled through the crowd to the stash where the spear guns were kept and Rachel followed them.

They ended up outside as they all pointed the guns at Rachel as she slowly followed them outside.

All of them except Mark (cause his gun jammed) fired at her, but Rachel caught all the spears with her powers and they turned back at them and pretty soon, they were all impaled through hearts, heads and even worse areas.

Rachel then grabbed Mark by the throat and gave him a word of advice:


He obeyed and ran away. But not before he ran into Arnold, who was slowly moving away from the car crash.

Mark: Out of the way!

Arnold: Wha--the hell--WAIT! what's goin' on?!

Mark: That girl Jesse brought with him.....she's tearing the place to shreds.

Arnold: Wait. You mean Rachel?!

Mark: Yes, but who cares at this point? Just get out of here!!!!

As Mark continued to run for his life, Arnold slowly looked at the carnage from the corner of his eye and saw Jesse and Rebecca running away from the flames, with the evidence against Eric in their hands.

But it didn't take long for Rachel to spot them and go after them. Outside, they saw the fire at the karaoke club; they even saw the detectives still stuck on the tree.

Jesse: What the hell?

From behind, Rachel came out and spotted them. Detective Rink saw her and then.....

Rachel didn't bother thinking twice. She made a fire hydrant go off, completely blinding Detective Rink as she immediately picked her up and threw her into the burning club to be consumed by the flames.

Lieutenant Nelson finally got out the car and started firing at her, but she stopped the bullets.


She pushed him back towards the tree and then she turned to Jesse who again, ran off with Rebecca.

So she followed them, again.

But not before she sensed something.....strange.

What she sensed was the massive force coming from the karaoke club and as she walked over there, she saw Carrie, with blood all over her, pressing on with her attack.

But then Carrie slowly turned around as she sensed Rachel's presence and she saw her. They both gave a frowning stare at each other until Rachel eyes cleared up and she spoke.....

Rachel: If this world must I can be at peace with be it.....

Carries eyes cleared up and she just smirked as they both walked off to exact their rampage.

Meanwhile, Jesse and Rebecca were in a car trying to get away.

Rebecca: We can't just stay on the road forever, Jesse. We got to get help!

Jesse: We will. But, first things first, we got to burn this. *Holds up the evidence*

Rebecca: Rachel had that earlier. Why do you....?

Jesse: Never mind that. All we need to worry about---

Rebecca: Look out!

Jesse: Oh sh**!

Rachel suddenly appeared in front of them. The siblings gasped and Jesse hit the brakes, but Rachel stopped the car anyways with massive force which bashes Rebecca's face into the windshield. The inertia from the car bursts Jesse out the front window.

Jesse slowly got up and struggled to make it to his feet. And that's when he saw her sister on the windshield.

Jesse: REBECCA!!!

He rushed over to her aid to find that she is still breathing.

Rachel: HAND. IT. OVER.

Rebecca: *weakly* Save....your.....self......

Jesse didn't hand over the evidence. Instead, he slowly reached in his pocket and called 911.

Operator: 911. What is your emergency?

Jesse: I need an ambulance over here. My sister is nearly dead and I'm standing face to face with her assailant right now.

Operator: Stand by, sir. Police and medical are in their way.

Jesse hung up and then checked Rebeccas pulse again. This time, he couldn't find one. He just looked at Rachel.

Rachel: were involved in this yourself. You and Eric plotted this together. Makes you just as guilty as ever......

Jesse: Please, my sister....

Rachel: Shut up!!!

She grabbed him by the neck with her powers and he choked.

Rachel: Give me the evidence NOW!

Jesse: *Chokes* Ok! Ok! *Hands her the evidence*

Rachel took them.

Rachel: I was just your god-damn pawn?! Is that all I was to you?! Huh?!

Jesse: No...

But then, by some coincidence, the police showed up.

Police: FREEZE!!!

Arnold: Rachel!!! Put him down!

Rachel looked over with a growl and black eyes until she saw Arnold alongside the police, who surprisingly survived that gunshot to the back of the head.

Rachel: Arnold?

Arnold: He's not worth it.

Rachel: Lies!! He made me do this!

Arnold: Don't make it worse then it already is. It's not what your mom would want.

Police: You're under arrest! GIVE UP!

She finally looked down. She looked back up at Jesse, who was still being choked by the neck and threw him over to them.

Rachel: I will find you again.....

Then she flew off as police shot and followed her. Jesse and Arnold stared at each other and watched them follow her.

Jesse: *under his breath* Not unless I find you first. We are FAR from finished, Rachel.....

Eventually, she stopped at a nearby house (the one in Judgement Day) and hid inside.

Officers: We need S.W.A.T present here, asap.

The S.W.A.T team surrounded outside of the house as Lieutenant Nelson and his partner Jones show up outside the house as they watch from a-far.

Lieutenant Nelson: What's the story upstairs?

Detective Jones: She's been on the run for a couple of hours now. But we tracked her down to this house here. She's facing a lot of serious charges.

Lieutenant Nelson: Better put this girl away as soon as we can.

He then offers to speak into the megaphone.

Lieutenant Nelson: *Rachel Lang, this is Lieutenant Nelson speaking.....I don't have to tell you this, but I'm placing you under arrest for first-degree murder. There is an army of professionals out here who won't hesitate to shoot first and ask questions later. I have no intention on hurting you but if you want to survive this, you need to come out of there and you need to do it NOW.....*

That's when we see Rachel laying on the floor gasping for air and drained of her energy.

Rachel: *to herself* You want me? *Good......*

She then used her powers to throw already dead bodies outside of the house.

That was enough to prompt Nelson to engage.

Detective Nelson: *over walkie talkie* S.W.A.T team, execute! Execute!

So they made their way into the house to take care of her. Only to realize that she wasn't there.

We then cut to see Rachel, on the side of the neighbors house, waiting for the police to take the bait.

She turns towards the camera, breathing heavily, looks up, and her eyes go black one last time as the screen zooms into her black eyes.

And then....

~Cut to credits~


  • Rachel Lang
  • Jesse Ryan
  • Lieutenant Nelson
  • Arnold Thomas
  • Ralph White
  • Detective Jones
  • Mark Bing


  • Lisa Parker - Commits suicide by jumping down on to her car and shattering her head on impact
  • Chuck Potter - Impaled with their own weapons
  • Eric Stark - Gets his neck SNAPPED by Rachel
  • Tracy Campbell - Impaled with their own weapons
  • Rebecca Ryan - Crashes on the windshield due to Rachel stopping the car
  • Brad Winters - Pierced through his head into the door with a pool club
  • Monica Jones - Impaled with their own weapons
  • Detective Helen Rink - Grabbed by Rachel and sent into the burning club to be consumed by the flames


The Rage, surprisingly was a box-office hit and unlike the original sequel, grossed over its budget of $21 million. Fans, critics and moviegoers alike, praised the film for its strong performances, directing, staying true to the source material and trying something different. Although, it was criticized for no originality behind the story and often being bland at times. Review aggravator website, Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 60% score stating that, "The Rage ​is tedious and formulaic, but it still has more then enough drama, star-power and common sense to trample the obvious direction it's going in."

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Featured Songs

  • ~Seether - Breakdown~
  • Yelawolf - Till It's Gone (Dan Heath Remix) (Credits song)
  • Skillet - Burn It Down
  • From Ashes To New - Breaking Now (Offical Trailer song)
  • Gavin Mikhail - Iridescent (Acoustic)


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  • Carrie (2013)