The Rag Dolls is a horror and thriller movie starring:Anna Kendrick,Selena Gomez,Alex Wolf,Mackenzie Foy,Ciara Bravo,Joey King,Isabelle Furhman,Shay Mitchelle,Jamie chung,Nicolas D'agosto,Sebastian Stan and Alexa Vega



Anna Kendrick As Alice Harmony

Selena Gomez As Danielle Harmony/Alice's niece

Alex Wolf As Alonso King/Danielle's Boyfriend

Mackenzie Foy As Erin Harmony/Alice's Little Sister

isabelle Fuhrman As Stephanie Harmony/Alice's niece

Ciara Bravo As Betsy Harmony/Alice's niece

Joey King As Gaby Harmony/Alice's niece

Kodi Smit-McPhee As Richi Harmony/Alice's Little brother

Shay Mitchelle As Nikki Tompson/Alice's Best Friend

Jamie chung As Shania Philip/Alice's Best Friend

Nicolas D'agosto As Trent Fortis

Sebastian Stan As Alex Evans/Alice's Boyfriend

Alexa Vega As Carolie Cousin


  • Caroline-stabbed in the chest by gaby
  • Tren Fortis-electrocuted with a hair dryer Erin
  • Alonso King-burned alive by stephanie
  • shania-head is struck against the mirror Betsy
  • Alex Evas-machete accident at the head by danielle
  • Rag Dolls-burned by alice


  • Danielle Harmony,Erin Harmony,Stephanie Harmony,Betsy Harmony,Gaby Harmony,Rich Harmony and  Nikki Thompson With Alice Harmony.
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