The Raccoons' Fairy Tale Favorites is a fanmade Raccoons video released in 1992. It features Cinderella and Snow White and the Three Raccoons.



Bentley is sick in bed causing a huge headache, so Nicole and George tell him a story of Cinderella (played by Lisa Raccoon).

Snow White and the Three Raccoons

Cedric and Snag got hurt, all covered in bandages, and stay in bed, so Cyril tells him a story of Snow White (played by Sophia Tutu) and the Three Raccoons (played by Bert, Melissa and Ralph).

Voice cast

  • Len Carlson - Bert Raccoon, Pigs Two and Three, Mr. Knox, Phanto
  • Bob Dermer - Ralph Raccoon, Lady Baden-Baden
  • Susan Roman - Melissa Raccoon
  • Marvin Goldhar - Cedric Sneer
  • Michael Magee - Cyril Sneer, Snag
  • Lisa Lougheed - Lisa Raccoon
  • Stuart Stone - Bentley Raccoon
  • Dan Hennessy - George Raccoon
  • Elizabeth Hanna - Nicole Raccoon
  • Keith Hampshire - Pig One
  • Sharon Lewis - Sophia Tutu, Broo the Puppy
  • Keith Knight - Charlie Raccoon



  • Animations of Bentley in bed are reused from "Stop the Clock!"

Snow White and the Three Raccoons

  • Animations of Cedric in bed are reused from "Picture Perfect!"
  • The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! version of Phanto appears in this story as the Magic Mirror.


Bentley is sick in bed

I want to hear a story of Cinderella!

But I want to hear it!

Pop, could you please tell me a story of Snow White?

Oh, please, Pop?

Snag all covered in bandages

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