The Evergreen Forest is all covered in snow as the title card "The Raccoons' Christmas Carol" appears for a few seconds and vanishes.

NARRATOR: It's Christmas time in the Evergreen Forest. It's the favorite time of the year.

At the Raccoondominium, Ralph hung up the mistletoe. Melissa is very pleased.

NARRATOR: And everyone is getting ready for Christmas just in time.


Here we come a caroling among the leaves so green

Here we come a-wandering so fair to be seen

At Annie Ringtail's house, Annie Ringtail's father held up his daughter to put a star on top of the tree. Annie Ringtail's mother is very pleased.


Love and joy come to you and to you glad Christmas too

Suey-Ellen Pig and her three sons decorated the Christmas tree at the Pigs' house.


And God bless you and send you a Happy New Year

And God send you a Happy New Year

Meanwhile, at Bentley and Lisa's house, the Raccoon family (Bentley, Lisa, George and Nicole) decorated the Christmas tree and making Christmas cookies, when suddenly they heard the carolers (Cedric Sneer, Sophia Tutu, Lady Baden-Baden, Schaeffer and Mr. Knox) singing a Christmas carol.


We are not daily beggars

Who beg from door to door

But we are neighbors' children

Whom you have seen before

Bentley, Lisa, George and Nicole ran to the door and opened it revealing Cedric Sneer, Sophia Tutu, Lady Baden-Baden, Mr. Knox, and Schaeffer as carolers singing a Christmas carol.


Love and joy come to you

And to you glad Christmas too

And God bless you and send you a Happy New Year

And God send you a Happy New Year

Meanwhile, Cyril Sneer is counting money in his room of Sneer Mansion.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, Cyril is counting money at the Sneer Mansion.

George Raccoon came into the room, carrying a box.

GEORGE: Merry Christmas, Mr. Sneer!

CYRIL: Bah! Humbug!

GEORGE: (puts down the box) I made a cake just for you.

CYRIL: For me? Thanks! But let me tell you, Mr. Raccoon. That's where it all starts, first it's kissing up with presents, next it's a raise, then a promotion. Maybe I should just fire you right now, Mr. Raccoon!

GEORGE: But Mr. Sneer, if you fire me...

CYRIL: Alright already, you've made your point! But I am not going to increase your salary! I expect you to be here tomorrow at 9 o'clock sharp!

GEORGE: But it's Christmas Eve!

CYRIL: (mocking George) "But it's Christmas Eve!" Which part of "Bah humbug" didn't you understand?

GEORGE: Well, I think...

CYRIL: Like you said, I am short staffed! So be here by nine tomorrow! Right? Got that?

GEORGE: Er, um...

CYRIL: I said "GOT THAT?!"

GEORGE: Y-y-yes, Mr. Sneer.

CYRIL: Great, now get out. I need to continue counting money!

GEORGE: (leaving) Yes, Mr. Sneer. Oh, and uh... Merry Christmas.

CYRIL: Yeah, same here.

GEORGE: (comes back) Oh! And I've got something for you.

CYRIL: What's that?

GEORGE: (pulls Cyril's new cigar out of the pocket) It's your new cigar.

CYRIL: For me?

GEORGE: For you.

CYRIL: Thanks, Mr. Raccoon!

GEORGE: You're welcome, Mr. Sneer.

CYRIL: Now get out of here, I say! GET OUT OF MY PLACE!!

GEORGE: (runs away) Yes, sir! And a Merry Christmas to you!

CYRIL: (sighs angrily) Blast that Mr. Raccoon.

Cyril threw his cigar right into Snag's empty food bowl.

SNAG: (opens his eyes and looks at the cigar, then at Cyril) Hmm?

Snag rolled his eyes, closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

CYRIL: Christmas is just another excuse to skip work. (opens the box) What kind of cake is this anyway?

He dipped his finger into the icing, and popped it into his mouth.

CYRIL: It tastes like peanut butter. But it has to be... (gulps) Peanut butter cake?! That's the worst thing I've ever tasted! I hate peanut butter cake!

Cyril noticed something that Snag was hungry.

CYRIL: But it's the best thing I've ever tasted. And, uh... (smiles weakly) Heh-heh. I like it very much.

Cyril cut a piece of peanut butter cake, and then walked up to Snag who is sleeping.

CYRIL: (picks up his cigar out of Snag's food bowl and puts a piece of peanut butter cake on Snag's food bowl) Here, Snag. Have some cake. And you don't have to eat my cigar, Snag. It's dangerous. (sits back down on the chair and sings "Good King Wenceslas" while he continues counting money) Good King Wenceslas looked out, on the feast of Stephen. When the snow lay round about, deep and crisp and even. Brightly shone the moon that night, though the frost was cruel. When a poor man came in sight, gathering winter fuel.

While Cyril's singing was heard, Snag sniffed, opened his eyes, got up, looked at a piece of peanut butter cake and licked his lips. But just as Snag was about to eat a piece of peanut butter cake, Cedric went into the room.

CEDRIC: Hi, Pop! Merry Christmas!

CYRIL: Oh! Hi, son! Merry Christmas! What have you got there?

CEDRIC: Just a present for you, Pop.

CYRIL: What is it?

CEDRIC: It's a scarf. I thought it might keep you warm in this cold weather.

CYRIL: What? Really? For me?

CEDRIC: Yes, Pop.

CYRIL: Why, thank you! Thanks for the present, son.

CEDRIC: You're welcome, Pop. (to Snag) I hope that Snag likes some peanut butter cake.

Cyril looks at Snag eating a piece of peanut butter cake and then at his son.

CEDRIC: (to Cyril) And I thought you might have changed your mind about it this year.

CYRIL: I guess you're right, son. Now get out of here! Eh, I mean... Heh-heh. Merry Christmas to you, son.

CEDRIC: Yeah. You too, Pop.

He left the room. Cyril continued to count his money.

CYRIL: (sighs; lighting up a new cigar) He's just once a little peculiar, and kind, but not stubborn, that is.

The three pigs (Lloyd, Boyd and Floyd) went into the room.

PIGS: Merry Christmas, Boss!

CYRIL: What is it you want this time?

LLOYD: Excuse me, sir. We're collecting money for the orphanage, and we were wondering if you would like to contribute some money, you know since you're rich.

CYRIL: What?!

BOYD: The orphanage will be very grateful.

FLOYD: Especially at Christmas.

CYRIL: (getting mad) Agh! I do not want this to happen! Get out of here, you walking sausages!

PIGS: (all upset) Yes, sir.

They left the room sadly.

CYRIL: Hmph! Finders keepers.

Later that night in Cyril's bedroom, Cyril put on his nightclothes.

CYRIL: (yawns) I'm getting tired. Tomorrow's Christmas Day and I have nothing to do. With this amount of money, I could buy anything I want to. I must need a goodnight sleep.

Cyril went to bed and prayed.

CYRIL: Oh Heavenly Father as we rejoice on this Christmas day, people around the world now the joy of giving, their hearts are light with the feeling that they've done something good. Especially seeing the smiles of those that they've helped, and yet on the 26th of December the love of giving to often ends and the smiles of gratitude realize that they can't smile again until next December 25th. Heavenly Father I know your proud of us on this Christmas day that we have shared our blessing with others, but father teach us that we must share all through the year and not just at Christmas time. Amen.

Cyril got into his bed, turned out the light, and went to sleep. Suddenly, he heard a voice.

SAMARITAN (voiceover): Cyril.

CYRIL: (waking up; shivering) Ah! What? Who said that?

Snag shivered inside his basket.

CYRIL: Show yourself!

SAMARITAN (voiceover): Cyril.

The ghost of Samaritan Sneer appears lying in Cyril's bed right next to him.

SAMARITAN: Cyril... my nephew...

CYRIL: Uncle Samaritan? (gasps) Are you... are you... d-d-d-dead?

SAMARITAN: Yes. And unless you change your ways, your fate will be even worse than mine.

CYRIL: Change my ways?

SAMARITAN: Yes, my nephew. Tonight, you will be visited by three spirits. That's all I have to say.

He started to disappear.

CYRIL: Uncle! Wait! Come back!

SAMARITAN: Promise me!

Samaritan disappeared.

CYRIL: (rubbing his eyes) I must be seeing things! I still need a good night sleep.

Cyril continues to sleep, until later on he heard a voice.

TIMMY: Mr. Sneer.

CYRIL: (waking up) Huh? Who's there? Show yourself!

He got out of bed, looked around the room, and suddenly he spotted a ghost, resembling Timmy the angel.

TIMMY: Don't worry. I'm here.

CYRIL: Who are you? Are you... an angel?

TIMMY: No. I am the Ghost of Christmas Past.

CYRIL: The Ghost of Christmas Past?

TIMMY: I am here to take you back in time.

CYRIL: What?

TIMMY: I am going to show you your past moments.

CYRIL: Really?

TIMMY: Yes. Come with me.

They disappeared.

They appeared outside Cyril's old house sometime in the past.

CYRIL: Hey, I recognize this place! This was my old house!

He saw himself as a kid.

CYRIL: Look! Here I am! That's me counting money when I was little!

Young Cyril himself was putting money into a piggy bank.

YOUNG CYRIL: (humming)

TIMMY: You loved money since you were five, and years later you gained more money.

CYRIL: You don't have to remind me! I know all about that!

TIMMY: Of course you do, but there is more for you to see.

They disappeared.

Cyril and Timmy appearing at a school playground outside Evergreen Elementary School, three years later.

They saw kids playing games, on the swings, and the young Cyril himself was seen sitting in a corner, using a calculator.

CYRIL: Hey! I remember this time! It was when I got my calculator! I used it to add up how much money I saved. (to Timmy) What's all of this got to do with me?

TIMMY: You never had any real friends.

CYRIL: What? But this can't be changed!

TIMMY: Don't worry. But I have something else in mind we can see.

Timmy and Cyril appeared outside Cyril's house, two years later. They saw Cyril's family leaving in a car.

CYRIL: Look! There's my family! Hey... wait... are they going on vacation?

TIMMY: No, Mr. Sneer. This was the day you evicted them, and turned them out into the cold, because of your greedy pursuit for more money.

CYRIL: (worried) What happened to them?

TIMMY: They became poor. And it was all because of you.

CYRIL: What? No! This is terrible. If I knew this was going to happen...

TIMMY: You can't change what has already happened.

CYRIL: Oh, Spirit! Get me out of this place! Please!

TIMMY: Well, alright then. Come with me. I've got one more thing to show you.

Timmy and Cyril appeared inside the Sneer Mansion, more than fifty-five years later. They saw Cyril himself all grown up counting money.

CYRIL: Where are we?

TIMMY: This is the room of the Sneer Mansion.

CYRIL: Why it's my counting house!

TIMMY: No. Not that counting house. This room is full of money.

CYRIL: What?

Timmy and Cyril saw Cyril himself in the past counting money.

CYRIL: Hey, I've got two of me!

TIMMY: Wait a minute! This is still Christmas Past. A year ago. Look here.

Ingrid Bellamour enters the room.

INGRID BELLAMOUR: Um, excuse me, Cyril?

PAST CYRIL: Oh! Uh, h-hello, Ingrid...Heh-heh. What is it you want this time?

INGRID BELLAMOUR: I've been waiting for you to keep your promise to marry me. Now I must know, have you made your decision?

PAST CYRIL: Uh... well...

INGRID BELLAMOUR: (leaving) Oh, forget it, Cyril.

PAST CYRIL: Ingrid! Wait!


Past Cyril felt heartbroken.

TIMMY: You have met your true love, Cyril. And now you've lost her.

CYRIL: What?! (covering his eyes) I've seen enough! Please take home!

TIMMY: Remember, Cyril, you fashioned these memories yourself.

The scene ripples back to the present at Cyril's bedroom of the Sneer Mansion, Cyril opened his eyes, and discovered he was back in his bedroom.

CYRIL: Did I just dream all that? It must have been that peanut butter cake I tasted. It was that cake that caused those hallucinations. Ah, well... back to sleep.

Cyril went back to sleep, then, later on, suddenly he heard a voice and saw the ghost, who looked like King Harkinian.


CYRIL: What? Who are you?

HARKINIAN: I am the Ghost of Christmas Present.

CYRIL: (gasps) A present? For me? Oh, you shouldn't have!

HARKINIAN: No, not that kind of present, Mr. Sneer. The present. I'm here to show you something.

CYRIL: Oh, no, not again.

HARKINIAN: Don't worry. But I'll show you. Follow me.

They disappeared.

Harkinian and Cyril appeared and found themselves outside the Raccoon family's house.

CYRIL: Where are we?

HARKINIAN: This is the house of the Raccoon family.

CYRIL: Why did you bring me to the house?

HARKINIAN: See for yourself.

They looked through the window, and they saw the Raccoon family preparing dinner.

BERT: I can't wait for a Christmas dinner!

MELISSA: Me too!

RALPH: Me three!

BROO: Ruff, ruff!

BERT: You're right, Broo! You are getting so hungry!

LISA: Mom? Dad? Are we going to eat some Christmas dinner?

NICOLE: Not yet, Lisa.

GEORGE: We have to wait for Bentley to come down.

LISA: Yeah, right.

BERT: Hey, look! Here comes Bentley now!

Bentley came down the stairs, using a walking stick.

BENTLEY: I'm coming, Dad! I'm coming!


RALPH: What happened to Bentley?

LISA: Looks like he broke his leg.

BENTLEY: Dad, are we going to eat now?

GEORGE: I’m sorry, son, but this is all we have to eat today.

NICOLE: (clears throat) Ahem!

The Raccoon family and Broo looked at Nicole who was arriving with the Christmas turkey.

NICOLE: Dinner is served!

Broo licks his lips.


GEORGE: Wow. I don't know what to say. Bless us on Christmas Day!

BENTLEY: God bless us everyone!

GEORGE: Let us thank, Mr. Sneer!

LISA: Are we going to eat now?

NICOLE: Please. Dig in.

While they started eating the Christmas dinner, Cyril and Harkinian looked at each other.

CYRIL: Tell me, Spirit, what happened to him? (points to Bentley)

HARKINIAN: He broke his leg, and his father, George Raccoon, can't pay for his operation.

CYRIL: Is Bentley going to the hospital?

HARKINIAN: No. But if these events remain unchanged, I see an empty chair where Bentley Raccoon once sat.

Harkinian disappeared and Cyril was still looking through the window.

CYRIL: Then... that means... Bentley will... (notices something that Harkinian was gone) Hey! Spirit! Don't go away! Come back! Come back!! COME BACK!!

The scene ripples back to Cyril's bedroom.

CYRIL: (wakes up) What?! Where am I? I'm in my bed! Great! Now I've got to get out of here before that third ghost shows up.

A ghost showed up, resembling Mr. Tobacco.

MR. TOBACCO: Too late!

CYRIL: (jumping in shock; shivering) Agh!

Mr. Tobacco laughed maniacally.

MR. TOBACCO: So you hate peanut butter cakes, do you?

CYRIL: Uh... (shakes his head no) n-n-n-no. But I like them very much!

MR. TOBACCO: Ah, peanut butter cakes... how very interesting.

CYRIL: Uh... who are you?

MR. TOBACCO: I am the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, aka, the Ghost of Christmas Future.

CYRIL: What do you want this time?

MR. TOBACCO: I can take you to the graveyard.

CYRIL: (gasps)

MR. TOBACCO: Have no fear, Mr. Sneer. Follow me.

They disappeared.

Mr. Tobacco and Cyril arrived at the Evergreen Graveyard, one year later.

CYRIL: Where are we?

MR. TOBACCO: This is the Evergreen Graveyard.

CYRIL: But then... tell me, Spirit... what will happen to Bentley?

Mr. Tobacco pointed at the Bentley's tombstone.

MR. TOBACCO: Look there.

Cyril and Mr. Tobacco saw Bert, Ralph, Melissa, George, Nicole, Lisa and Broo. They were standing in front of a small tombstone, looking sad.

LISA: (sadly) Oh, my little brother. I'm going to miss you.

BERT: (tearful) Oh, it's so sad...

LISA: Oh, Bert. Please don't cry. Everything's alright.

NICOLE: (tearful) Oh, my son! He's dead!

GEORGE: Don't cry, my sweetheart. It's going to be okay.

BROO: (whimpers)

RALPH: What's wrong, Broo? Are you okay?

BROO: (howls sadly)

MELISSA: Aw, what's the matter, Broo?

RALPH: (pets Broo) Don't worry, Broo. It's going to be okay.

LISA: This is terrible! What are we gonna do?

GEORGE: I don't know. But I think it's time to go back home. Let's go.

George, Nicole, Lisa, Bert, Melissa, Ralph, and Broo left the cemetery.

CYRIL: That tombstone, is that Bentley's?

Mr. Tobacco nodded.

MR. TOBACCO: Yes... he is dead.

CYRIL: Oh no! But this can't yet be changed!

MR. TOBACCO: There's more for you to see.

Cyril and Mr. Tobacco saw the Bears digging the grave and laughing.

1ST BEAR: I've never seen a funeral like this one!

2ND BEAR: Yeah, he has no friends to say goodbye.

1ST BEAR: But I know what we're going to do. Let's rest for only a minute before we fill it in. He doesn’t go nowhere anymore! Not at all!

They went away laughing.

Cyril saw Mr. Tobacco standing by another tombstone, and he walked up to him.

CYRIL: Uh... Spirit... tell me... who's tombstone is this?

Mr. Tobacco pointed at the tombstone.

MR. TOBACCO: Why, yours, Mr. Sneer... the richest man in this cemetery.

Cyril got a good look at the tombstone. It said, "Cyril Sneer, Unloved By All."

CYRIL: What?! NOOO! Do I have time to change the future? Please tell me!

MR. TOBACCO: I cannot tell you! Not at all! (laughing maniacally)

CYRIL: (grabbing onto Mr. Tobacco's coat) TELL ME PLEASE!! Tell me please!!

MR. TOBACCO: (notices something) I'm naked! (disappears)

Back to the present in Cyril's bedroom of the Sneer Mansion on Christmas morning, Cyril continued yelling "Tell me please!" over and over again while banging his chair.

CYRIL: Tell me please! (pants) Tell... me... please...

Cyril noticed he was grabbing onto a chair in his room.

CYRIL: I'm back. I'm back! (gasps) I'M BACK! Hooray! Ha ha ha ha ha! (throws his chair; starting to jump and dance) I'm back, I'm back, I'm back!

He rushed to a window, opened it, and looked down. He saw the Pigs.

CYRIL: Hey, you oinkers! What day is it today?

LLOYD: Why, it's Christmas Day, boss!

CYRIL: "Christmas Day"? Hurrah! It’s Christmas Day! (laughing) The ghosts changed me in one night! Oh! And I've got something for you!

He got out a bag of money and threw it out of the window.

CYRIL: Here, take this money, and buy a Christmas turkey, and deliver it to the Raccoons' house! And keep the change! As soon as possible! Pronto!

PIGS: Yes sir! Right away, boss! And a merry Christmas to you!

The Pigs ran off carrying a bag of money. Cyril sighs. Then he heard someone singing.


We wish you a merry Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas

And a Happy New Year

CYRIL: What was that?

Cyril listened to someone singing a Christmas carol.


We wish you a merry Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas

And a Happy New Year

Good tidings we bring

Wherever you are

Good tidings for Merry Christmas

And a Happy New Year...

As the carolers continued singing a Christmas carol...

CYRIL: (taps Snag who is sleeping) Snag? Did you hear that?

SNAG: (opens his eyes) Huh?

CYRIL: Could be the carolers singing. (notices his nightclothes; gasps) I better change my clothes! (to Snag) Snag?

SNAG: Mm-hmm?

CYRIL: You have to stay right here and eat some peanut butter cake. Okay?

SNAG: (barks and pants happily)

CYRIL: That's my boy!

Cyril ran off, took off his night clothes, put on his top hat and his best suit, and ran down the stairs from his bedroom.

Meanwhile, outside the Sneer Mansion...


We wish you a merry Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas

And a Happy New Year

Inside the Sneer Mansion, Cyril stopped at the front door.


We wish you a merry Christmas,

We wish you a merry Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas...

CYRIL: (opens the front door revealing Cedric, Sophia, Lady Baden-Baden, Mr. Knox, and Schaeffer as carolers) What the...?


CYRIL: What are you doing here? You... you must be the carolers!

CEDRIC: That's right, Pop! We came all the way to the Sneer Mansion and sing a Christmas carol, and you, Pop, came down the stairs and here you are!

CYRIL: That's where you son, and I live right now!

CEDRIC: Oh, say, Pop. Did you have a nightmare?

CYRIL: Oh yes, Cedric. You see, I dreamed that the ghosts changed me in one night.


CEDRIC: Were they the angel, the king, and the reaper?

CYRIL: No. It was the Pigs. They changed me in one night.

CEDRIC: Is that true, Pop?

CYRIL: Yeah. Now that's what I call a nightmare. Heh-heh. I guess. (notices something) Wait a minute!

CEDRIC: What is it, Pop?


CYRIL: I must hurry off to the Raccoon family's house! Goodbye, everyone! And Merry Christmas!

Cyril hurried off to the Raccoon family's house.

CEDRIC, SOPHIA, LADY BADEN-BADEN, MR. KNOX, SCHAEFFER: Goodbye, Mr. Sneer/Pop! And a Merry Christmas to you!

Meanwhile, at the Raccoon family's house, the whole Raccoons family gathered around to open presents.

BERT: Wow! My new sweater! (laughs) And it matches mine.

RALPH: My new scarf! And it's white. Just like mine!

MELISSA: My new camera!

LISA: My new basketball!

BENTLEY: My new computer!

BROO: (with his new bone next to him) Ruff, ruff!

GEORGE: My book!

NICOLE: My necklace! (gasps) And my earrings! What a Christmas day we're having!

Then suddenly, they heard three knocks on the door.

BERT: Who is it?

LISA: I'll get it.

Lisa answered the door.

LISA: Oh, hi, Mr. Sneer! Merry Christmas! What do you have for me today?

CYRIL: I'm here to see Bentley, and wish him a merry Christmas.

LISA: Wow, that's great! But, where's Bentley?

CYRIL: He's right here.

LISA: What's he doing right now?

CYRIL: Playing with his new computer.

LISA: That's fantastic!

Bentley opens and turns on his new computer. On the screen of Bentley's new computer, were the words...

BENTLEY'S NEW COMPUTER: Merry Christmas, Bentley.

BENTLEY: Wow! This new computer is great! Cyril! Come and see! Look at this!

CYRIL: (looks at Bentley's new computer) It says, "Merry Christmas, Bentley". Heh. (to Bentley) I see you're enjoying your new computer.

BENTLEY: Yes I am. How did you know?

CYRIL: I helped your parents buy it.

BENTLEY: Thanks, Mr. Sneer.

CYRIL: You're welcome.

Cyril hugs Bentley, then he angrily went up to George Raccoon.

CYRIL: Now Mr. Raccoon, I want to tell you about raising your salary.

GEORGE: But Mr. Sneer, it's Christmas Day!

CYRIL: Christmas Day, indeed. Just another excuse for being lazy. And another thing, Mr. Raccoon, I've had enough of this half-day-off stuff! You leave me no alternative, but to give you a raise and making you my partner.

GEORGE: A partner?

CYRIL: Yes, a partner. But for now, we had better talk... about raising your salary!


BROO: Ruff, ruff!

The Raccoon family all ran to hug Cyril.

NARRATOR: You know, we should all love Christmas as Cyril did. As Bentley Raccoon said...

BENTLEY: God bless us everyone!

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