The Raccoons' Christmas Carol is a fanmade special of The Raccoons. It was aired in December 1992.


This special is based on Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol.

Voice cast

  • Len Carlson - Bert Raccoon, Pigs Two and Three, Mr. Knox, Mr. Tobacco (The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come/Future)
  • Bob Dermer - Ralph Raccoon, Lady Baden-Baden
  • Susan Roman - Melissa Raccoon
  • Michael Magee - Cyril Sneer, Snag
  • Marvin Goldhar - Cedric Sneer
  • Dan Hennessey - George Raccoon
  • Elizabeth Hanna - Nicole Raccoon
  • Stuart Stone - Bentley Raccoon
  • Lisa Lougheed - Lisa Raccoon
  • Carl Banas - Schaeffer the Dog
  • Keith Hampshire - Pig One
  • Amos Crawley - The Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Colin Fox - The Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Sharlon Lewis - Sophia Tutu, Broo the Puppy
  • Theresa Sears - Ingrid Bellamour
  • Les Lye - Samaritan Sneer
  • Pauline Rennie - Cyril's mother (offscreen voice)
  • Geoffrey Winter - Narrator
  • Perry Como and the carolers - Cedric Sneer, Sophia Tutu, Lady Baden-Baden, Mr. Knox, Schaeffer (singing; archival only)


  • This special is based on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.


  • When Cyril comes up to Snag who is sleeping on the basket, Snag's dog bowl changes colors from red to dark pink. But when Cyril puts down a piece of peanut butter cake on Snag's dog bowl, Snag's dog bowl changes back to red.


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