​The Pulpder is a 2021 Superhero Action Adventure Film based on characters from the pulps or are connected to pulps



Elizabeth olsen as Wanda maximoff/Scarelt witch

Paul Bettany as The vision

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America

Ben Affleck as Bruce wayne/Batman

Zachary quinto as Kent allard/ Lamont cranston/ The shadow

Alexander Skardsgard as Doc Savage

Gael García Bernal as Don Diego de la vaga/ zorro

Ben Foster as Richard Henry Benson/The avenger

Kristen Bell as Nellie Gray

Daniel Cudmore as Smitty

Damien Lewis as Mac

Chiwetel ejIofor as Josh newton

Zoe saldana as Rosabel newron

Billy Campbell as Cliff Secord/ the rocketeer 1

Keke Palmer as Rosa kane/ the Rocketeer 2

Jennifer connelly as Jenny Blake

Doug Jones as Spring-heeled jack 1

Daniel radcliffe as jack decreed/Spring-heeled Jack 2

Bonnie wright as Jill smith/Spring-heeled jack 3

Chow yun fat as Dr. Fu Manchu

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