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The Prom is a 2017 American Supernatural Slasher Horror film directed by Drew Goddard and written by Goddard and Joss Whedon. The film stars Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford, Amy Acker, Kristin Connolly, Kiersey Clemons, Cameron Monaghan, Bill Skarsgaard, Hannah Marks, Douglas Booth, Tyler Posey, Billie Lourd, Vanessa Morgan and John Boyega.

The film serves as both a surprise sequel and prequel to Goddard and Whedon's previous 2012 The Cabin in the Woods, upon which for the sequel Connolly, Jenkins, Whitford, Acker, Fran Kanz, Brian J. White and Tom Lenk reprise their previous roles respectively.

The film's predecessor did end with the destruction of the world at the hand by colossal dormant gods however the midquel serves to contradict the previous ending as nothing more than a final moments dream by Connolly's returning character Dana Polk.

The film serves as the first collaboration between distributing companies Lionsgate and Blumhouse productions after Jason Blum's approach of Whedon and Goddard for the sequel in 2015.

Veteran iconic horror actress Heather Langenkamp and her husband David LeRoy Anderson return with VFX company AFX studio to helm the special effects, prosthetics and design of the film.

The film's central storyline is divided between the aftermath of the failed 2012 North American ritual with Dana and Marty and the 1998 facility glitch when in place of the Cabin in the Woods ritual set up there was the St. Freudian Hall which is meant to cater to the gathering of five selected sacrificial youths but ends up playing host to a senior prom and offers an out of control massacre situation, revealed to be on the same set up of forest grounds that surround the Buckner cabin from the previous film.



The film immediately begins where the previous film ended, the the destruction of the world as an Ancient Ones' hand bursts from the earth and obliterates the cabin. However the werewolf injured Dana in the inner chamber then awakens beside Marty as the facility is still rumbling showing the previous film's conclusion to be a dream. Marty and Dana share one final exchange before Dana armed with the Director's gun (that had been slid across the ground in her direction after death in the initial film) shoots Marty in the end and prevents the end of the world. The film's title then appears on the screen as it had in the first film.

1998 ritual

A group of Rutledge High School, Georgia teenagers are then introduced preparing for their senior prom. Valedictorian organiser Eden, Eden's friends Ione and Maya, Varsity Lacrosse player Sean, Sean's suspended friend Jeremiah, Sean's cheerleader girlfriend Thalia, bisexual LGBTQI club representative Jay and Dungeons & Dragons alternative interest organiser Perry. Led by Principal Allan and Art Teacher Miss Gadon the group is in charge of the Rutledge prom location and event. Maya set with Jay come to the set location determined by Eden under the facility of the first film's manipulation. The location an unused memorial hall deep in the North Georgian mountainous woods. Unable to procure an uber to the location the two take a rented party bus and arrive to set up. Before nightfall they are however attacked by the Harbinger Mortdecai and the facility's lead military personnel Whitman, Mortdecai in a ceremonial robe and Whitman in his S.W.A.T. attire. Maya overpowers the more aged Mortdecai but is overpowered and stabbed in the temple by Whitman's combat knife after Mortdecai's ceremonial dagger fails. Jay watches in horror after regaining consciousness from being rendered to the ground by Whitman. Jay flees the scene as night falls, Whitman and Mortdecai are instructed not to bother pursuing as the ritual is about to commence and whatever is aptly chosen will kill him, but seeing as he and Maya were not any of the five chosen sacrifices he and Maya's death was not crucial to the ritual minus clearing the area for the chosen five. Eden, Perry, Sean, Thalia and Jeremiah then arrive at the hall to finish setting up and cannot locate Maya or Jay. After setting up and pre drinking they are further manipulated by the controlled pheromones and narcotics administered by the facility. The group is then led into the hall's sealed back storage containing all the items corresponding to the facility's monsters that can be unleashed to kill them. The selection is made not by the five however but by Principal Allan who appears behind them signalling the arrival of him and Miss Gadon. The selection a robotic arm piece that he monologues on to reminiscing of his time as an engineer student, the rest of the senior students then arrive in their cars and large party buses for the prom, throwing Gary Sitterson, Steve Hadley, Wendy Lin and the rest of the facility monitoring aloof, the director furious at the glitch in the plan. The glitch is discovered to be Wendy and the Chem Department's fault in unsuccessfully organising the situation. The prom then commences as various rituals fail across the world leaving it down to Kyoto and their ritual. The Killer Machine robot, a standing metallic humanoid creature inspired by the likes of the Terminator among other killer machines of literature, film and various other media is set up by elevator to the hall to begin killing. Wendy Lin having bet successfully along with the rest of the Chem Department and claiming the betting pot.


Due to the excessive amount of teenagers now occupying the hall and it's surrounding area the ritual's set whore Thalia is not killed first when manipulated into separation with athlete Sean. However by convenient coincidence a drunken Ione starts to initiate a sexual encounter with Jeremiah before she is murdered by the Killer Machine via having her back immolated by the robot's laser. A horrified Jeremiah tries to save her by dragging her away as she bleeds to death but is advanced by the machine, he is saved by a reappearing Jay who has a scalded arm. Jay escorts him back towards the hall explaining that the area is forcefield barricaded off at all possible forest exits including a chasm section of the main road leading to their location. The two return to the hall to attempt to warn the


  • Richard Jenkins as Gary Sitterson
  • Bradley Whitford as Steven Hadley
  • Amy Acker as Wendy Lin
  • Kristin Connolly as Dana Polk
  • Kiersey Clemons as Eden Hera
  • Cameron Monaghan as Perry Cimil
  • Bill Skarsgaard as Engineer Llewellyn Mortimer
  • Hannah Marks as Ione Dolus
  • Douglas Booth as Jeremiah Kramer-Vishnu
  • Vanessa Morgan as Maya Ori
  • Tyler Posey as Sean Forseti
  • Billie Lourd as Thalia Lasema
  • John Boyega as Jay Volos


  • The names of the teenage protagonists specifically set to be the 1998 sacrifices are named after Gods and Goddesses, that represent the particular personality and general archetypes of these characters. Hera the roman goddess of marriage representing virtue and chastity, Cimil the Mayan god of death and destruction, Dolus the Greek god of deception (also known as the spirit of trickery), Vishnu the Hindu God of preservation and protection, Ori the African God of Intuition, Forseti Norse god of reconcilliation, Lasema Tibetan goddess of Beauty and Volos the Slavic god of earth.