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The Prince Of The Dinosaurs (Or Prince Of The Dinosaurs) Is An American Epic/Action/Adventure/Drama/Survival Film Directed By Jon Favreau, Rian Johnson And James Mangold. The Film Is Set 70 Million Years Ago When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth, When A Terrible Rouge Spinosaurus And His Army Of Rouge Carnivorous Dinosaurs Threaten The Continued Existence Of A Lush

Paradise Filled With Other Dinosaurs. And The Prince, A Young Tyrannosaurus Rex, Runs Away After An Attack And Lives In The Coastal Area Of What Will Be Washington State. But Then He Has Dreams About The Attack And Goes Back To Destroy The Rogue Dinosaur Threat And Send His Dinosaurs To A New Paradise. The Film Is Distributed By Titan Pictures, Which Was Founded Recently. Development Of The Prince Of The Dinosaurs Actually Began Way Even Before The Foundation Of Titan Pictures, In The Summer Of 1995, When Rian Johnson Wrote A 190-Page Treatment Of The Film, Which At The Time Was Called "Prehistoric Prince". But Was Left Behind Until 2002 When Filming Was Supposed To Take Place After The Completion Of His Work In The Film May, (2002) For A Planned Release For 2005, And Was Going To Be Distributed By 20th Century Fox. But According To Rian Johnson, The Necessary Technology Was Not Yet Available To Archive His Version Of The Film, Which Was Renamed The Prince Of The Dinosaurs, A Sorta Inspiration From The Title Of The 1998 Animated Film The Prince Of Egypt. Work On The Film's Scientific Accuracy Began In 2005, The Year In Which The Film Was Supposed To Be Released, While Rian And Shane Salerno Began Updating The Script When New Dinosaur Discoveries Where Made In 2006. The Film Was Officially Budgeted At $300 Billion. An Additional $237 Million Where Made For Promotion. The Film Would Later Find A New Distributor In The Form Of Titan Pictures In 2016. In 2017, Rian, Along With Jon Favreau And James Mangold Where Announced To All Direct The Film, And Production Began Along With Another Dinosaur Film, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. (2018) Then, A Few Days After The Release Of The Jurassic World Sequel, Filming Continued In The Locations Include: California, Wyoming, Oregon, Montana, Alberta, Egypt, Hawaii, Arizona, Russia, Kenya, Scotland, And Pinewood Studios In England. Production Ended In Yellowstone National Park In September 2019.  The Film Was Released For Traditional Viewing, 3D Viewing, (Using The RealD 3D, Dolby 3D, XpanD 3D, And IMAX 3D Formats) and for 4D Experiences In Select South Korean Theaters. The Prince Of The Dinosaurs Premiered In London on November 9, 2020 And Was Released In The U.S. On November 15, 2020 To Positive Reviews, with critics praising its groundbreaking effects, Musical Score, Emotional Weight And Scientific Accuracy, Even Some Call It "The Next Jurassic Park". Like It Grossed $9.8 Trillion Worldwide, Surpassing Avengers: Endgame A Year Earlier And It's Entire Theatrical Run In Just 2 Days And Breaking Various Box Office Records, Becoming The Highest Grossing Film Of All Time. The Film Received Tons Of Awards and Nominations, Including Best Picture, Best Original Song, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, Best Production Design, Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects, And Best Film Editing At The 93rd Academy Awards, 6 Nominations at the 26th Critics' Choice Awards, (Winning 4) And A Win For Favorite Movie In The 2021' Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. South Korea Gave The Film Favorable Comparisons To It's Own Dinosaur Film, Speckles The Tarbosaurus. (2012)


In The Cretaceous Period, 70 Million Years Ago, A Once Lush And Green Paradise Is Dead Due To A Long Heatwave And Drought. The Dinosaurs Groan To The Sky, According To The Narrator, They Are "Praying" For Deliverance. The Rouge Spinosaurus At This Time, Claw I, Orders His Utahraptor Gaurds To Kill Them All. Fearing For Her Hatchlings Safety, A Female Tyrannosaurus Rex Sacrifices Herself To Save Her Hatchlings, Afterwards, The Dying Dinosaur Pushes The Nest To A River And Bids It One Last "Farewell" By Roaring In Pain, Before The Mother Dies To Her Wounds. A Oviraptor, Named Feather, Follows The Nest as it sails to A Mountainous Region, Which Leads To A New Paradise The Other Dinosaurs Have Been "Praying" For. Feather Witnesses The Nest As It Safely Goes To Land. Then, In The Night, The Offspring Hatch. 

Years Later, They Learn To Survive. Tsutey Lives With His Brothers And His Sister, Shira, Who Is His Love Interest. During Their "Morning Report", The Babies Practice Hunting By Scaring Off A Rodent. Miles Away, In A Canyon, A Ankylosaurus Rubs On A Rock, Before Getting Slaughtered By Claw II, Who Is Wanting To Take Over The Land. In A Valley, The Hatchlings Find A Herd Of Iguanodon, In Which They Try To Scare Off, In A Open Plain On top Of The Nearby Canyon, A Mixed Herd Of Dinosaurs Are Grazing. And Some Of Claw's Pawns, 3 Utahraptors Named Talon, (Leader) Creb And Ock, Stalk The Herds. Back In The Valley, The Offspring Find A Compsognathus And Try To Scare It, But Then, A Stampede Occurs, And Claw And The Utahraptor Pack Chases The Offspring. The Dinosaurs Fall Onto Each Other While Some Of Them Fall Off A Cliff. The Offspring Are Separated, And The Raptors Chase After Tsutey, Who Runs Away From Home, Thinking That His Brothers And Sister Are Dead. A Day Later, He Scavenges And Raids Nests. 1 Day While Attempting To Steal Food From Claw Himself, Tsutey Hides And Sneaks Into Where Claw And Other Rouge Carnivorous Dinosaurs Where Hiding, Waiting For The Incident That Came Yesterday. 2 Utahraptors Offer Claw Shira, Along With Many Other Baby Dinosaurs. When The Rouge Carnivores Are Not In Sight, The Babies Escape. 

Later That Night, Tsutey Follows The Babies, Especially Shira, And They Escape From The Canyon, And Runs Into The Now Adult Feather, Whom Tsutey Does Not Recognize At First, But Then Realises It's Her After She Emits A Hoot, Triggering His Memory. He Flees To Where His Mother Fought Claw I's Utahraptor Pawns, In What Will Be Washington State, Which Recovered From The Drought Years Earlier, But Learns the truth of claw I's And II's Attempted Genocides From A Nightmare. Tsutey Must Fend For Himself And Has Dangerous Encounters With Arcocanthosaurus, Allosaurus, Aucasaurus, And Velociraptor. He Eventually Arrives Where The Predators Seemingly Do Not Go To. Tsutey Realises It's An Oasis. Years Later, Now As An Adult, Tsutey Roars As He Defends 3 Young Brachiosaurus From A Allosaurus. He Learns That They Know About The Terrible Genocide Of Claw II Years Ago. Since He Has Been Hiding All These Years, Thinking He Does Not Belong To The Oasis, Tsutey Is Welcomed By An Adult Brachiosaurus, Paakah, The Young Brachiosaurus' Father And The Leader Of A Small Herd Of Brachiosaurus. Over Time, Tsutey Becomes The Defender Of The Herd. 1 Day, While Chasing A Pack Of Velociraptors Away, He Rescues An Oviraptor From A Hungry Female Rex, Who Both Are Revealed To Be Feather And Shira. Shira And Tsutey Reunite And Fall In Love. Shira Urges Him To Rescue The Dinosaurs Back In His Once Called Home. 

In Midnight, Tsutey Is Haunted By The Past, And He Can't Sleep, So, He Jouneys To Where Shira Is Sleeping, But Discovers A Burning Tree, Through Which A Spirit Tells Him To Return To His Home And Guide The Dinosaurs to freedom From The Reign Of Claw II. Then, The Burning Tree Turns Into The Spirit Tree. Shira Watches In Amazement. Then, Tsutey Lays With Shira In A Field, Watching The Stars, But Tsutey Knows He Must Save Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dinosaurs. The Next Morning, Tsutey And Shira Feel A Rumbling, And Suddenly, A Volcano Erupts Violently, Which Causes A Stampede Lead By Paakah. Tsutey, Shira, And Feather Flee And Jump Across The Sea, Being Pursued By Marine Reptiles And Sharks. The Characters Mourn The Loss Of The Ones That Got Killed Before Moving On. 

Once Tsutey's Home, Claw II Rules Over A Drought Ravaged Wasteland. Tsutey's Brothers Meet In A Hill About What To Do With The Rouge Spinosaurus. Then, They Start To Escape To Reunite With Their Brave Brother. Claw II Takes Notice And Sends Droves Of Utahraptor After Them. The Brothers Escape, But With Scars. Meanwhile, Tsutey And Shira Migrate Across A Wasteland. Eventually, they find A Diplodocus nesting ground being attacked by Aucasaurus. Tsutey fights the Aucasaurs and roars triumphantly as the other Dinosaurs flee. Meanwhile, the brothers rest day a left behind carcass.

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• Claw I - Only Appearing In The Prologue, Claw I Was The 1st Rouge Spinosaurus Alpha, Whom Has Scars All Over His Body.

• Tsutey - Inspired By A Similar Character's Name In Avatar, (2009) Tsutey Is The Main Protagonist Of The Film, And The Narrator Is Basically His Character. His Character Is Based On Simba From The Lion King (1994/2019), Spackles From Spackles The Tarbosaurus,(2012) Moses, And Caesar From The Planet Of The Apes Reboot Trilogy. 

• Claw II - The Main Antagonist, Like The Previous Claw, He Is A Spinosaurus. According To Rian Johnson, The Character Of Claw II was based on Ramases II In Exodus And It's Adaptations. 

• Feather - An Oviraptor Who Is Tsutey's Close Friend. 

• Soto - Inspired By The Name Of The Main Antagonist Of Ice Age, (2002) Soto Is The Brother Of Tsutey.

• Shira - Inspired By Another Ice Age Character's Name, Shira Is The Only Female Tyrannosaurus Rex Of The Bunch. Her Character Is Based On Nala In The Lion King (1994/2019) And Fang From Speckles The Tarbosaurus 2: The New Paradise. (2017/18)

• Talon - Leader Of The Utahraptor Pawns Of Claw II, She Is Based On Shenzi And Zira From The Lion King Films. 

• Creb And Ock - 2 Utahraptor Pawns Of Claw II, They Are Based On Hotep And Huy From Exodus And Banzai And Ed From The Lion King. 

• Leaf - The 1st Baby Brachiosaurus

• Dawn - The 2nd Baby Brachiosaurus

• Spot - The 3rd Baby Brachiosaurus

• Paakah - The Old Adult Brachiosaurus Whom Is The Grandfather Of The 3 Youngsters. His Character Is Based On Jethro From Exodus. 

• Spirit Tree - A Tree That Gives Tsutey The Chance To Save The Dinosaurs, It Is Inspired By The Burning Bush From Exodus And The Tree Of Souls From Avatar, It Is Voiced By Robert De Niro.

• D'Lehu - Another One Of Tsutey's Brothers. 

• Rool - Another One Of Tsutey's Brothers. His Feathers And Colors Are A Bit Darker Than The Rest Of The Bunch. 


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Themes And Inspirations

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Visual Effects And Scientific Accuracy

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Music And Soundtrack

On August 2019, It Was Announced That Simon Franglen Would Compose The Soundtrack. He Is Announced To Do The Next 3 Sequels. Franglen Recorded Parts Of The Score With a small chorus. The Soundtrack Was Inspired By Other Films Like Avatar, (2009) The Prince Of Egypt, (1998) Solo: A Star Wars Story, (2018) Pocahontas, (1995) Speckles: The Tarbosaurus, (2012) Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, (2008) And Dinosaur. (2000) Phil Collins Performed The Film's Song "Ready To Rule", Which Received Positive Reviews. The Kelp Forest And Kelp Cave Themes From The 2003 Video Game Spongebob Squarepants: Battle For Bikini Bottom Where Even Sampled To The Film. 



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Video Games

Frontier Developments Created Prince Of The Dinosaurs: The Official Game Of The Movie, Which Was Released On October 8, 2020. The Game Is An Open World Survival Game That Is Similar To Saurian. But It's Also A Adventure Game Like The Disney's Dinosaur Game From 2000. 


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Box Office

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Two Sequels Where Announced A Few Days After The Film Was Released; This Number Expanded To Six. 2 Will Hit In December 14, 2023, 3 Will Hit In December 24, 2026, 4 Will Hit November 18, 2029, 5 Will Hit October 10, 2032, 6 Will Hit In December 9, 2035, And 7 Will Hit In December 30, 2038. 

Related Media

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