The Powerpuff Women is a American cartoon animated television series where its is a sequel to the 1999 Cartoon Network series, The Powerpuff Girls where its set in years after the original series.


Set about 12 years after the original series ended, the Powerpuff Girls has now grow ups as the Powerpuff Women where they still protecting Townsville and fighting supervillains.


Main Characters

  • Blossom:
  • Bubbles:
  • Buttercup:
  • Professor Utonium:
  • Mayor Bellum:
  • Mr. Mayor:

Supporting Characters

  • Robin Synder:
  • Miss Keane:


Old Villains
  • Mojo Jojo:
  • Princess Morbucks:
  • Gangreen Gang:
    • Ace:
    • Lil' Arturo:
    • Big Billy:
    • Snake:
    • Grubber:
  • Sedusa:
  • Fuzzy Lumpkins:
  • Rowdyruff Boys:
    • Brick:
    • Boomer:
    • Butch:
  • Him:
  • Amoeba Boys:
    • Bossman:
    • Junior:
    • Slim:
  • Roach Coach:
  • Abracadaver:
New Villains
  • Dr. Menace: Dr. Alexander "Alex" McCox was once Professor Utonium's old childhood friend who moves away when he was 8 year old where in his new town, he was bullied and being called names. Than, he see his friend has been popular where he has created the Powerpuff Girls, he was jealous of him where he decides to become the evil Dr. Menace where he create robots to destroy the Powerpuff Women while also being Professor Utonium's rival. Voiced by Jason Isaacs.
  • Speedy:
  • Powerpunk Women: Evil clones of the Powerpuff Women created by Dr. Menace,
    • Berserk:
    • Brat:
    • Brute:
  • Elemental Strikers: An group of five demonic elemental beings that was sealed thousand of years ago where they has being reawaken by Him where he sent them to destroy the Powerpuff Women. After being defeated by them, they still battling them as revenge.
    • Inferno:
    • Waterazor:
    • Earthquake:
    • Thunderer:
    • Windizer:


Season 1

  1. An Brand New Day:
  2. Let the Race Begins/The Wrath of Princess Morbucks!:

Season 2

Season 3

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