The Powerpuff Girls Live! See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey is an live show based on the musical rock opera PPG episode of the same name.


You may remember the musical episode of The Powerpuff Girls about a gnome who offers them peace in the city, at the cost of their powers. But the true classical musical rock opera PPG episode now got its own live show! Rediscover the story of the girls finding an gnome who wants them to "give him some powers". Includes 11 songs from the episode, including some of your favorites like "Rain", "Give Me Your Answer", "Sunshine Down On Me", and more! Exclusive to the live show is a new character called "The Storyteller". He describes parts of the story during the show about everything! Don't miss your chance to see the full show for happiness has now come back into our lives!


The live show adaption of See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey will contain various elements from the episode such as characters, songs, and scenes. The new character will be made for the live show version is the storyteller. During the show, he describing some parts of the story everytime when the song ends and goes back to another song when he's done. Unlike the episode, the live show verison will not have any seizures and headaches.



The Powerpuff Girls Live! See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey/Transcript

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