The Pizza Slices Movie is an upcoming 2020 animated film that will be part of the Shires+.


12 years after The Pizza Slices (Bello, Emma, Whopper, and Cookie) got taken off the air, A childhood fan of theirs wants to bring their show back.

Voice Cast:


  • This movie comes out on the 20th anniversary of the Pizza Slices Show.
  • Whopper takes off his sunglasses for the first time, but it wasn’t the only time we saw his eyes, since his sunglasses usually slides to the tip of his nose, and he would put the sunglasses on his head when he’s inside.
  • The End Credits feature a Rock Version of the Original Theme Song, that will also be used for the reboot.

Scene Selection

  1. When Steven was Younger
  2. The Pizza Slices Get Fired
  3. Years Later....
  4. Steven Watches The Pizza Slices Again
  5. Where are The Slices Now?
  6. Steven Meets the Slices
  7. Shires Junior’s Modern Schedule is Garbage
  8. Mission: Save the Pizza Slices
  9. Frog Lady’s Modern Job
  10. The Rotten Tomatoes meet The Pizza Slices Again
  11. A Talk with the CEO
  12. The Pizza Slices Speak with The Creator
  13. Saving Pete
  14. On the Pizza Bus Once Again
  15. Pizza Slices VS. Rotten Tomatoes
  16. The Pizza Slices Return to Television
  17. Steven Shows The Pizza Slices to His Children
  18. End Credits
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