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The Pizza Slices (Also Known as The Pizza Slices Comedy Hour in The UK) was An American-British Animated series broadcast by Shires Junior from 2000 - 2006 and was the first new series that came with The Newly Formed Shires Junior channel, since before than, the preschool programming didn’t have a brand. This was the only Shires Junior show to be an hour long.

All the songs from the show were written by Randy Newman and the animated segments were filmed in the UK. “Sally’s Salon” was animated in Stop-Motion while The Other Two were Hand-Drawn.



  • The Pizza Slices
    • Bello the Lop Bunny (Costume Performed by Steve Whitmire, voiced by Gerard Butler) is an Olive Green Lop Bunny and Leader of The Pizza Slices.
    • Emma the Possum (Costume Performed by Dave Goelz, voiced by Lena Headey) is a Purple Possum and the Only Female and Second in command.
    • Whopper the Tiger (Costume Performed by Matt Vogel, voiced by Owen Wilson) is a White Tiger with Orange Stripes who is the cool dude of the group.
    • Cookie the Penguin (Costume Performed by Kevin Clash, voiced by Woody Harrelson) is a Blue Penguin who is the youngest and comedic of the group.
  • Frog Lady the Announcer (Puppeteered by Brian Henson, voiced by Annie Potts) is A Frog who introduces the segments. Before the beginning of the show, She would pre-introduce the show with her rising chair.
  • Pete the Funny Police Man (Portrayed by Eddie Izzard)
  • Floating Clock (Puppeteer uncredited, voiced by Jason Alexander)


  • The Rotten Tomatoes
    • Bertram the Fox (Costume Performer uncredited, voiced by Rupert Degas)
    • Della the Porcupine (Costume Performed uncredited, voiced by Teresa Gallagher)
    • Walt the Leopard (Costume Performer uncredited, voiced by Dan Russell)
    • Christian the Vulture (Costume Performer uncredited, voiced by Lewis MacLeod)
  • The Nutty Twins (Portrayed by Kerry Shale and Rob Rackstraw)

Animated Segments

Three Little Kittens

A 5 minute short series Based off the Nursery Rhyme, The Three Kitten Brothers named Reddy, Whitewater, and Blucox (voiced by Jimmy Hibbert, Colin McFlarence, and Richard Pearce) wearing special mittens their mother (voiced by the Late Susan Sheridan) gave them go on adventures and always come home after them to eat pie.

Sally’s Salon

A Teenage Girl named Sally (voiced by Emma Tate) and Her Dog Dumpling (voiced by Derek Jacobi) work together to create awesome hairdos to make their salon a worldwide phenomenon.

The Piggy Family

The 7 minute long shorts consist of The piggy family, which consists of The Main Protagonist, The Older Child, Porter (voiced by Teresa Gallagher), Younger Child, Pepper (voiced by Susan Sheridan in Seasons 1 - 2, Lizzie Waterworth in Season 3), and The Parents Poppit and Pansy (voiced by David Warner and Joanna Ruiz)

Recurring characters included Uncle Po (voiced by David Holt, Aunt Petula (voiced by Maria Darling), The Baby Cousin Popcorn (vocal effects provided by Jimmy Hibbert), The Grandparents of the Show (Who are also Pansy and Po’s Parents), Pano (voiced by The Late Andrew Sachs) and Petunia (voiced by Jimmy Hibbert)


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The show was so popular, In 2001, they appeared on Shires Junior Live!, alongside Rolling Rolly, Mouse in the Big Red House, AB&C, and The Newest Show at the Time, Storky. The slices would meet all the other show characters and solve their problems. Frog Lady The Announcer (As an Animatronic in the Show) would introduce the Segments than disappear until it’s time for the next one. The show would end with the Pizza Slices and The Rest having a big reunion and sing one last song until they all disappear except Mouse.

But also so popular that Robot Monkey Made a Parody Out Of Them Called “Pizza Slice Disaster”, Which had all of the Pizza Slices Except for Cookie killing people. After cancellation, The Pizza Slices disappeared from the live show in 2007 alongside Mouse, and got Replaced by Tamigos and Little Astronauts, But they didn’t forget about the Pizza Slices.

Episode Structure


Before the intro, Frog Lady would make a statement saying that the show is about to begin, then the theme song would play with her announcing all the stars of the show.

When the Pizza Slices first open their mouths after Frog Lady introduces them, they would say their names and tell the viewer what they’re doing today.

Introducing First Segment

The next part of the show, Emma would ask Whopper for “The Secret Word”, then Whopper would whisper a word that would have to do with the plot of the episode of The Piggy Family.


The next part of the show features a song performed by the Slices themselves, with the main vocalists being Bello and Emma while Whopper and Cookie are the background vocalists.

Introducing Second Segment

The second segment introduction would be Bello answering the mail and get a Letter from Sally, and how the Sally’s Salon segments are introduced.

Comedy Skit

Between two segments, there would often be a skit that serves as the main part of the show. This is the part that all 4 slices take part in.

Introducing the Last Segment

The last segment has the four slices get a secret code to figure out a word, but it would also find out what Three Little Kittens segment will be coming, during the segment, the slices would go and write a song for the next episode.


The show would end with a “Wheel of Endings”. Peter the Funny Policeman would bring up a wheel, and would ask one of the slices to spin it, then they do whatever the wheel lands on.

After what they do on the ending, the Slices say goodbye, and then the end credits roll.