The Phoenix Defenders Character Short: Sera is


Alright, homie! Give us all the cash in a bag and no one gets hurt!

P-paper or plastic?

Don't play comedian with me! I ain't in the mood! Put the cash in a plastic bag or-

No! The money has sharp corners and it's heavy too. It'll tear up the bag!

Shut up! I'm the one doing the robbery!

I want some candy! I'm gonna grab some candy because I really want the candy. If you don't let me get candy, i'll hate you forever, big brother.

Dillard, shut up! We ain't here for candy! We came for money!

But I don't want money! I want candy!

Let him hang out with you, Charlie, and your friends she says. Oh, it'll be fun she says. Well, screw what she says because I'm not having this!

Hey, I ran those thieves off of you, old man. Throw those bags here already!

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