The Phoenix Defenders Character Short: Sera


Alright, homie! Give us all the cash in a bag and no one gets hurt!

P-paper or plastic?

Don't play comedian with me! I ain't in the mood! Put the cash in a plastic bag or-

No! The money has sharp corners and it's heavy too. It'll tear up the bag!

Shut up! I'm the one doing the robbery!

I want some candy! I'm gonna grab some candy because I really want the candy. If you don't let me get candy, i'll hate you forever, big brother.

Dillard, shut up! We ain't here for candy! We came for money!

But I don't want money! I want candy!

Let him hang out with you and your friend she says. Oh, it'll be fun she says. Well, screw what she says because I'm not having this!

Hey, I ran those thieves off of you, old man. Throw those bags here already!

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