The Phoenix Defenders: The Next Generation is an American animated television series and a sequel/epilogue to The Phoenix Defenders, which follows the new generation of the Phoenix Defenders.


A new generation of heroes will rise.


Set several years after the events of the previous series, Like its predecessor, it also dealt with serious issues such as homophobia, abuse, HIV/AIDS, bullying, and sexuality.


Main Characters

Fallon Violeta Salazar/(voiced by)-the daughter of Lyn Manchester and Rex Salazar. She is a Prior to the events of the series, she was expelled from her old school and was forced to attend Neo Gotham High after a major prank incident. Fallon is a lesbian as she is shown to be only attracted to girls, especially Blade.

Hawkins/ voiced by)-the son of Tora Neal and Virgil Hawkins.

Leonidas Saturday/ The Wild Child((voiced by)-the son of Skye Rowan and Zak Saturday.

Rosalie "Ro" Rowan- a 15 year old girl who is the long lost biological daughter of Berna Manchester and Aeolus Rowan. Ro had developed a close sisterly relationship with Fallon and had nicknamed her "kiddo", despite Fallon being a few years older than her.

The daughter of Saya Sato.

Terry McGinnis/Batman- the current batman.

Recurring Characters

Emiko Queen/Green Arrow-The granddaughter of Green Arrow and Black Canary. She currently lives with her grandparents in Star City and protects Star City from crime as the vigilante "Green Arrow".

Mia Dearden/Speedy- a teenage runaway who took the mantle of Green Arrow's sidekick Speedy. Like her comic counterpart, Mia is HIV positive and, as such, she takes antiretroviral drugs with all the attendant side effects. Due to her condition, she also has to be very careful when injured in combat.

Rex Stewart/Warhawk- the son of Green Lantern and Hawkgirl.

Ken Tennyson- the 14 year old son of Ben Tennyson and Kai Green and the cousin of Fallon.


Bucky Buenaventura- a child genius who occasionally aids

Matt McGinnis/Robin- Terry's younger brother. Always looking to get his brother in trouble, Matt is ironically a big fan of Batman. Matt finds out about Terry's secret and becomes an invaluable ally to Batman. He eventually becomes the new Robin.

Maxine "Max" Gibson-

Casey MacCurdy- Ro's older brother

Delphine Curry-

Crispin Rivers-

Apollo McGuire- Flint's husband

Mallory Black-

Hermione Russo- Devanie's wife

Devanie Black- Hermione's wife

Flint- Apollo's husband

Saya Yamamoto-

Celia Brown- Lyn and Berna's older paternal half sister

Tora Neal-

Aeolus Rowan-

Skye Rowan-

Emiko's grandfather

Emiko's grandmother

Delphine's wife.

Lyn Salazar-Fallon's mother and the former leader of the Phoenix Defenders. Now a parent herself, she tries to be a responsible parent to Fallon.

Rex Salazar- Fallon's father and Lyn's husband.

Acantha Isley- the foster daughter of Poison Ivy and a former member of the Phoenix Defenders.

Bruce Wayne- the former Batman and Terry's employer, mentor, and predecessor.

Muffy Blackwell/Nightshade- the daughter of Doyle Blackwell and Melanie Rowan.

Rachel Roth/Raven-

Sam Rowan- Skye's and Aeolus' parents

Hana Rowan-

Agent Orin West- An arrogant and egotistical agent whose desire to prove himself only results in annoying those around him and is Muffy's boyfriend. He is revealed to be the son of Wally West, the former Flash and member of the Justice League.

Wally West- the former Flash and Orin's father.

Iris West- Orin's sister

Holly Robinson/Catwoman- Selina Kyle, the original Catwoman

Charlotte "Charlie"Gage-Radcliffe/Misfit-

Harper Row/Bluebird-

Kathleen Duquesne-

Alysia Yeoh- Nell's friend of Singaporean descent and a transgender woman. She later engaged in a relationship with Nell.

Nell Little/Batgirl-She later engaged in a relationship with Alysia

Cullen Row-Harper's younger brother who lives with her in an apartment in Neo Gotham. He is often bullied at school for his homosexuality. A group of bullies from his school attacks him

Amara Henate/Clairvoyance- a blind Maori who is able to change and sense air currents. Her no-nonsense attitude and lack of religion made her an outcast among her New Zealand community and those around her, but as the series progresses, she slowly warmed up to others and became more sociable. She is also Skye and Aeolus' protegee.

Bobbi 'Blade' Sommer-A popular student at Hamilton High School. She has a long history of having trouble finding boyfriends Fallon's crush, later girlfriend.

Dana Tan- Terry's girlfriend

Cassandra Cain/Orphan-

Stephanie Brown/Spoiler-

Carrie Kelly/Batwoman-

Barbara Gordon-

Blade's mother. does not trust Fallon around her daughter because of her being a juvenile delinquent. However, she had openly admitted that she would consider Fallon a better option when it comes to dating Blade than Nelson.

Blade's father.

Duela Dent/Harlequin-

Jackie Dent/Jokester-

Evelyn Dent/Three Face-



Agent Bennett-


Saving Private Zeta-


Happy Anniversary- In the near future, an older Fallon gives Blade her anniversary gift.


And you married her because?

Devanie Black:I kept asking myself the same question.

  • Lyn Manchester: Are you ready for school?

Fallon Salazar: Just hang on a sec.

Fallon looked into her backpack. In it were a can of spray paint. a few cherry bombs, a spitball shooter, and a "hot spot" diagram of Terry.

Fallon Salazar:Yeah, I'm ready.

Lyn Manchester: Have a good day at school.

Fallon walked out of the house with an evil smirk on her face.

Fallon Salazar: You darn right I will.

  • Zeta: This is a tree.

Ro Rowen: I know what a tree is.

Zeta: Most trees have green leaves.

Ro Rowen: We still have trees.

Zeta: They take in carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen.

Ro Rowen:...Say what now.

  • Mrs. Sommers:If you ever and I mean ever ask my daughter out Fallon, you better hope I don't call the cops on you, got it?

Fallon gulps and nods frantically.

Mrs. Sommers: Good.

  • Terry McGinnis: I'm eating nachos.

Bruce Wayne:Terry, there are three rules you must follow at all cost while being Batman.

Terry McGinnis:And what's that?

Bruce Wayne:1) No guns. 2) No killing and 3) No eating nachos.

Terry McGinnis:But where's the fun in that?


Terry McGinnis: Yes he does...Because i'm batman!

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