The Phoenix Defenders is an American animated television series produced by Cartoon Network Studios. It is a coming of age story of a team of superhuman teenagers who fight the forces of evil as well as dealing with their normal daily lives. The series continues with the descendants of the phoenix defenders and the futuristic generation of superheroes inThe Phoenix Defenders : The Next Generation.

Tag line: Being a teen is hard, especially when you have superpowers and have to save the world from time to time. The Phoenix Defenders are no different from any other teenager. They just want to grow up, find their own way and be happy.


The series centers on the lives of a group of fifteen teenagers who lived in the fictitious metropolis city of Goldmoor who are also called The Phoenix Defenders, a vigilante team handpicked by Amanda Waller and the founding member of the Justice League to act as a. They are situated in a secret hideout called 'Candyland'., which has a command center, and a variety of training facilities.

Each of them possesses unique powers and abilities which helps them fight a variety of villains and threats. The show also explores what they do when they are not saving the world; like dealing with their own struggles with their social lives, such as their mutual relationships within and outside the team, adolescence, acceptance, and bullying.

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List of Characters

Main Characters (The Phoenix Defenders)

Lyn Betty Jean Manchester/Cursechanter (voiced by Elizabeth Gillies)- a 16 year old self proclaimed yet unofficial highly disciplined leader of The Phoenix Defenders and is Berna's redheaded older sister with a heroic reputation but her tough and stubborn attitude had sometimes made her seem less intelligent. Lyn is a natural born leader who is fiercely serious and won't stop at nothing to protect her family, friends, and anyone in danger. However, Lyn is extremely hot tempered, particularly when concerning people's mistakes and actions. She is a very talented gymnast and martial artist and can easily manipulate and control a supernatural substance called mana from her aura to create numerous things(energy blasts, shields, etc.). She is revealed to be a magic spark. Lyn has a distant relationship with her maternal relatives as she had receives the least respect and attention. Because of her maternal family's neglectfulness and abuse, she refers the adults of her maternal family by their first names out of disrespect.

Bernadette "Berna" Verdona Manchester/ManaStar(voiced by Ariel Winter)- the 15 year old younger sister of Lyn who can manipulate and control mana. She is the heiress of the Manchester's fortune but was disinherited as a result She is portrayed as a high school outcast and gets bullied by most of her peers. Berna is shown to be very self-conscious, sensitive, shy and insecure but is very stubborn. Despite her dependence on her sister, Berna becomes friends with The Phoenix Defenders and later became a member of the team. She is a coward who would normally stays in the shadows while her friends fight against villains. However, as the series progressed, she became somewhat a confident, courageous and outspoken girl. Berna is fairly oblivious to romantic love until she realizes that she has feelings for both Aeolus and Sera. She greatly admires her sister but has a distant relationship with her maternal family. Like Lyn, Berna is also a scapegoat of the Manchester family who receives the least respect and attention by them. Unlike Lyn, Berna wanted the relationship that any kid has with their relatives. However, her hopes were destroyed when her family had selfishly disinherited her title as heir due to their desire to merge the their family's company with the Mignogna's; however they stated that she can once again regain her title if she married Weston as a way for the Manchester's company to expand globally.

Hermione Russo/Shield (voiced by Kate Micucci)- a super powered girl with elemental abilities to control, manipulate and reshape earthen materials, particularly soil, dirt, stone, concrete, and rock and to control anything magma based. She is simple minded, eccentric, and polite. Hermione has strong romantic feelings for Devanie in spite their differences and personalities.

Skye Rowan/Storm Wind (voiced by Kaitlyn Alexander)- Aeolus' maternal older half sibling and has the ability to control and manipulate weather. They are openly pansexual and is shown to be proud of it. They are fun loving and caring but is also practical, independent, intelligent, hard working, and honest to a fault. They strongly believed that gender doesn't matter when it comes to sexual orientation and appearance.

Delphine Datura Isley/ Poison Rose (voiced by Jennette McCurdy)- a highly intelligent but crazed girl who is the biological daughter of Pamela Isley (Poison Ivy) as she is chemically made and injected into Ivy and is genetically identical to her. Due to being raised by criminals Delphine was introduced into a world of crime and had committed many criminal acts which often gets her in trouble with the law many times. As a result, she doesn't know the difference between right and wrong. She has a strange but strong connection with plants and has the ability to mentally control and animates all forms of plant life on a molecular level. A character arc involves her struggles of trying to fit in with the superhero community, despite her being an antihero.

Mallory Black/Hex Storm (voiced by )- an agile gothic punk girl with a mastery of black magic to bring misfortune upon others. She is depicted as a mischievous troublemaker and shows little disregard to other people, including her friends, her boyfriend Apollo, and her cousin Devanie . Because of her appearance, personality, and misfortune, she is considered an outcast by her peers. Prior to the events of the series, She was born One day, Mallory's mother abandoned her at a park; telling her that she'll be right back but never returned. It is heavily implied that she is a vampire; despite the fact that she has no weakness to sunlight. However, she does, shown to have superhuman senses and strength, long fangs and pointy ears, a fast healing factor, hypnosis, and is highly allergic to garlic. It was later revealed that she is thus making her a dhampir.

Tora Alisha Neal/Voltage (voiced by )-a seemingly callous, blunt, and somewhat ill tempered homeless girl with the ability to control and manipulate electromagnetism. She can also create massive shockwaves and has an accelerated healing factor. Prior to the events of the series, Tora was born to the late famous psychiatrist Dr. Homer Neal and an unknown deceased mother. At the time of her birth, Tora activated her electrokinetic abilities. But unfortunately, she had accidentally released some static which killed her mother by giving her a heart attack while giving birth to Tora. Her father hated her for the death of his wife and feared her because of her meta-human powers and decided to take his angry out on her with his tests. As time goes by, her powers had became very unstable, making it impossible for Tora to control at the time. The only person who had treated her with love, kindness and respect at the time was her older brother whom she has a close relationship with while every member of her family shuns Tora . the authorities had made an agreement with her father, they allowed him to her for testing under the condition that she was not allowed out of the lab. She was kept in a glass room for a few years, until her father was murdered. Tora escapes but without money and nowhere else to go, she lived in a nomadic lifestyle. Living without food and money, she had decided to live a life as a thief in order to survive. Her callous personality covers for her troubled past and her desire of not getting close to anyone. A character arc of the series of her trying to master and control her unstable abilities involves her relationship with who helped her discover the importance of what it is like to have a family that actually cared about her.

Seraph "Sera" Nikita Hernandez/The Flaming Angel (voiced by Becky G)- a young delinquent who has an elemental ability to control, manipulate and reshape fire. Sera is a grumpy, abrasive, aloof, self interested, and selfish girl who is very cruel and dismissive towards everyone. Prior to the events in the series, Sera was born to a couple who decides to get rid of her. Abandoned by her biological parents, she was then raised by a family who took her in. One day, after her younger adoptive brothers decided to prank her by dropping ice cold water on her and calls her a freak ,an enraged Sera lashed out and gravely injured them with her powers. Realizing what she had done, Sera fled out of fear and befriended a young runaway named Jackson. She had decided to stay with Jackson where he later introduced her to Aeolus and Crispin. A few years after Jackson's death, she met a boy named Peter Thorne but once kissing him, she accidentally released a fire burst from her body which it ended up burning him to death, causing her to distance herself from everyone even more. It season 3, it is revealed that Sera is intersex, a secret initially shared only with Berna and no one else. Sera believed that her being intersex might be the main reason why her biological parents gave her up but Berna disagreed. 

Crispin Rivers/Frost King (voiced by David Mazouz)-a boy who has the ability to manipulate ice and snow. Antonio is friendly and more of an open and gentle person but is really anti-social, shy and quiet, but only speaks up when he needs to. He is shown to be a closeted homoromantic who has feelings for Aeolus but breaks up with him when he realizes Aeolus has strong romantic feelings for Berna. 

Aeolus Rowan/Zephyr (voiced by Michael Cera) -Skye's younger maternal half brother who is a very passionate and honest person and can manipulate winds. He began a relationship with Crispin but later broke up. At a certain point in the series, Aeolus realizes that he is in love with Berna, yet fails to confess due to mishaps and because of Berna's close relationship with Sera.

Marina Sanders/ Whirlpool (voiced by Raven Symone) -a biracial girl who has the ability to increase the local specific density of water and manipulate its shape. She is the niece by marriage of Aquaman, the half human half Atlantean niece of Queen Mera and is the daughter of Siren. She is romantically interested in Flint.

Flint Talbert /Diamond Boy (voiced by )- the fun loving jock and member of The Phoenix Defenders with a prominent Cajun accent who is able to manipulate and control diamonds out of his body at will and is romantically attracted to Marina. Prior to the events of the series, Flint was originally from Baton Rogue, Louisiana to an upper class family. When he was born, he had developed the ability to manipulate diamonds from his body, which he is rejected by his father but is supported and taken care of by his mother. until he was dropped off at Belle Reve Penitentiary and he haven't seen his parents since then. Despite him being a jock, he is friendly towards every clique and 'commoners' in school.

Devanie Black/Oz(voiced by Isabelle Fuhrman)- An emo girl who is somewhat apathetic and levelheaded who is usually depicted with a stoic expression on her face. Devanie has a range of superpowers based upon her skills with telekinesis and psychokinesis, with her mind empowering her to manipulate and levitate objects. Devanie is shown to be romantically attracted in Hermione.

Saya Yamamoto/Velocity (voiced by Kimiko Glenn)- A member of the Phoenix Defenders and heiress of the Yamamoto fortune. Saya is capable of running at hypersonic speed and wields a katana, an heirloom formerly belonging to her ancestor, Samurai Jack. She has a very spunky, bright, perky, outgoing and upbeat personality. She is the founder of Candyland, The Phoenix Defenders' hideout which is also her basement. She is close friends with Hermione, despite them coming from different social classes. Her grandfather teaches her how to wield her ancestor's katana and fought hand to hand combat properly before his passing. Saya was also inspired by the heroic adventures of Samurai Jack as a child to become a superhero to protect people from evil. Saya used to live in Dakota City when she was an infant because her parents were scientists before moving to Goldmoor where she soon started her superhero career as "Velocity". At the age of 2, she was in a lab accident at which granted her the ability to run at high speed but doesn't remember what happened or who was responsible for the accident though is determined to find the person who did this to her. At some point in her life, Saya's parents had divorced ;due to them having a heated argument on what to do with Saya now that she has powers. Saya now lives with her father, a wealthy and powerful zaibatsu owner who had raised her for a majority of her life but never had contact with her mother who refuses to see and talk to her. She is shown to have romantic feelings for Richie, only to get heartbroken when he told her he's only into guys.

Apollo McGuire/Light Man (voiced by Drake Bell) -the ditzy, laid back, carefree and good natured scene who can manipulate and control light. He is very good friends with Flint. He is in a romantic relationship with Mallory, despite his popularity. He is the leader of the scenes.

Recurring Characters

(voiced by )- 16 year old hipster and a close friend of Skye. He is adopted by a wealthy couple after his biological parents refuses to accept him for being transgender, which forced him to ran away.

Melanie Rowan/Conjure(voiced by )-Skye and Aeolus's 23 year old punk grudge Aboriginal Canadian stepsister and the daughter of Hana. She is aware of her step siblings's superhero identities. Melanie is part of the Wolf Shadow People, individuals who have the abilities of a werewolf but also have the ability of controlling shadows. Her biological father ,who was also part of the wolf shadow people, was killed by hunters when she was an infant.

The chief of Goldmoor's police force. Despite his "tough cop trope" personality, he is sometimes shown to be very lazy, cocky, and unhelpful.

Howard Russo(voiced by Brad Garrett)-the father of Hermione. Howard is shown to be a mature father figure to Hermione and loves his daughter very much, and had repeatedly offer her advice.

Sam Rowan- Skye and Aeolus' impulsive parent and Lakewood High's science teacher.

Hana Rowan- Skye and Aeolus' stepmother, Sam's childhood friend and wife, and is the mother of Melanie who is of Aboriginal Canadian descent. She is shown to be a more responsible parent than Sam and tries her best to keep Sam from being reckless and out of trouble.

Steve Yamamoto(voiced by Eric Bauza )-Saya's father, the patriarch of the Yamamoto family, and former scientist who is aware of his daughter's powers and superhero identity. It is heavily implied that he and Saya's mother are divorced.

Donovan Sanders (voiced by Kevin Hart) -Marina's African American human father and is Lakewood High's gym teacher.

Beatrice Manchester (voiced by Colleen Villard)- Lyn and Berna's 38 year old mother who is the matriarch of the Manchester family. She is cold and hostile towards Lyn and Berna. Despite knowing of Shirley's loathing of her daughters, she can do little to help the situation. She does rebel against her own mother several times in the series. It is heavily implied that Beatrix is currently in a romantic relationship with Agent Six.

Selena Carter (voiced by Maia Mitchell)- An 19 year old girl who is originally from Australia and is a vigilante with the ability to camouflage. She is a temporary member of The Phoenix Defenders and ally. She is Delphine's love interest and later girlfriend.

Manny Manchester (ne Tennyson) (voiced by Clifford Chapin) -the late father of Lyn and Berna who was killed in a car crash four years prior the series. He has red hair and green eyes, traits that his daughter Lyn inherited. Manny has a criminal past and has a rough history with Celia's mother, which later results in a deadly car crash with Berna inside, taking away her courage and hope and was replaced with fear and hopelessness, leaving her vulnerable to bullying and harassment by her classmates and being neglected by her maternal family.

Pinky (voiced by)- an insensitive ringleader of a small clique of bullies who continually teased, harassed and mercilessly bullied Berna because she was involved in the same car crash that killed Celia's mother and because of Manny's criminal past.

Missy (voiced by) a member of Pinky's clique who enjoys picking on students and is extremely loyal to Pinky.

Weston Mignogna (voiced by- a self proclaimed bad boy and a member of Pinky's gang who frequently picks on people who are less popular than him. His family has a close relationship with the Manchesters and is the heir to the Mignogna's fortune.

Ashley(voiced by Stefanie Scott)- a stuck up, snobby head of the cheerleader squad who has a possessive love with Aeolus and is constantly jealous of Berna's friendship with Aeolus and often threatens and torments Berna to stay away from him.

Katlyn (voiced by)- Ashley's best friend and second in command of the cheerleader squad. Like Ashley, she is stuck up but is spoiled. She has a temporary unrequited crush on Apollo and even accused Mallory of seducing him into liking her more than Katlyn herself. Katlyn claimed she and Ashley used to date each other but split up after Ashley felt their relationship is boring. They later reconciled their relationship.

Mr. Tatum(voiced by Patrick Seitz)-A history teacher who was a drill sergeant before he became a teacher.

Mr.Johnson(voiced by Matthew Mercer)- Lakewood High's administrator who has a strong respect for school authority, structure and discipline. He is also Principal Williams' lover.

Principal Williams(voiced by J.Michael Tatum)- the principal of Lakewood High.

Mr. Elliot (voiced by )- the eccentric vice principal of Lakewood High who retains a calm and light hearted demeanor.

Mr. Flora (voiced by Johnny Galecki)Flint's art teacher who has a crush on him.

Mrs. Water (voiced by)- Lakewood High's drama teacher.

the leader of the thespians who has some difficulty accepting Devanie as a member of the thespians due to her being emo.

the leader of the geeks.

Deborah Malfoy (voiced by Emma Watson)Mallory's gothic friend and ex girlfriend who is a vampire. She speaks in an upper middle class English accent.

Stormy-Skye's anthropomorphic pet cloud. He was conceived when Sam dared Skye to use her powers to tame a cloud.

Casey Smith- an emo and a close friend of Skye and Devanie who is openly attracted to men.

Dylan Irish- a nerdy Middle Eastern American of indeterminate gender and a friend of Skye who is the captain of the boy's basketball team. Zie was the one sided love interest of Skye.

Jillian- a member of Macy's gang and is Katlyn's younger sister who secretly has strong feelings for her bullying victim, Dylan.

Nicole- Celia's mother and Manny's ex lover. She is a self centered, irresponsible, and promiscuous woman whom, prior to the series, met Manny at a juvenile detention center and became smitten with him when he promised her that he would one day make her rich. However, Nicole dumps him after he had failed his promise of making her rich. Unknown to Manny, she was pregnant with his child at the time and a year later, Nicole gave birth to Celia. She is shown to barely takes care of Celia and always neglects her in order to elope with men she rarely know.

Amanda Waller-

Charmcaster (voiced by Kari Wahlgren)- the ruler of Ledgerdomain and Devanie and Mallory's distant cousin.

Ben Tennyson- Lyn and Berna's 16 year old cousin. After encountering Celia for the first time in years, he became very reckless and is more focused on hunting Celia that he had risked everyone's lives just so he could defeat her.

Gwen Tennyson- Ben, Lyn, and Berna's 16 year old cousin.

Kevin Levin-

Max Tennyson- Ben and Gwen's grandfather and Lyn and Berna's first cousin.

Rex Salazar - A 16 year old half Argentinean, and half Mexican human evo from another dimension who currently works for Providence and is currently Lyn's boyfriend.

Agent Six- Lyn and Berna's stepfather and Beatrix's husband.

White Knight-

Captain Hunter Samuel Griggs- the chief correctional at the Belle Reve Penitentiary, where Delphine and Flint were originally held for various reasons. Griggs is shown to be a cruel and sadistic who enjoys abusing and antagonizing Delphine against her will in various ways for his entertainment.

Sunny- Lyn and Berna's Anodite cousin from Anodyne.

Jenny Black- Mallory's biological mother and Devanie's maternal aunt. She was put in a mental asylum after she had lost her sanity.

Dr. Homer Neal- A deceased famed psychiatrist and billionaire industrialist. He is also Tora's father.

Tora's older brother. He was a kind hearted person who cared for Tora and had taught her to read and write. Like Tora, he too had powers, .He was later accidentally killed ,along with the other passengers, when Tora had suffered a panic attack.

Harold Talbert-Flint's biological father and the patriarch of the Talbert Family who had carried a deep hatred for his son and even expresses his regret of having Flint as his son due to his fear of metahumans. Due to his paranoia of Flint trying to kill him with his abilities, called the police on Flint, whom they sent to Belle Reve Penitentiary. A few months after sending Flint to prison, kills Flint's mother and was later taken to jail.

Thomas Manchester- Lyn and Berna's maternal cousin and Beatrix's nephew who shows resentment towards Lyn and Berna. As the series progresses, he eventually realizes that he actually cared about his cousins. He is a popular jock and is close friends with Weston.

Reginald Manchester- Lyn and Berna's uncle, Thomas's father and Beatrix's older brother who is the only member of the Manchester family who treated Berna and Lyn with respect and pays attention to them.

Arthur Curry/Aquaman- the husband of Mera and Marina's uncle who is the king of Atlantis and a member of the Justice League.

Mera- the wife of Aquaman and Marina's maternal aunt who is the queen of Atlantis.

Takashi Yamamoto- Saya's older brother who moved in with Saya and Steve.

Virgil Ovid Hawkins/Static- An African American high school student who,as a result of accidental exposure to an experimental mutagen in an event known as the Big Bang, gains the ability to control and manipulate electromagnetism.

Richard "Richie" Osgood Foley/Gear- An ally of Static and Virgil's best friend. Unlike Virgil, he wasn't present for the Big Bang, but Static's clothes still carried some of the gas, and his powers were dormant until the third season of Static Shock. His power is superhuman intelligence, having invented a number of weapons and devices for Static and himself to use. Although his sexual orientation wasn't explored in the Static Shock cartoon at the time of the show's original run, it was later revealed by a heartbroken Saya that he is homosexual after he rejected her romantic feelings towards him and told her he's only interested in men. However, as the series progresses, he later showed to reciprocate Saya's feelings for him which makes him bisexual.

Devanie's mother and Mallory's maternal aunt. Unlike her daughter, she appeared to be a lighthearted, kind and loving individual who is very supportive of her daughter's relationship with Hermione.

Mallory's mother and Devanie's maternal aunt.

Zak Saturday-

Drew Saturday-

Doc Saturday-

Doyle Blackwell- Zak's biological uncle, Doc's brother in law and Drew's long lost younger brother. Prior to the events of the series, Doyle was born to a family of adventurer-scientists who were scattered during an attack by Argost. He was Van Rook's apprentice. One minute after encountering Melanie, he was infatuated with her.

Robert Hawkins-

Sharon Hawkins- Virgil's strong willed, caring older sister.

The Flash/Wally West-

Batman/Bruce Wayne-


Mad Mod (voiced by Malcolm McDowell)- a psychedelic British villain with no superpowers but has the ability to produce illusions resulted in surreal 1960's styled landscapes.

Celia (voiced by Kathleen Barr)- a close friend of Pinky who was at first kind to Berna until Berna accidentally squirted mustard all over Celia's leather jacket which she had stated that it used to belong to her mother before she died and after that incident she became hostile towards Berna. Celia was born to a single mother and an unknown father who had allegedly abandoned them. Celia has spent most of her childhood neglected by her mother, who would often abandons her in order to run off with men she rarely knew. It was revealed that ,unbeknownst to Lyn and Berna at the time, Manny is Celia's estranged biological father, thus making her their older half sister. She is hostile, aggressive, and a very sadistic person who holds a deadly grudge against Lyn, Berna, and the Tennysons for her mom's death. Despite blaming Lyn, Berna, and the Tennysons for the death of her mother, Celia has romantic feelings for Berna.

Siren/Hila- Queen Mera's younger identical twin sister, Aquaman's sister in law and the mother of Marina.

A vampire and Mallory's biological father. He uses his hypnosis powers on women

Cho- the leader of The Red Dragon who is also an immortal Chinese wizard who seeks world domination

Ying Wu- a Chinese American swordswoman and one of Cho's monks.

Poison Ivy/Pamela Isley: an eco terrorist and plant manipulator who is an enemy of Batman and is also Delphine's mother.

Shirley Manchester (voiced by) -Beatrix's mother and maternal grandmother of Lyn and Berna who acts as the head of the Manchester family. She is very domineering, hateful, and manipulative individual who looks down on the middle class or commoners, especially those who are half upper class and half middle class. Shirley strongly despises Lyn and Berna for being the daughters of a commoner and is abusive towards them even refuses to acknowledge them as her granddaughters. She is more concerned with the reputation and wealth of the Manchester name than her own family. She later teams up with Celia as a chance to kill her granddaughters but was eventually arrested.

Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow-the self proclaimed master of fear who uses a variety of experimental drugs and toxins to exploit the fears and phobias of his victims. He is shown to be close friends with Delphine.

Jack Napier/Joker- Delphine's honorary uncle.

Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn- and Delphine's honorary aunt

Selina Kyle/Catwoman-honorary aunt.

List of Episodes

Season One


  • Before the Nightmare:
  • School Dazed: The Phoenix Defenders must survive another year of school while trying to hide their secret superhero alter egos from those around them.
  • Terror in the Woods:
  • The New Kid:
  • The Bitter Visit:
  • The Bitter End: Tired of the Phoenix Defenders for protecting her from Celia, Berna decides to confront her alone, only to discover a shocking origin story that will shock her forever.
  • It's the Great Pumpkin, Phoenix Defenders!: Our heroes are getting ready for Halloween until a supernatural force came to get rid of them and the residents of Goldmoor to unleashed a powerful evil the world as ever known and see.
  • 2 Frenemies vs Detention: Mallory and Devanie had a hard time controlling their on and off rivalry which causes them to get detention. While serving detention, they must work together to escape for the clutches of Mad Mod himself.
  • The Deadly Flower-

Season Two

Description: Part 1-

Part 2- a mysterious villain is lurking in the shadows and has a strong desire to destroy Berna. The Phoenix Defenders will do their best to protect Berna and to figure out who is the person.

  • How the Star Guardians Save Christmas: The Star Guardians must save Christmas from The Grinch.
  • Prom Edition: It's time for the team's prom and everyone is getting ready. With some drama, romance and friendship, Can the Star Guardians survive the ultimate high school experience: prom night?
  • Hit the Surf: Everybody needs some time off. Even superheroes. After calling in some people to watch the city while they're gone, the Star Guardians decide to hit the beach! What could possibly go wrong?
  • Arguments Can Cause Tears: Berna, Crispin and Aeolus get into a heted argument when Aeouls and Crispin told Berna that Serais is a bad influence for Berna while Berna stubbornly believes that she isn't. Jealous of Berna and Aeolus being close to each other, Katelyn takes matters into hr own hands by threatening to kill Berna in front of the whole school unless Aeolus agrees to be her boyfriend.
  • The Eye of the Hurricane Part 1: Maya gets over pressured after Macy threatens her to stay away from Julie, causing her to avoid Julie at all costs.
  • The Eye of the Hurricane Part 2:
  • The Eye of the Hurricane Part 3: Once they finally reconcile, Berna then founds out the truth behind the tragic reason of why Sera is so harsh towards people.
  • The Eye of the Hurricane Part 4: Maya and Julie publicly announced their relationship to the Star Guardians, who are shocked yet supportive upon hearing the news. Yet, Paul became very depressed upon hearing the news and not everybody are not as accepting of a same sex relationship.
  • Saving Private Zeta: The Star Guardians must protect Zeta and Ro from Agent West and Agent Rush.
  • The Final Day of School-

Season Three

Season Four

Description: the love triangle between Berna, Sera, and Aeolus intensifies to a whole new level.

List of Shorts

  • Emo vs. Goth: Devanie and Mallory are battling each other in a stereotypical yet comical way.
  • That's Just Who I Am: Before she was a Phoenix Defender, Skye doesn't know who she is anymore. Luckily, she has a stepsister who has lots of knowledge and a half brother who has lots of spare clothes.


Pinky:You're pitiful, y'know that! No wonder your father killed himself!

Berna Manchester:What do you know about me?!

Pinky:Nothing but your wealth and status. Does all of that mean nothing to you? Look at the way you dress, you look like trash! Aren't you so appreciative of the money your family mysteriously have been blessed with? Your family are just a bunch of greedy thugs, aren't they? How else could you Manchester, be one of the most richest families in the world?!

Berna Manchester:Take that back!

Pinky:Why should I? I could confess to the whole school that you have a gangster family?! By the looks of it, I bet they're just like you!

Berna Manchester:What did I do to deserve this?!

Pinky:You existed! You existed, freak!

Who do you people think you are? A bunch of superheroes?

That's right, thieves.(turned into a puddle of water) No, do your worst.

One of the robbers grabbed a sponge and throws it at Marina, which absorbs her.

Seriously, you didn't have the decency to use a name brand sponge.

  • Looks like it's just you and me. Woman to Woman. You're no match for me. I was a champion blackbelt while you're just some silly Static Shock wannabe. You don't stand a-

Tora just touches Roberta on the chest and sends over 1000 volts of electricity through her body. She flies across the room and lands on the unconscious bodies of her companions.

Grab the buns cuz Voltage is frying up some burglars! Get it? Burglars? Burgers? Burglars rhyme with burgers? (everyone just stare at him)...Oh, screw you people!

  • Delphine Isley:It's cute that you actually think i'm going to do that crap.

Lyn Manchester:I'm your handler and you will do it!

Delphine Isley:Correction: Batman is your handler and what he tells you what tell me what to do and once i do it you report to him.

Lyn Manchester:Wrong. I am your handler and i report to him to show that you are keeping your end of the bargain and keep you out of Arkham. So if you don't want to comply... (steps closer and forces Delphine to look up to keep eye to eye contact)...we can end this today and put you in a cell.

  • Delphine Isley:Lyn, do me a favor and go eat a poison root.
  • Skye Rowan:This is Stormy! He's my pet...i've had him since my powers kicked in. My mother ,Samantha, dared me to try taming a cloud, and after i did, this little guy decided to like me so much that he wouldn't go back home. He decided to live with me! (hugging her pet again, Stormy made a contented sound much like a cat's purr. Skye then glanced up at Zak) I left him behind in Canada because i wasn't sure if he'd be safe here... Guess it's okay if i keep him, huh?
  • Saya Sato:Speaking from the girl who has the same superpowers as a carpet. So does that make you Carpet Woman? Or maybe the Magic Carpet with legs?

Lyn Manchester: I know where you're going with this and it's not happening. You're inexperienced in fighting

Tora Neal: In other words, Lyn would rather lose to villains than be humiliated when you screw up!

Tora Neal: Touche.

  • Saya Sato:(shouted excitedly)Yes! I have friends in this class! Now i don't have to be all awkward and alone!
  • Saya Sato/Velocity:(shouted) What the heck was that?

Mallory walks towards Saya and whispers something to her, and gesticulating toward something on the road before disappearing.

Saya Sato/Velocity: (shouted angrily)You have got to be kidding me, i tripped over a speed bump?! What kind of idiot decided to stuck a speed bump in the street?!

  • Lyn Manchester/Cursechanter: (shouted) HONG KONG PHOOEY!


Lyn then round kicked the man across the face, sending him flying across the street in a flash and crashed onto a building.


Hong Kong Phooey: (offscreen)Right here.

The camera turned to who said it and Hong Kong Phooey was actually there, much to everyone's surprise. Hong Kong Phooey ,for no reason, karate chopped a nearby trashcan in half.


:Who cares? We don't even know you.

Citizen:Someone please get him!

Velocity zoomed off and a few seconds later came back with the wrong suspect.

Saya Sato/ Velocity:I got the culprit!

Citizen:Wait a minute, that's the wrong guy.

Saya Sato/Velocity:Oh...Oh well, he's gone.

Lyn Manchester/Cursechanter:Not for long!

  • : What? Can't a laugh?

A girl can, but you can't!

  • Donovan Sanders:(screams)AAAAHHHHH! SOMEONE SAVE THE BLACK MAN!
  • Berna Manchester: Hey Sera!

Sera turned around, eyes wide with surprise but she quickly put on a cool mask.

Sera Hernandez:(scoffed) Screw off!

  • Howard Cooper:Stay still, Phoenix Defender! Your days of vigilantism are over!


Howard Cooper:What? People don't say that anymore?

  • Lyn Manchester:Is...that what everybody in school call you?

Berna slowly nodded as she fumbled with her fingernails.

Berna Manchester:I mean, what other suiting name is there to call me?

Lyn Manchester:Your real name. You're Berna and that's that. You shouldn't let people get away with treating you so horribly. Truth to be told, i don't know what it's like to get bullied, but if you're allowing yourself to be a victim of bullying without doing anything to stop it, then you'll let those people win. You can't let that happen. You have to stand for what's right, even if it means standing alone.

Berna Manchester: Thanks...Lyn...Let's hurry up to class before the tardy bell rings.


Marina Sanders: But dad-

Donovan Sanders:NOW!

  • Crispin Rivers:Do you do that all the time?

Tora Neal:(coldly) When people get too close, they get hurt. It's how it works.

  • Beatrix Manchester: I guess you could call him a bad person. But not when you girls were around! He wasn't bad around us! Never!
  • Agent Six: Don't you ever do that again! Do you hear me? You could've been killed!

Berna Manchester:Sorry.

Agent Six embraced her tightly before releasing and walking off.

Agent Six:Still, don't do that again.

  • Berna Manchester: No! You don't know anything about me! You don't know what i've been through! You don't get viciously bullied and harassed at school because you're not a teenaged outcast! You get perfect grades! You have lots of friends! You're one of the most popular kids in school! You have a boyfriend who 1) lives in an alternate dimension and works for an organization known as Providence, 2) have the ability to create a variety of machines on his body and 3) He can cure E.V.O.s! You can cast spells! You're the second powerful one in the group! You're one of most strongest and powerful beings in the entire universe! You're Bruce's favorite godchild! You're Sunny's favorite relative! You're the team leader! YOU'RE THE FIRST BORN SIBLING!

Lyn Manchester:(angrily)Sis, That's enough!

Berna Manchester:(shouted)You just think i'm weak because i can't protect myself from Celia! But i can and i will!



  • Katlyn:GET UP!

Mallory Black:What?

Katlyn:You've been seducing my Apollo that's what! And don't even try to deny it!

Mallory Black:Apollo who?

Katlyn:You know perfectly well which Apollo!

Mallory Black:We are talking about Shaggy Rogers right?

Apollo tried to hold a chuckle when Mallory opened her book again and began to read.

Mallory Black: Well, i'm so sorry for seducing Apollo.

Katlyn:Ha! I know it!

Mallory Black:Know what?

Katlyn:That you've been seducing Apollo!

Mallory Black:Who?

Katlyn:Apollo! My boyfriend!

Bro, you're so lucky, getting Katlyn.

Mallory Black:Who are you again?

Katlyn;Wh-What? No, that's not important!

Mallory Black: Well, if i don't know who you are, doesn't that mean i don't know who your boyfriend is?


Apollo suddenly burst into laughter.

Apollo McGuire:Katlyn, leave her alone, okay? This is getting boring.

Katlyn:I know it, she is seducing you?

Apollo McGuire:Say what?

Katlyn:It's not true, right?

Apollo McGuire:Katlyn...why would i choose an ugly cheerleader when i can have Mallory all for myself? She's the attractive one around here and you know it.

Mallory smirked rather satisfactorily as Apollo smiled and hugged her. Suddenly the teacher walked in with a new student.

What is going on here?

Katlyn's eyes immediately watered.

Katlyn:Mallory Black hit me!

Apollo McGuire:What the...?

It's true! And she tried to attack us!

She's so scary!

Katlyn:But Apollo saved me! He pulled her off me!

Mr. McGuire, is this true?

Apollo McGuire:I...

Mallory Black:Yes, It's true.

Katlyn stumbled in shock as Mallory stood up, looking completely calm.

Apollo McGuire:(whispers)Come on Mallory, don't do this.

Mallory Black:I attacked Katlyn because there was a wasp tangled in her hair. I was just trying to pull it out before it could sting her...but it flew out.

Katlyn :Wait...THERE'S A WASP IN MY HAIR?!


The screen then focused on Aeolus who is just staring down at them with a deadpan expression then turned to face the audience.

Aeolus Rowan: Let's just say the psychiatrist was busy for the next 2 weeks.

  • Celia:Berna?! W...what are you doing here?!

Berna Manchester:I'm need you to listen to me. I'm sorry. I'm sorry about what happened to your mom. I wish i could go back in time. I wish i could make you happy again. I  wish i could just bring back the past. But...I can't do that. There's only so much

Celia:Seriously?! You want me to trust you?!

Berna Manchester:You don't have much of a choice.


Berna Manchester:This is why...This is what i'm trying to save you from...

  • Berna Manchester:Why do you hate me? Your future self acted as if i were her friend.

Sera furiously whipped around and faced Berna.

Sera Hernandez: (shouted) I DON'T CARE ABOUT MY FUTURE SELF!

Berna Manchester:Well, you are your future self. You'll be acting just like that one day.

  • Steve Sato:(sarcastically)Wow, you are the hero for crazy girls with febreze.
  • Skye Rowan: Hey look, everything is going to be okay tomorrow. Just wait and see, things might turn out-Katherine:I can't be bothered to go to guy had asked me out and i'm going to my cat's funeral. Don't feel sorry for me because the cat was fat and useless anyway. So stop talking to me, you ugly dude.
  • Mr. Johnson: Okay brats, because you two have been so quiet during detention, i will let you both go early...I know you need to get home and get ready for prom tomorrow night not why i'm letting you both go. Don't make me give you another detention after this again. Do you both understand.
  • Zeta:This is a tree.

Ro Rowen: I know what a tree is.

Zeta:Most trees have green leaves.

Ro Rowen: We still have trees.

Zeta:They take in carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen.

Ro Rowen:...Say what now.

  • Agent Bennett:Did i tell you fire, West?!

Agent West:I-I was just-

Agent Bennett:You don't fire unless i tell you to! You got that?

  • Lyn jumps 

Lyn Manchester:AHHYYYYAAAA! (throws a ball of duct tape at her)

OW! WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?! that duct tape?

Lyn Manchester:Yep.

How did you get that?

Lyn Manchester:Oh, well Mr.Tatum told me to put some stuff up, then he said 'take it down maggot!' and i said 'God man, make up your mind!' so i took it down and rolled it up into a ball. really are crazy...

  • We are all freaks and if we don't accept that we are freaks then we are nothing. Even Sparky here, she is as much of a freak as the rest of us.

Hey, leave me out of this.

How long are you going to keep this act going? You have killed more people than the rest of us. I know what you did that day. I read the report, it's time to stop pretending that you are some kind of innocent person.

Sera Hernandez:What is she talking about, Sparks?

Tora close her eyes and looked away, refusing to speak to Sera.

Delphine Isley:F.A 4113 was the name of a plane that crashed 7 years ago. It made the news around the world. I'm surprised you guys haven't heard of it. (looked over at Tora who had closed her eyes trying to block out Delphine's voice) Over 500 people were killed in that accident; men, women, and children. The passengers and crew members were all dead before they could hit the ground. They have been electrocuted; the officials blamed it on faulty wires but that was never proven. (looked at Tora again, who now have tears forming in her eyes) The report said that the images were too graphic and disturbing to share with the public. There was one reported survivor, a seven year old girl...she came out of that accident without a scratch on her. Ain't that right, Tora?

Everyone watched as tears began to run down Tora's face, sparks shooting off where the liquid touched the skin. Wincing at the sparks, Tora looked up and glared at Delphine.

Tora Neal:It was an accident.

Delphine Isley:So what? You still killed them!

Tora Neal: (screams)I was a child!

Delphine Isley:(yells)It doesn't make any difference to the families left behind to grieve! You can pretend all you like but you know that deep down inside, you are a freak too!

  • Tora Neal:(screams)All of you had make a choice, you chose the life you wanted to live. You chose the life of protecting citizens and those who had chose to be a villain had chose to kill people. Some of us never got the choice. I destroy everything i touch, anything and everyone i cared about! So don't you dare stand there and tell me that i don't know that i am a freak!

Tora stormed out of the room, Crispin had tried to take a hold of her but was shocked back into his seat as she pushed past him in tears as she ran out of the basement.

Tora Neal:I wasn't even a day old when i killed my mother-she never even got to hold me. While she was pregnant with me, she was having major fits and by the time she gave birth to me, she no longer had the strength to fight, She had a heart attack and died because of my static- her heart just couldn't take it and i killed her. My father fall into a deep depression and he had send me off to various boarding schools and then granting my custody to my brother. My father hated me for killing my mother and took his rage on me with his tests. My powers got more and more unstable as the tests went on, the human body is not supposed to deal with that much static so it sent my powers into maximum overdrive. The only person who has ever been able to come close to me and was the only one who has ever cared about me was my older brother.I had spend my first few years in a glass room and men in shock proof suits and water guns would go in and care for me...i was treated and watched like a lab rat as they dubbed me as Project X. I wanted them to leave me alone but they always keep punishing me for no reason.

Project X?

It's a project my dad was working on to study the effect of electrotherapy on humans.

Tora Neal: Sometimes, I believe I came from a family of metahumans.

But what about your brother? Wouldn't he have contracted some sort of meta-human powers, too?

Tora Neal:I don't know. He never did weird things like they i did. As far as i know, he was perfectly normal, just like... well, almost all of you.

Young Tora Neal:I'm sorry Daddy! It was an accident!

Dr.Homer Neal:You killed 500 people. That is a lot of people baby girl.

Young Tora Neal:I'm sorry!


Dr. Homer Neal:Don't hug me! You may never hug know you will only hurt me. Do you enjoy hurting people child? (Tora tearfully shook her head and wiped her face, sparkling slightly at the liquid on her face) You kill everyone and everything you touch child. From now on, you won't be touching anything or anyone again.

Tora snapped her eyes open to see that Delphine had knelt down next to her and was prodding her in the face with a pencil.

Delphine Isley:Buzz, buzz! Anyone in there? (stood up and walks away)Come on sleepyhead, we gotta go.

Tora Neal:Alright! Alright! I'm coming!

  • Delphine Isley:Your father was Dr. Homer Neal right? Me and my aunt Harley were huge fans of his.

Delphine Isley:Did you kill him? Your father was murdered wasn't he?

What the heck Delphine?!

Delphine Isley:Hey, i'm just asking! You don't mind do you Sparky?

I don't want to talk about it Delphine.

Who is Dr.Neal?

Delphine Isley:He was this psychiatrist... who was infamous for creating Project X.

Project X?

Delphine Isley:It was a project that was used to study on the effects of ECT on human beings.

ECT? What's that about?

Delphine Isley:Electroconvulsive therapy.

Ain't that when they electrocute you?

Delphine Isley:Bingo.

He electrocute people?

Delphine Isley:Did your own father electrocute you when you were a child? Is that the main reason why you are all sparky now?

  • Commissioner James Gordon: Young lady, Why were you stealing a $942 jacket?

Tora Neal: Because I need it to keep me warm at night?

Tora Neal: Why didn't you pay for it?

Tora Neal:Because i had no money.

Commissioner James Gordon:Where are your parents?

Tora Neal: I don't have any.

Commissioner James Gordon:What's your name?

Tora Neal: I don't know.

Commissioner James Gordon:Don't you dare lie to me! Do you know any of the consequences of stealing or robbing?

Tora shakes her head.

Commissioner James Gordon: No? Well, then let me tell you, it's not pretty, especially for a kid like you. You will be staying at a jail cell for the night then you will be going to an orphanage tomorrow. Understand?

  • Tora Neal: Could you please go away, Unless you want to search the whole apartment in case I have a bomb or something else that could hurt the Hawkins?

Lyn Manchester: No, it just that I...

Tora Neal: (softly)Why do you always believed I want to hurt anyone? ( sparks came out of her fingertips as her voice grew louder) I came to the team, so I could learn to control my powers, what would even the impression I would want to hurt a single person? Though, I have enough reason to after how you act like I don't even exist and only notice me enough to throw accusations in my face!

Tears slipped down her face as she take a intimidating step toward Lyn. Lyn took a step back in surprise as electricity sparked up Tora's arms along her skin.

Tora Neal: I only joined,because I thought a team of super powered people might be able to accept a freak like me, but I guess I was wrong! You only made my life worse than it already is!

Lyn reached out to Tora with a desperate look on her face.

Lyn Manchester: Tora,calm down.

Tora growled at her, sending a bit of electricity towards Lyn to keep her away. Lyn flinched at the gentle warning shock.

Tora Neal: But I know my life isn't going to get better anytime soon due to many mistakes I have made in the past. Whatever happens, happens. And there is nothing in this cruel world can undo it! Let me start by saying this...I don't regret giving you these scars, Lyn. For once in my life, I am actually proud of myself. I don't regret doing all the threats and blackmailing! I don't regret robbing and stealing things from people! Nor do I regret killing people and I especially do not regret killing women and children! Not even a bit!


As Lyn said those words, Tora send a bolt of electricity at her, however Lyn dodged it.

Tora Neal: (angrily screams at the top of her lungs) DON'T YOU EVER SAY THAT AGAIN! WHO GAVE YOU THAT IDEA!

Lyn Manchester: The investigation team.

Tora Neal: How did they lead to this conclusion?

Lyn Manchester: Because they saw you kill parents and children and heard what you did to those innocent people on the plane! So when they found you without parents, they came to realize that you killed them. Even the government believes them.

Tora Neal: Well, they're wrong! If my parents and brother were alive, I wouldn't be the person who I am today!My own mother died before she ever had the chance to see me for the first time. She never had the chance to hold me and my own father blamed it on me and used me as a test subject because of it. Even though, he is a heartless man and I hated him for what he had done to me, I would never do anything to hurt him. I didn't kill him. A random co worker of his killed him while I was trapped in that torture chamber. And for my brother,it was an accident! He was the only one who had actually cared about me at the time, while the rest of my family shunned me and casted me aside like garbage. And I repaid him by killing him. It was the only thing I have I ever regret doing.

Lyn Manchester: Anna.

Tora looked at Lyn in shock and surprise.

Tora Neal: What did you just say?

Lyn Manchester: Well, full name is Annabella Tora Neal.

Tora narrowed her eyes at Lyn.

Tora Neal: How did you find out?

Lyn Manchester: When i was visiting the investigation team, I was looking through old cases that were never been able to solve. One of them, was about a wealthy psychiatrist who was killed by an unknown suspect. But they didn't know who. They found out a year after it happened, that he had a son and a daughter. However, the daughter was labeled missing. I can't seem to remember what she looked like.

Tora pulled out a picture from her pocket and showed it to Lyn.

Tora Neal: Did she look like this?

Lyn looked at the photo to see a young girl with neck length brown hair and grey eyes. She is wearing a pink dress, white stocking that goes to her ankles and a pair of black mary jane shoes. She is shown smiling and waving at the camera. Next to her is a tall, older male who has the same hair color and eyes as her. He is wearing a red, long sleeved hoodie with a fall out boy symbol on it, a pair of long blue jeans, and brown boots. He is shown placing a hand on the girl's shoulders as he smiles at her.

Lyn Manchester: Yes, that's her.

Tora Neal: People change. Once they change, it's hard to bring them back.

Lyn Manchester: Tora...

Tora Neal:(threateningly) Get out!

Lyn Manchester:...what?

Tora Neal: (screams) GET OUT!

Robert Hawkins: I think it would best if you would just leave.

Lyn Manchester: It's probably for the best.

  • Katlyn: I've never talked to a loser and an emo before. I wanted to see what it's like.

Berna Manchester: And the experience so far is what...?

Katlyn looked at Berna confused.

Katlyn: What does exp-experi-experience mean?

Berna Manchester: Devanie… could you translate for her.

Devanie sighed before looking at Katlyn with a stoic expression.

Devanie Black: Okay, i'll talk cheerleader for you to understand; So far how's it like talking to losers?

Katlyn: Different. Oh my god, you can speak cheerleader! I like you two already! You two are now officially my blfs.

Berna/Devanie: (unison) Blfs?

Katlyn: Best loser friends, duh!

Berna Manchester: Katlyn, you know Ashley and me aren't exactly on friendly terms.

Katlyn: Oh yeah. Oh well, do you know that before the whole Aeolus situation, me and Ashley used to date each other. Well, that was until she thought our relationship is boring.

  • Is this a joke?

Scarecrow:No, that's the other guy.

Other guy? What other guy? There's two of you?

Scarecrow:Two of me? No, that's another other guy.

Another other guy? Can you stop talking in riddles?

Scarecrow:Riddles? That's another other, other guy.

… I'm confused now. Is this supposed to scare me or something?

Scarecrow:Yes! Scare you! Finally, you get it. That's my thing!

You scare me? Ha! This has to be a joke?

Scarecrow: Do I look like the Joker too you? But this isn't a joke, I assume you. If you want a joke, go watch Teen Titans Go.


  • Crispin Rivers: Come on, Aeolus. You can do this.

Aeolus Rowan: (nervously) I don't know, Crispin. I mean, what if she rejects me or something.

Crispin Rivers: You gotta at least try.

Aeolus sighed

Aeolus Rowan: Alright, I'm going in. walks toward the bathroom.

Aeolus then took a deep breath, then exhaled and opened the door. Before he did, however, it showed Berna's bare feet with the door in the distance as her shirt dropped from above.

Aeolus Rowan: Berna, are you in he-

Aeolus looks up and paused as it showed

Crispin Rivers: What happened?!

Aeolus Rowan: (shouted) I accidentally saw Berna naked!

Crispin Rivers: (screams) WHAT?!

Aeolus Rowan: (shouted) I know! But you know what's the really weird part?! I actually enjoyed it!

Sandra Tennyson:(offscreen) Oh, really now?

Aeolus turned to find The Tennysons behind him with an outraged look on their faces. Aeolus then jumped in fright.

Aeolus Rowan: GUYS! I SWEAR, I DIDN'T KNOW SHE WAS- (Ben ,however, punched him before he could finish)

The Tennysons turned to look at Crispin, only for him to slowly back away with his hands up before running downstairs.

  • Apollo McGuire: Oh and Apollo?

Apollo McGuire: Yeah, Mallory. (turns around to see Mallory wearing a tribal mask)


Apollo McGuire: (screams)AAAAAAAAUGGGGGGGHHHH! (ran away)

Mallory lift the mask and laugh, causing Skye to pull out a rolling pin and smack her with it.

Mallory Black: OW! WHAT DID I DO?

  • Berna Manchester: I'm a Phoenix Defender now, so you should just accept it because my friends did and that's what made me into who I am now.
  • Beatrix Manchester: I'm very disappointed in you, young lady! How can you do such a thing?!

Berna Manchester: But mom, it wasn't my fault, Pinky and her gang tricked me into stealing the test answers. They said if I did it, they'd invite me to eat with them during lunch.

Beatrix Manchester: And you believed them! How can you be so stupid?!

Agent Six: Well, that's no excuse. Berna, how many times are you gonna let everyone in school push you around until you realize they doesn't care about you.

Berna Manchester: I'm sorry. I didn't want for this to happen.

Beatrix Manchester: Sorry isn't good enough. And for the next two months, consider yourself grounded.




Because you're family.

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