The Phoenix Defenders is an American animated television series produced by Cartoon Network Studios. It is a coming of age story of a team of superhuman teenagers with distinct personalities and backstories who fight the forces of evil as well as dealing with their normal daily lives and inner demons. The series continues with the descendants of the phoenix defenders and the futuristic generation of superheroes inThe Phoenix Defenders : The Next Generation.

Tag line

Being a teen is hard, especially when you have superpowers and have to save the world from time to time. The Phoenix Defenders are no different from any other teenager. They just want to grow up, find their own way and be happy.


The series centers on the lives of a group of sixteen teenagers who lived in the fictitious metropolis city of Goldmoor. They are also called The Phoenix Defenders, a vigilante team who act as an independent force against crime and the forces of evil. They are situated in a secret hideout called 'Candyland'.

Each of them possesses unique powers and abilities which helps them fight a variety of villains and threats. The show also explores what they do when they are not saving the world; like attending Lakewood Academy, a fictitious prestigious high school for rich kids though it also harbors middle class students. The Phoenix Defenders, being teenagers, are forced to deal with their own struggles within and outside the team.

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List of Characters

Main Characters (The Phoenix Defenders)

Lyn Betty Jean Manchester-The self proclaimed leader and founder of The Phoenix Defenders. She is a very talented gymnast and martial artist and can easily manipulate and control a supernatural substance called mana from her aura to create numerous things(energy blasts, shields, etc.).

Bernadette "Berna" Verdona Manchester/Mana Star- the younger sister of Lyn and Yong Yut who can manipulate and control mana. She is the heiress of the Manchester's fortune.

Yong -Yut Tennyson: Lyn and Berna's elder paternal half sister

Hermione Indira Russo/Shield- a super powered girl with elemental abilities to control, manipulate and reshape earthen materials, particularly soil, dirt, stone, concrete, and rock and to control anything magma based. She is simple minded, eccentric, and polite. She is quite ignorant; for example, she does not understand that black and white shows are old fashioned. She seems to be obsessed with food due to her Gourmand heritage. Hermione have strong romantic feelings for Devanie in spite their differences and personalities.

Galina Skye Rowan/Storm Wind - Aeolus' maternal older half sibling and Neebin's stepsibling who has the ability to control and manipulate weather and wind. They are openly pansexual and is shown to be proud of it. They are fun loving and caring but is also practical, independent, intelligent, hard working, and honest to a fault. They are later revealed to be the biological offspring of Van Rook. They were shown to have a good relationship with their father and was deeply saddened by his death as they always carries a photograph of him. They go by their middle name but they are okay with people calling them by their first name, Galina. Though half blooded, they along with Aeolus are among the last known dragons on Earth.

Acantha McCord / Datura-who wants to live her own life. Prior to the events of the series, Acantha grew up in a dysfunctional household in Bellwood . grew up in a middle class family under controlling parents who don't pay much attention to her needs and try to force things on her. she has a strange but strong connection with plants and has the ability to mentally control and animates all forms of plant life on a molecular level.

Mallory Black/Hex Storm- an agile gothic punk girl with a mastery of black magic to bring misfortune upon others. She is depicted as a mischievous troublemaker and shows little disregard to other people, including her friends, and her cousin Devanie . Because of her appearance, personality, and misfortune, she is considered an outcast by her peers. Prior to the events of the series, She

Annabella Tora Stone/Voltage -A seemingly callous, blunt, and somewhat ill tempered homeless girl with the ability to control and manipulate electromagnetism. She can also create massive shockwaves and has an accelerated healing factor. Prior to the events of the series, Tora was born in Metropolis to the late famous psychiatrist Dr. Homer Stone and an unknown deceased mother. At the time of her birth, Tora activated her electrokinetic abilities. But unfortunately, she had accidentally released some static which killed her mother by giving her a heart attack while giving birth to Tora. Her father hated her for the death of his wife and feared her because of her meta-human powers and decided to take his angry out on her with his tests. As time goes by, her powers had became very unstable, making it impossible for Tora to control at the time. The only person who had treated her with love, kindness and respect at the time was her older brother whom she has a close relationship with . She was kept in a glass room for a few years, until her father was murdered by one of his co-workers. Tora escapes but without money and nowhere else to go, she lived in a nomadic lifestyle. Living without food and money, she had decided to live a life as a thief in order to survive. Her callous personality covers for her troubled past and her desire of not getting close to anyone. A character arc of the series of her trying to fully master and control her unstable abilities and it also involves her relationship with the Hawkins and her brother Francis who helped her discover the importance of what it is like to have people that actually cared about her.

Seraph Hernandez/The Burning Amber- a young delinquent who has an elemental ability to control, manipulate and reshape fire. Ne also have superhuman agility and strength, unbreakable skin and an accelerated healing factor. Seraph is a grumpy, abrasive, aloof, self interested, and selfish person who is very cruel and dismissive towards everyone. Prior to the events in the series, Seraph was born with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. Seraph was raised by parents who physically and verbally abuses nir. Seraph believed that nir being intersex might be the main reason why nir parents hated nir but Berna strongly disagreed.  

Adahy Rivers/Frostbite -a boy who is an incredibly strong cryokinetic, able to create, manipulate and control frost, sleet, flurries, snow and ice, and create massive blizzards, hailstorms, and snowstorms. Adahy is the son of a human woman and a Necrofriggian plumber. As his father was allegedly killed on a mission when he was very young, Adahy was raised solely by his mother. However, Adahy's missing father had left a few items for him to keep.  

Aeolus Rowan/Zephyr-Skye's younger maternal half brother and Neebin's stepbrother. Aeolus is fun loving and adventurous It costed him not to be taken seriously by others. He has the ability to manipulate both winds and weather. He is best friends with Crispin and is romantically involved with Crispin and later Berna.

Delphine Curry/ Aquarius- A biracial Atlantean girl who has the ability to increase the local specific density of water and manipulate its shape, the ability to communicate with marine animals, and the ability to control people's minds. She is the niece of Aquaman and Queen Mera and is the daughter of Siren. Delphine has a somewhat strained relationship with her parents. In school, Delphine is fairly popular. However, she is a victim of racism bullyingShe is the best and fastest member of the school's swimming team but she later quits the team. She is brave and is somewhat of a leader but can act very reckless due to her ADHD. Because of her leadership skills, she is The Phoenix Defenders' second in command.

Flint Branford /Diamonite -A fun loving jock and member of The Phoenix Defenders with a prominent Southern accent who is able to manipulate and control diamonds out of his body at will. Prior to the events of the series, Flint was originally from New Orleans, Louisiana to an upper class family. When he was born, he had developed the ability to manipulate diamonds from his body, which results him getting rejected by his father but is supported and taken care of by his mother. until he was dropped off at Belle Reve Penitentiary and he haven't seen his parents since then. Despite him being a jock, he is friendly towards everyone in school. He has a close friendship with Apollo and had later entered a relationship with him.

Devanie Black/Oz- An emo girl who is somewhat apathetic and levelheaded who is usually depicted with a stoic expression on her face. Devanie has a range of superpowers based upon her skills with telekinesis and psychokinesis, with her mind empowering her to manipulate and levitate objects. Though initially oblivious to Hermione's crush on her, Devanie was later shown to be attracted in Hermione. She lives with her single mother and Mallory. Devanie's father passed away prior to the events of the series

Saya Yamamoto/The Velocity Samurai - A member of the Phoenix Defenders and heiress of the Yamamoto fortune. Saya is capable of running at hypersonic speed and wields a katana, an heirloom formerly belonging to her ancestor, Samurai Jack. She has a very spunky, bright, perky, outgoing and upbeat personality. She is the founder of Candyland, The Phoenix Defenders' hideout which is also her basement. She is close friends with Hermione, despite them coming from different social classes. Her grandfather (the former head of the Yamamoto family) had taught her how to wield her ancestor's katana and fought hand to hand combat properly before his passing. Saya was also inspired by the heroic adventures of Samurai Jack as a child to become a superhero to protect people from the forces of evil. Saya used to live in Dakota City when she was an infant because her parents were scientists before moving to Goldmoor where she soon started her superhero career as " The Velocity Samurai". At the age of 2, she was in a lab accident at which granted her the ability to run at high speed but doesn't remember what happened or who was responsible for the accident though is determined to find the person who did this to her. At some point in her life, Saya's parents had divorced; due to them having a heated argument on what to do with Saya now that she has powers. Saya now lives with her father, a wealthy and powerful zaibatsu owner who had raised her for a majority of her life but never had contact with her mother who refuses to see and talk to her.

Apollo Song/-the ditzy, laid back, carefree and good natured scene who can manipulate and control light. He is the leader of the scenes. Prior to the events of the series, Apollo had a great relationship with his parents Apollo would had often visited his hospitalized mother at a young age because she had brain cancer. After his mother had passed away and with nowhere else to go, he had lived in the streets before he was taken in by a same sex couple. It is then that realizes were the only fathers he has ever had in his life. He is close friends with Flint and would later enter a romantic relationship with him.

Recurring Characters

Lyn's ex girlfriend. She was originally from Qatar but was forced to moved to the United States after she had kissed her female childhood friend, mistakenly believed that their friendship was romance the police came to arrest her, forcing her and every member of her family to flee.

Laken (formerly Dakota)- 16 year old hipster who lives with his grandparents after his biological parents refuses to accept him for being (FtM ) transgender, which forced him to ran away. He had transferred to Lakewood Academy to escape transphobic bullying at his old school.

Seraph's younger brother.

Carlos (formerly Carla) del Cruz- Lyn's (Ftm) transgender best friend of Filipino descent who struggles to fit in with his peers and wishes to be accepted as a member of his assigned gender.

Tammy (formerly Maxwell) A friend of Carlos who is also transgender (MtF).

-Carlos's love interest and later boyfriend

Carlos's mother. When Carlos came out to his parents, she's a bit more understanding than her husband but wasn't supportive.

Carlos's father. When Carlos came out to his parents, was extremely transphobic as he claims that Carlos is just experiencing a phase and refuses to accept the fact that Carlos is no longer Carla. He also blamed Lyn for brainwashing his "daughter" into thinking "she's" a male. This angers Lyn to the point she and him had a heated argument and resulting him banning Lyn from seeing Carlos.He and plans to send Carlos to conversion therapy in hopes that Carlos's "phase" will be forever over only for Carlos to ran away from home.

Ray/chel Leroy- A genderfluid teenager who is a girl named Rachel and a boy named Ray and is openly bisexual. is the offspring of a French aristocrat whose father was the head of the Leroy car manufacturing company and an American middle class man.

Neebin Rowan/Conjure-Skye and Aeolus's 23 year old punk grudge Aboriginal Canadian werewolf stepsister and the daughter of Hana. She is a member of the Phoenix Defenders. Melanie is part of the Shadow Wolf People, individuals who have the abilities of a werewolf but also have the ability of controlling shadows. Her biological father ,who was also part of the wolf shadow people, was killed by hunters when she was an infant. Although appearing to be no more than 23 years old, Melanie is actually around 54 years old, due to her werewolf heritage.

Howard Russo-the father of Hermione.

Hermione's mother

Hermione's paternal grandfather

Russo-Hermione's paternal human grandmother

Hermione's maternal cousin

Hermione's maternal Guormand grandfather

Nyoka Rowan- Skye and Aeolus' parent. Nyoka is very impulsive, quirky, and hyperactive. She is the last known pure blooded dragon on Earth.

Jeremiah "Jeremy" Clifford: He is merciless in taunting, teasing and occasionally harassing Tora.

Jeremy's girlfriend who has a strong dislike for Tora

Derrick- An arrogant

Eugene-who is in love with Derrick.

Lamar- Brian's boyfriend.

Reagan Smith-

Kadeem Drakos- Aeolus' biological father from Greece. According to Nyoka, he is just as adventurous as she is. He is fully aware of Nyoka and the Rowan family's cryptic heritage as he is extremely unfazed by this fact. Despite the both of them having an adventurous spirit, they eventually part ways and decided to remain close friends.

Angelino- Kadeem's husband and Aeolus's stepfather.

Aki Rowan- Skye and Aeolus' Aboriginal Canadian stepmother, Nyoka's wife, and is the mother of Neebin. She is shown to be a more responsible parent than Nyoka and tries her best to keep Nyoka from being reckless and out of trouble. Although she was constantly mistaken for Neebin's twin sister, she is actually around 88 years old, due to her werewolf heritage.

Takashi Yamamoto-Saya's father and the patriarch of the Yamamoto family who runs a Japanese company. It is heavily implied that he and Saya's mother are divorced.

The princess of Japan and Saya's cousin.

The prince of Japan and Saya's cousin.

The emperor of Japan and Saya's cousin

The empress of Japan and Saya's cousin

The reincarnation of Da Samurai.

Harold Simpson

Seth Brown- A closeted basketball player who bullies Casey.

Beatrice Manchester- Lyn and Berna's 42 year old mother and Yong Yut's stepmother.

Maia Tuatini/Clairvoyance- A blind 19 year old Maori girl from Australia who is a vigilante with the ability to . She is a member of The Phoenix Defenders and ally.  She is Delphine's love interest and later girlfriend.

Boudica Connell/The Scotswoman- A childhood friend of Saya, Saya's girlfriend, and a member of The Phoenix Defenders from Scotland. She is unknowingly the reincarnation of The Scotsman from Samurai Jack. With help from Saya, she is able to communicate with her predecessor and had later gained the ownership of The Scotsman's Sword, which she later uses to fight in battle. She is a feisty individual and has shown to be proud of her heritage. She claims to have at least 15 brothers and 27 sisters.

Manny Manchester (ne Tennyson) -the father of Lyn,Berna, and Celia. He has red hair and green eyes, traits that his daughter Lyn inherited. Manny has a criminal past and has a history with Malone, Apollo's father.

Weston Mignogna - His family has a close relationship with the Manchesters and is the heir to the Mignogna's fortune. It was revealed that Weston suffered from bipolar disorder as a result from his father kept pushed him to the limit against his will.

Ashley- The captain of the cheerleader squad who is currently in a relationship her best friend and second in command Katlyn.

Katlyn- Ashley's girlfriend and second in command of the cheerleader squad.

Macy Connors-A racist who enjoys picking on Delphine because of her mixed raced heritage.

Macy's best friend who initially unbeknownst to Macy is biracial. While she easily fit in with her white culture, she struggles to fit in with her black culture as her fair complexion gets in the way of being accepted.

Twin sister

African American mother

Caucasian father

Stacy's cousin.

African American foster father.

Mr. Tatum-A history teacher who was a military drill sergeant before becaming a teacher.

Mr. Matthews- Lakewood High's administrator who has a strong respect for school authority, structure and discipline.

Principal Williams- the principal of Lakewood High.

Mr. Elliot - the eccentric vice principal of Lakewood High who retains a calm and light hearted demeanor.

Mrs. Water- Lakewood High's drama teacher and the mother of Walter.

A teacher who distrust and hates Tora.

Walter Waters-the leader of the thespians and the son of Mrs. Waters who has some difficulty accepting Devanie as a member of the thespians due to her being emo.

Adahy's human mother

Carter Williams

Daphne Sommer- Lyn's childhood rival.

Crispin's Necrofriggian father. According to Max Tennyson, went on a dangerous mission but never came back. Prior to his disappearance, she and met each other.

the leader of the geeks.

Deborah Malfoy-Mallory's gothic best friend. She speaks in an upper middle class English accent.

Cassandra Long-A Chinese American punk girl who is a friend of Mallory and Deborah.

Rebekah Hernandez- Deborah's girlfriend and Eugene's older sister.

Stormy-Skye's anthropomorphic pet cloud. He was conceived when Sam dared Skye to use their powers to tame a cloud.

Coach Lincoln-Lakewood Academy's gym teacher.

Casey Rivera- an emo and a close friend of Skye and Devanie who is openly attracted to men.

Dylan Samaha- a tomoyish Middle Eastern girl and the captain of the boy's basketball team.

Jillian- Katlyn's best friend who secretly has feelings for Dylan. She is revealed to be bisexual.

Jennifer Davison- A homophobic friend of Flint who would occasionally tries to pair him up with one of her friends but he always rejected them. After hanging with Flint at the Goldmoor Center Mall, he later revealed to her that he's gay, she was disgusted and angrily leaves. Angry at Flint for being gay, Jennifer outs Flint to the entire school.

Amanda Waller-

Charmcaster- the current ruler of Ledgerdomain.

Ben Tennyson- Lyn and Berna's 16 year old cousin. Ben strongly disliked his own theme song

Gwen Tennyson- Ben, Lyn, Yong- Yut, and Berna's 16 year old cousin.

Kevin Levin- Gwen's boyfriend.

Max Tennyson- Ben and Gwen's grandfather and Lyn and Berna's paternal first cousin.

Rex Salazar - A 16 year old half Argentinean, and half Mexican human evo from another dimension who works for Providence. He is an honorary member of the Phoenix Defenders.

Circe- Rex's ex girlfriend.

Rebecca Holiday-

Noah Nixon- Rex's best friend

Agent Six-

White Knight-

Reginald Manchester- Lyn and Berna's maternal uncle, Beatrix's younger brother, and Thomas's father.

Trey and Shane McGuire-Apollo's drag queen adoptive fathers who works at a nightclub under the names Sugar Flower and Spicy Ice. Trey is African American and Shane is Asian.

Arthur Curry/Aquaman- the husband of Mera and Delphine's uncle who is the king of Atlantis and a member of the Justice League. Delphine thought of him as a father figure

Mera- the wife of Aquaman and Delphine's maternal aunt who is the queen of Atlantis.

Arthur Curry Jr.- Arthur and Mera's son and Delphine's cousin. Delphine sometimes babysit him whenever both of Arthur's parents are busy.

Min-ji- Saya's older maternal cousin from South Korea who moved in with Saya and Takashi. Min-ji is the reincarnation of Ashi.

Virgil Ovid Hawkins/Static- An African American high school student who, as a result of accidental exposure to an experimental mutagen in an event known as the Big Bang, gains the ability to control and manipulate electromagnetism. Like in the comics, He later married Frieda and had children with her in the future. However, he had suffered from major depression and grief over Tora's death and had travels to the present to save her, thus changing the timeline.

Saya's older brother

Saya's younger brother

Saya's mother

Richard "Richie" Osgood Foley/Gear- An ally of Static and Virgil's best friend. Unlike Virgil, he wasn't present for the Big Bang, but Static's clothes still carried some of the gas, and his powers were dormant until the third season of Static Shock. His power is superhuman intelligence, having invented a number of weapons and devices for Static and himself to use. Although his sexual orientation wasn't explored in the Static Shock cartoon, it was later revealed that he is a closeted homosexual. He enters a relationship with Francis.

Devanie's mother and Mallory's maternal aunt/guardian. Unlike her daughter, she appeared to be a lighthearted, kind and loving individual who is very supportive of her daughter's relationship with Hermione.

Zak Saturday- the son of Drew and Doc Saturday and is the reincarnation of Kur.

Drew Saturday- Doc's wife and Zak's mother.

Doc Saturday-Drew's husband and Zak's father.

Komodo- Zak's adoptive brother. He develops a close bond with both Skye and Aeolus. He later lives with the Rowan siblings.

Fiskerton- Zak's adoptive brother

Zon- Zak's adoptive sister.

Doyle Blackwell- Zak's biological uncle, Doc's brother in law, and Drew's younger brother. One minute after encountering Melanie, he was infatuated with her. Even after discovering Melanie's werewolf heritage, he is still in love with her.

Wadi- Because of Wadi's love-hate relationship with Zak, Skye had previously believed they were together, however, Wadi had denied this.

Robert Hawkins- He knew Tora's father as they were once roommates back in college.

Sharon Hawkins- Virgil's strong willed, caring older sister. Although Tora was slightly annoyed with Sharon, She deeply cares about her.

The Flash/Wally West-

Batman/Bruce Wayne-

Esther Jean Francois/ Voodoo Hoodoo- A superhero from Haiti who came from a long line of witch doctors and have inherited the abilities that comes from her mystical heritage. She is also a member of the Phoenix Defenders.

Francis Stone/Hotstreak- Tora's older brother. His powers added to his hotheadedness by giving him the ability to create and shoot blast of fire. Despite his fiery personality, He deeply cares about Tora that he even convinces her to allow Static to help her control her powers which Tora hesitantly agrees. He reveals to have romantic feelings for Richie which later became mutual.

Wade- A former gang leader It was revealed that he had survived the Big Bang event and had went into hiding since then. He later started a relationship with Frieda.

Verdona- Ben and Gwen's grandmother and Lyn and Berna's paternal great aunt/cousin from Anodyne.

Lyn and Berna's paternal grandmother and Verdona's older sister.

Barbara Gordon/Batgirl-

Dick Grayson/Nightwing-

Tim Drake/Robin-

Renee Montoya-

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow-

Black Canary-

Minor Characters

Captain Hunter Samuel Griggs- the chief correctional at the Belle Reve Penitentiary, where Flint was originally held.

Sunny- Ben, Gwen, Lyn, and Berna's Anodite cousin from Anodyne.

Jenny Black- Mallory's biological mother and Devanie's maternal aunt. She was later put in a mental asylum after she had lost her sanity due to Dmitri draining her willpower.

Adahy's human mother.

Dr. Homer Neal- A famed psychiatrist and billionaire industrialist. He is also Tora and Francis' father. He is extremely cold hearted, he was shown mistreating and even experimenting on his daughter.

Tora's mother who was killed by Tora's powers while giving birth to her. Although Tora had never met her in person, she had expressed extreme guilt and regret over her death. In Tora's dream, she is revealed to be an almost splitting image of her daughter and has a kind and loving personality. According to Francis, Tora had inherited her ability to manipulate shockwaves from their mother.

Tina Branford- Flint's mother and the matriarch of the Branford Family. Unlike her husband, Tina had shown love and affection towards Flint and had even tried to convince him that ,despite his powers, he's still human.

Thomas Manchester- Lyn and Berna's cousin and Beatrix's nephew who shows resentment towards Lyn and Berna. As the series progresses, he eventually realizes that he actually cared about his cousins.. He is a popular jock and is close friends with Weston and Jeremy..

Billy- A transfer student from Endsville

Mandy- A student from Endsville. She bonds with Devanie as they are both into goth culture and have almost identical personalities.


Ed- the strong, airhead, dimwitted, and considerate of the Eds.

Edd (Double D)- The smartest of the Eds and the most polite, mature, and somewhat ironic. He, along with Ed and Eddy, had a none speaking cameo in one episode after Tora had accidentally caused Goldmoor to lose electricity. He along with Ed and Eddy return, this time with a speaking role

Eddy-the self proclaimed leader of the Eds.

Juniper Lee- An 11 year old Chinese American girl who lives in Orchid Bay City and is the current Te Xuan Ze (the protector of the balance between the human and magical worlds).


Jasmine Lee-June's grandmother and the previous Te Xuan Ze.

Opheilia Ramirez- A friend of June

Jody Irwin- A friend of June

Rodger- A friend of June

Ray Ray Lee- June's eight year old brother

Dennis Lee- June and Ray Ray's brother







Frankie Foster-

Uncle Grandpa-

Acantha's mother who was emotionally abusive towards Acantha her entire life, never showing her real love

Acantha's biological father.

Saya's paternal grandfather

Baby Doll- Acantha, Flint, Tora, Saya, and Seraph had befriended her had never heard of Love that Baby However, the they eventually bonded after finding out that they were both misunderstood and shunned by society for being "different".

Apollo's biological mother. Apollo had mentioned that he had spent much of his early childhood visiting his mother while she's in the hospital.

Yong Yut's ex girlfriend.


Malone Song-A Cantonese American and Apollo's biological father. trusted Flint to watch over Apollo

A young gang leader who holds a vengeful grudge against metahumans for the death of his parents and wishes to wipe them all out.

Red- A gang leader who strongly believes that humans don't deserve respect. He is Seraph's ex boyfriend and partner.

Seraph's father.

Seraph's mother.

Cho- the leader of The Red Dragon who is also an immortal Chinese wizard who seeks world domination

Ying Wu- a Chinese American swordswoman and one of Cho's monks.

Poison Ivy/Pamela Isley: an eco terrorist and plant manipulator who is an enemy of Batman

Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow-the self proclaimed master of fear who uses a variety of experimental drugs and toxins to exploit the fears and phobias of his victims.

Jack Napier/Joker-

Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn-

Selina Kyle/Catwoman-



Kandor- Hila's lover and Delphine's father.

Hila/Siren- Nereus's lover and Delphine's mother who is the younger twin sister of Queen Mera. According to Mera, Hila was always the black sheep of the royal family and a troublemaker. She, along with Kandor, were exiled from Atlantis for their "crimes against Atlantis". However, it was revealed that she and Kandor were framed

Abbey Grey- Doyle's ex girlfriend

Van Kleiss-

Harold Branford-Flint's father and the patriarch of the Branford Family who had carried a deep hatred for his son and even expresses his regret of having Flint as his son due to his unhealthy fear and of metahumans. Because of his paranoia and prejudice towards metahumans, Harold called the police on Flint, whom they sent to Belle Reve Penitentiary. A few days after sending Flint to prison, Harold kills Flint's mother as a way of silencing her after she kept constantly worrying about Flint. He was later arrested for trafficking metahumans and is sentenced to life in a maximum prison. He is responsible for blinding Flint's right eye.

List of Episodes

Season One


  • Before the Nightmare:
  • School Dazed: The Phoenix Defenders must survive another year of school while trying to hide their secret superhero alter egos from those around them.
  • Terror in the Woods:
  • The New Kid:
  • The Bitter Visit:
  • The Bitter End: Tired of the Phoenix Defenders for protecting her from Celia, Berna decides to confront her alone, only to discover a shocking origin story that will shock her forever.
  • It's the Great Pumpkin, Phoenix Defenders!: Our heroes are getting ready for Halloween until a supernatural force came to get rid of them and the residents of Goldmoor to unleashed a powerful evil the world as ever known and see.
  • 2 Frenemies vs Detention: Mallory and Devanie had a hard time controlling their on and off rivalry which causes them to get detention. While serving detention, they must work together to escape for the clutches of Mad Mod himself.
  • The Deadly Flower-

Season Two

Description: Part 1-

Part 2- a mysterious villain is lurking in the shadows and has a strong desire to destroy Berna. The Phoenix Defenders will do their best to protect Berna and to figure out who is the person.

  • How the Star Guardians Save Christmas: The Star Guardians must save Christmas from The Grinch.
  • Prom Edition: It's time for the team's prom and everyone is getting ready. With some drama, romance and friendship, Can the Star Guardians survive the ultimate high school experience: prom night?
  • Hit the Surf: Everybody needs some time off. Even superheroes. After calling in some people to watch the city while they're gone, the Star Guardians decide to hit the beach! What could possibly go wrong?
  • Arguments Can Cause Tears: Berna, Crispin and Aeolus get into a heted argument when Aeouls and Crispin told Berna that Serais is a bad influence for Berna while Berna stubbornly believes that she isn't. Jealous of Berna and Aeolus being close to each other, Katelyn takes matters into hr own hands by threatening to kill Berna in front of the whole school unless Aeolus agrees to be her boyfriend.
  • The Eye of the Hurricane Part 1: Maya gets over pressured after Macy threatens her to stay away from Julie, causing her to avoid Julie at all costs.
  • The Eye of the Hurricane Part 2:
  • The Eye of the Hurricane Part 3: Once they finally reconcile, Berna then founds out the truth behind the tragic reason of why Sera is so harsh towards people.
  • The Eye of the Hurricane Part 4: Maya and Julie publicly announced their relationship to the Phoenix Defenders, who are shocked yet supportive upon hearing the news. Yet, Paul became very depressed upon hearing the news and not everybody are not as accepting of a same sex relationship.
  • The Final Day of School-

Season Three

Season Four

Description: the love triangle between Berna, Sera, and Aeolus intensifies to a whole new level.

List of Shorts

  • Emo vs. Goth: Devanie and Mallory are battling each other in a stereotypical yet comical way.


Aeolus is either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid.

He's both

I lost you before and I finally got you back, I can't lose you again

I lost your mother a long time ago and I ain't gonna lose you too. Goodbye Apollo, I'm proud of you son.

i love you

I love you too!

Even since dad had abandoned me without a single goodbye, you were the only person I have left. But now I have no one. You promised you wouldn't leave me. You promised I'm all alone now. Why must you leave me after everything I've been through.

Boudica just called us...

I know... Don't react, that what she wants you to do. Rumors has it that she can sense the fear of those she insults.

The camera pans down to see his legs shaking uncontrollably.

I need some excitement in my life, I need-

Oh look. Her royal high of Kingdom Ugly is here. Make way. Make way.

Jeremy and his friends laughed while Tora has an irritated expression on her face. Tora reaches the classroom but Jeremy blocked the entrance with his body.

Tora Stone: You're in my way.

Jeremy: What was that?

His friends laughed at the scene in front of them.

Tora Stone: (angrily)Do I really have to repeat myself?! I said you're in my way!

Jeremy pretended to not hear her.


Tora angrily sighs and narrows her eyes at Jeremy.

Tora Stone:Do you need to see an ear doctor? Because when a person says you're in their way; You're in their way. Now do me a favor and MOVE ALREADY!

You had brainwashed Carla into thinking she's a man. I knew letting our only daughter meeting you was a terrible mistake and because of you, Carla-






Saya Yamamoto: Hey! The sign did say all you can eat!

Manager:Apparently, the both of you ate too much.


  • Aki Rowan: Did you hear that? We're going to be grandparents!

Nyoka Rowan:Grandparents?! But that makes me old!

Aki Rowan: Nyoka, you've been around around before civilizations even existed and I'm 88! We're both already old!

Zak Saturday: Wait a minute! If Doyle is having a kid, Wouldn't that make me an uncle or what?

If it ain't Eminem and Proof?

Hermione Russo:I'm older.

But i'm smarter.

Hermione Russo:Prove it!

What's 2+2?

Hermione gave a blank look

What's 1 + 1?

Hermione continued to give her a blank look.

What's the first letter in the alphabet?

Hermione continued to give her a blank look.

Your best friend's name?

Hermione continued to give him a blank look.

Your age?

Hermione continued to give her a blank look.

Your birthday?

Hermione continued to give her a blank look.

Your name?

Hermione continued to give her a blank look.

You don't even know your own name?

Hermione Russo: Wait! Wait! I know this one! It's Osmosis Jones right?

  • Who thought her kind could be so smart?
  • Delphine Curry:Mind if I sit here?

My purse is worth more than your life. Go find another seat.

  • Hila/Siren:You dare defy your mother?!

Delphine Curry: No, I defy Siren. My own mother died years ago!

  • Zak Saturday: Well, Dolye, I hope you like hairy women? Because if you do, then she's your type.
  • Zak Saturday:Now that is one of the few places a woman should not have hair in!

What are you even doing here?

Arthur Curry/Aquaman:...I don't know...

The Phoenix Defenders just stared at him in confusion.

Arthur Curry/Aquaman:Please let me join you guys?

Delphine Curry:Uncle?

Arthur Curry/Aquaman:Yes?

Delphine Curry:Get out!




  • Could you stop beating Whirlpool up already?!

But sir, she was harassing me?

With what a fish?!

...Well..truth to be told...yes. Yes she was. Besides, I was just trying to protect myself.

Yeah, right

I'm serious. I mean,

Don't forget about the fact that fishes can also have diseases and parasites.

That too.

  • Drew Saturday:You're Van Rook?!

Doc Saturday:This...Whole time, your dad is...Leonidas Van Rook?

Doyle Blackwell:But...How can that be? He never said anything about having a kid.

Skye Rowen: That's because he kept me a secret. He only wanted to protect me from those who wanted to use me for their own advantages against him.

  • Acantha McCord:Lyn, do me a favor and go eat a poison root.

Lyn Manchester: I made no promises!

  • Skye Rowan:This is Stormy! He's my pet...i've had him since my powers kicked in. Nyoka dared me to try taming a cloud, and after i did, this little guy decided to like me so much that he wouldn't go back home. He decided to live with me! (hugging her pet again, Stormy made a contented sound much like a cat's purr. Skye then glanced up at Zak) I left him behind in Canada because i wasn't sure if he'd be safe here... Guess it's okay if i keep him, huh?
  • Saya Sato:Speaking from the girl who has the same superpowers as a carpet. So does that make you Carpet Woman? Or maybe the Magic Carpet with legs?

Lyn Manchester: I know where you're going with this and it's not happening. You're inexperienced in fighting

Tora Neal: In other words, Lyn would rather lose to villains than be humiliated when you screw up!

Tora Neal: Touche.

  • Saya Sato:(shouted excitedly)Yes! I have friends in this class! Now i don't have to be all awkward and alone!
  • Saya Sato/Velocity:(shouted) What the heck was that?

Mallory walks towards Saya and whispers something to her, and gesticulating toward something on the road before disappearing.

Saya Sato/Velocity: (shouted angrily)You have got to be kidding me, i tripped over a speed bump?! What kind of idiot decided to stuck a speed bump in the street?!

  • Tora Stone: What? Can't a girl laugh?

Virgil Hawkins: A girl can, but you can't!

  • Donovan Sanders:(screams)AAAAHHHHH! SOMEONE SAVE THE BLACK MAN!
  • Berna Manchester: Hey Seraph!

Seraph turned around, eyes wide with surprise but Ne quickly put on a cool mask.

Seraph Hernandez:(scoffed) Screw off!

  • Crispin Rivers:Do you do that all the time?

Tora Neal:(coldly) When people get too close, they get hurt. It's how it works.

  • Beatrix Manchester: I guess you could call him a bad person. But not when you girls were around! He wasn't bad around us! Never!


The screen then focused on Skye who is just staring down at him with a deadpan expression then turned to face the audience.

Skye Rowan: Let's just say the psychiatrist was busy for the next 2!

Takashi Yamamoto:(sarcastically)Wow, you are the hero for crazy girls with febreze.

  • Skye Rowan: Hey look, everything is going to be okay tomorrow. Just wait and see, things might turn out-

Katherine:I can't be bothered to go to guy had asked me out and i'm going to my cat's funeral. Don't feel sorry for me because the cat was fat and useless anyway. So stop talking to me, you ugly dude.

  • Mr. Johnson: Okay brats, because you two have been so quiet during detention, i will let you both go early...I know you need to get home and get ready for prom tomorrow night not why i'm letting you both go. Don't make me give you another detention after this again. Do you both understand.
  • Lyn jumps 

Lyn Manchester:AHHYYYYAAAA! (throws a ball of duct tape at her)

OW! WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?! that duct tape?

Lyn Manchester:Yep.

How did you get that?

Lyn Manchester:Oh, well Mr.Tatum told me to put some stuff up, then he said 'take it down maggot!' and i said 'God man, make up your mind!' so i took it down and rolled it up into a ball. really are crazy...

Tora Neal:Let me out! Dad, you better let me out right now or you will regret it!

Tora, in case you have forgotten, your cell is padded with a static and soundproof lining. You will not be able to shock anyone whilst you are in there.

Tora Neal:When can I leave?!

That is of no importance as of now.

Tora Neal:I am not a lab rat you can experiment on! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, DAD?!

You are my chess piece now; I can do whatever I want with you. Good day, daughter.

Good morning, pretty lady.

Don't try and speak. We have a few tests to do carry out this morning. As you said before, you are our lab rat. Now you just lay back and relax. Imagine you are at the spa. A pretty thing like that can do that can you? stroked Tora's hair out of her face. Tora glared at the man and her eyes glowed white in rage as the man wiggled his gloved fingers in front of her face.

I wouldn't do that if I were you, Sparky. Now, be still for one moment would you, I just need to give you a shot.

The man took out a large syringe gun and placed it to Tora's neck and pulled the trigger. Tora screamed in agony as the man started to chuckle at her reaction.

Tora Neal:I am going to get out of here and when I do, you better start hiding!

  • Tora Neal:I wasn't even a day old when i killed my mother-she never even got to hold me. While she was pregnant with me, she was having major fits and by the time she gave birth to me, she no longer had the strength to fight, She had a heart attack and died because of my static- her heart just couldn't take it and i killed her. My father hated me for killing my mother and took his rage on me with his tests. My powers got more and more unstable as the tests went on, the human body is not supposed to deal with that much static so it sent my powers into maximum overdrive. who has ever been able to come close to me and was one of the only two people who has ever cared about me. I had spend a majority of my years in a glass room and men in shock proof suits and water guns would go in and care for me...i was treated and watched like a lab rat as they dubbed me as Project X. I wanted them to leave me alone but they always keep punishing me for no reason.

Project X?

It's a project my dad was working on to study the effect of electrotherapy on humans.

Tora Neal: Sometimes, I believe I came from a family of metahumans.

But what about your brother? Wouldn't he have contracted some sort of meta-human powers, too?

Tora Neal:I don't know. He never did weird things like they i did. As far as i know, he was perfectly normal, just like... well, almost all of you.

Tora snapped her eyes open to see that Acantha had knelt down next to her and was prodding her in the face with a pencil.

Acantha McCord:Buzz, buzz! Anyone in there? (stood up and walks away)Come on sleepyhead, we gotta go.











  • Commissioner James Gordon: Young lady, Why were you stealing a $942 jacket?

Tora Neal: Because I need it to keep myself warm at night?

Commissioner James Gordon: Why didn't you pay for it?

Tora Neal:Because i had no money.

Commissioner James Gordon:Where are your parents?

Tora Neal: I don't have any.

Commissioner James Gordon:What's your name?

Tora Neal:... I don't know.

Commissioner James Gordon:Don't you dare lie to me! Do you know any of the consequences of stealing or robbing?

Tora shakes her head.

Commissioner James Gordon: No? Well, then let me tell you. It's not pretty, especially for a kid like you. You will be staying at a jail cell for the night then you will be going to an orphanage tomorrow. Understand?

  • Is this a joke?

Scarecrow:No, that's the other guy.

Other guy? What other guy? There's two of you?

Scarecrow:Two of me? No, that's another other guy.

Another other guy? Can you stop talking in riddles?

Scarecrow:Riddles? That's another other, other guy.

… I'm confused now. Is this supposed to scare me or something?

Scarecrow:Yes! Scare you! Finally, you get it. That's my thing!

You scare me? Ha! This has to be a joke?

Scarecrow: Do I look like the Joker too you? But this isn't a joke, I assume you. If you want a joke, go watch The Last Airbender.


  • Apollo McGuire: Oh and Apollo?

Apollo McGuire: Yeah, Mallory. (turns around to see Mallory wearing a tribal mask)


Apollo McGuire: (screams)AAAAAAAAUGGGGGGGHHHH! (ran away)

Mallory lift the mask and laugh, causing Skye to pull out a rolling pin and smack her with it.

Mallory Black: OW! WHAT DID I DO?

  • Berna Manchester: I'm a Phoenix Defender now, so you should just accept it because my friends did and that's what made me into who I am now.






  • Lyn Manchester: Are you blushing?

Delphine Isley: Jealous?

  • Francis Stone:Didn't i teach you how to fight when we were kids?! Besides, why don't you use your powers?

Francis Stone: Did you even know how to control your powers?

Tora shook her head with a disappointed look on her face.

Tora Neal:I have some but not fully control over it.

Ben,Will you please stop telling people i'm dead.

Well, you're dead to me!

They were just chili fries. Ben, be a man and let it go.

Let it go! Let it go! anymore


The fries weren't yours in the first place.

They might as well be mine since i was the one who had paid for the fries in the first place.


Do you know this kid?

Malone:Of course I would know who my own son is!

Aeolus Rowan: Dad...I'm bisexual.

Kadeem Drakos: I know and so am I.

Kadeem Drakos: Your mother may have sent me some interesting information to me for sometime now.

Aeolus're not mad at me?

Kadeem Drakos: Why would I be mad at you? I'm thrilled.

Aeolus Rowan:...You are?

Kadeem Drakos: You have no idea. What made you think that i would be mad at my own son?

Aeolus Rowan: You're the only father I have and I just didn't want my sexuality to get in the way. Skye and everybody else had told me that not every single being accepts the gay community and judges them based on who they love and who they identify.

Kadeem Drakos: Aeolus, It doesn't matter to be whether you're bisexual, gay, straight, transgender, nonbinary, a cryptid, an alien, or a metahuman. What matters is that you're my son and I will always love you for who you are. I believe that humanity is about who we bring ourselves to love someone else, no matter what color, no matter what race, no matter what religion, and no matter what gender. If humanity doesn't accept that, then it is their loss.

Aeolus Rowan:So Dad... Did you just say that you're bi.

Kadeem Drakos:Pretty much. After all, I'm only attracted to both men and nonbinary individuals. I remember when I was only nineteen, I was in a similar situation as you were. I was scared of what everyone might say, think, and do.

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