The Phantom Genesis is a 2010 animated superhero comedy film starring Yuri Lowenthal as the voice of Danny Fenton/Danny Phantom. It is a reboot of the T.V. show Danny Phantom. It is rated PG-13.


In a alternate ending, Danny is hated by his loved ones for being a half-ghost but Clockwork decides to help Danny by making him go back in time with Danielle Phantom and make a new world. However, he also must stop his arch-enemy Vlad from ruling the new world.


The film starts Danny Fenton (voiced by David Kaufman) is depressed because after his secret was exposed, the people he loved have hated him for being a half-ghost. His parents abuse him, his sister Jazz (voiced by Colleen Villard) wants nothing to do with him, his best-friends Tucker (voiced by Rickey D'Shon Collins) and Sam (voiced by Grey DeLisle) are having an affair, and the ghost hunters are after him. However, he is saved by Valerie, Kwan, Star (voiced by Grey DeLisle), and Danielle. His enemies in the ghost zone take him there and protect him. However, Clockwork (voiced by David Carradine) gives him an offer to go back in time and make a world where Danny gets allies and stops Vlad. Danny accepts this and is sent to the day he became a half-ghost. (the opening theme song is gonna be played during this transformation part)

In the Fenton works, Danny (now voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) goes to his parent's basement and see them working on the ghost portal. After it didn't work at first and his parents quit, he looked inside it with his outfit on and pressed the on/off button again, causing his molecules. When he first woke up, he sees that he has snow white hair and glowing green eyes. He also has some ghost abilities. Then when ghost come out, he fights them and wins while getting help from an arriving Dani (voiced by Meagen Smith). Then they cross arms and smirk as the song ends.

Through out the new timeline, Danny makes the right choices and stands up for himself. He makes amends with his estranged sister, he went to the dance with Sam, he exposed Skulker's true form, he rejects being popular, he helps Pointdexter stand up to Dash, and he frees Desire from making dangerous wishes.

During a weekend, Danny and his family go to visit his future arch-enemy Vlad Masters (voiced by Eric Roberts). Danny is trying his best not to hate Vlad for all the trouble that was caused.

The next day, Danny finally confronts Vlad but is shocked to see him resemble Dark Danny. The evil supervillain cruelly beats up Danny and has Skulker (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) keep Danny restrained. The evil ghosts leave the hero alone but the real Vlad Masters (voiced by James Woods) appears and saves Danny. He then explains what created this new villain.

In a flashback in 2000, a younger Vlad felt terrified over being a half-ghost and wanted to be full on human. He invented some gauntlets and used them to separate himself from his ghost half. However, his ghost half turned on him and tried to overshadow a ghost clone but the ghost half's evilness took over and created a new Vlad Plasmius, as the human Vlad looked on in horror. Vlad pleaded for mercy but Plasmius laughed evily at him and then murdered him via neck-snap. He then blew up the lab and went on to go on a 10-year rampage of death, chaos, carnage, and madness.

Back to the present, Vlad feels regret for creating that monster and asks Danny to stop Plasmius. Danny agrees to and watches sadly as Vlad vanishes. Dani arrived and Danny told her everything. He then explained who Dark Danny was and shows his regret for becoming him in an alternate future. Dani agrees to stop this monster.

At a rich party, they stop him from harming Jack and warn him to give up or else they reveal the secrets. Enraged by this, Plasmius reluctantly admits defeat and escapes.


  • Yuri Lowenthal as the voice of Daniel Edward Fenton/Danny Phantom
  • Meagan Smith as the voice of Danielle Fenton/Dani Phantom
  • Tara Strong as the voice of Ember McClain
  • Eric Roberts as the voice of Vlad Plasmius - The Main Antagonist.
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as the voice of Skulker - The Secondary Antagonist.
  • Samuel L. Jackson as the voice of Agent Alpha - The Tertiary Antagonist.
  • Temuera Morrison as the voice of the G.I.W. Commander
  • Phil Lamarr as the voice of Operative K
  • Dee Bradley Baker as the voice of Operative O
  • Patrick Warburton as the voice of Operative L
  • Jim Cummings as the voice of Operative M


  • T.C. Carson and Liam Neeson voice two unnamed G.I.W. Operatives but are uncredited.


  • Michael Rooker makes a live-action mid-credits cameo as a younger J. Jonah Jameson and instead is a internet reporter for his website Daily


(during prom, Sam likes Danny's tie and suit)

  • Sam: (smiling) "Nice choice."
  • Danny: (nervous) "Thanks."

(he then walks away. Later during Mr. Lancer's class, a video of Ember's singing is shown on a screen during testing and everyone cheers. Sam take her helmet off and a little bit frowns. Danny smirks and chuckles, ignoring Sam's confusion)

  • Sam: (confused) "What're you chuckling about?"

(Danny ignores her and continues chuckling, much to her annoyance. However, Mr. Lancer turns the machine off, much to Danny and everyone else's despair. He took the CD and looked angrily to the class)

  • Danny (thought): (confused) 'I still wonder who put that in there.'

(they then hear music)

  • Mr. Lancer: (angry) "Foley, turn off that f**king PDA."

(he angrily throws the CD at Tucker's PDA and causes it to fall out of his hand)

  • Tucker: (shocked) "It's not me, it's coming from outside."

(Danny smirks and chuckles again, while his ghost sense activates)

  • Danny: (smirking) "Oh yes, that's defiantly Ember."

(him and his friends go to the front steps of the school. Ember arrives and secretly winks at Danny, who returns it)

  • Ember: (smirking) "Are you ready for a little youth revolution?"
  • Danny: (excited) "H**l to the yeah. I love you, Ember."
  • Ember: (smirking) "That's because I've been a void in your empty life."
  • Danny: (excited) "You're right, Ember. (however, his ghost/human sense goes off) Uh oh."

(Mr. Lancer stands on a fire hydrant and angrily uses his megaphone)

  • Mr. Lancer: (angry) "Attention freakishly teen idol, I order you to cease and desist."
  • Ember: (smirking) "Desist this, grandpa."

(she then hypnotizes people with her brainwash wave. They turn and glare at Mr. Lancer)

  • Mr. Lancer: (scared) "Pride and prejudice!"

(Danny sighs in annoyance)

  • Danny: (annoyed) "Not again. (then he goes into his ghost form) I gotta save Lancer but this is bitter sweet."

(he then flies towards him and makes him invisible so he can not be walked all over. When they gone, he turns Mr. Lancer back to normal and lets him meet the savior)

  • Mr. Lancer: (relieved) "Thank you."

(Danny ignores this and goes to find Ember but finds her gone. However, she left a note for him and he smiles)

  • Danny: (smiling) "I will be there, Ember. You know what, I secretly have a crush on you."

(later after Mr. Lancer's class is done, Sam sees a monitor and listens to Danny explaining their past relationship. She cries at what happened between them)

  • Sam: (crying) "Danny, I'm sorry. Whatever it takes, I'll have you back."

T.V. Tropes

  • Adaptational Heroism: Danny no longer makes selfish choices and does the right thing.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Vlad is now a complete monster. It's revealed that he killed his human self and plans to destroy humanity along with the ghost zone. He even went as far as to murder Agent Alpha for failing his mission. The Guys In White are also worst since they know his plot and still work for him.
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