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The Phantom is an American Supernatural Superhero Drama Television Series, based off of Nickelodeon's hit television show, Danny Phantom, primarily as a reboot series, premiering on November 10, 2015 on the CW Television Network. Starring Dylan Sprayberry, Kira Kosarin, Trevor Jackson, Galadriel Stineman, Teala Dunn, Rowan Blanchard, and Robert Downey Jr,  with Dylan Sprayberry portraying Danny Fenton, a teenager that becomes half-ghost, and with the help of his friends, Sam Manson (Kira Kosarin) and Tucker Foley (Trevor Jackson), Danny uses his ghost powers to fight crime and defeat evil ghost.

The series takes a realistic look at the famous Nickelodeon character, Danny Fenton, aka Danny Phantom and focuses on how Danny has grown from the day he got his powers to the day he became known as Amity Park's own hero. Each episode starts out with a voice over introduction from Danny, talking about the primary plot of the season.

During The Phantom's renewal for a fifth season, the series crossed-over with other Nickelodeon based shows, including Neutron and El Tigre. These three series formed a shared universe featuring original Nickelodeon characters, known as the CW Nickverse. The series even spawned a spin-off Television Series, Fairy Godparents, using two episodes of Season 5 as background pilots, featuring Jonny Gray as Timmy Turner. Season 7 crossed over with JX-9, also known as Jenny, the Teenage Robot. Nick Legends Unite, is planned for production, featuring each hero from the shared universe as a team, saving eachothers' homes and stopping a team formed by their enemies.

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As a nine year old child, Danny Fenton witnesses his parents, a couple of scientists working on exploring the myths of the supernatural, activate an actual functional portal, linking their own world to a supernatural world inhabited by a variety of supernatural creatures, namely; ghosts, but when a malfunction in the portal explodes, Danny watches as his parents are killed, leaving him to be raised by his older sister. Five years later, while looking through his parents' old lab with his best friends, Sam Manson and Tucker Foley, a fourteen year old Danny accidentally re-activates the damaged Ghost Portal, causing a massive wave of green ecto energy that changes his DNA and unleashes multiple ghosts into the world. After recovering from the accident, Danny discovers that the ecto-wave has made him half-human and half-ghost, and has given him a variety of supernatural ghost powers, such as flight, invisibility, intangibility, and more. Now, as he copes with adolescence, Danny, with the help of Sam and Tucker, and his sister, Jasmine, must hide his secret, while using his ghost powers, and an array of his parents' old ghost hunting gear to protect his planet from supernatural creatures that are threatening it. Along the way, Danny learns more about his parents' past, and the truth behind their death, while making enemies and allies that will shape his future as 'The Phantom'; savior of two realms.


Main Cast

  • Dylan Sprayberry as Danny Fenton/The Phantom, a teenage boy, who is half-human and half-ghost. As a 9 year old child, Danny witnessed his scientific parents turn on a portal meant to view a world of ghost and other creautures, but when the portal exploded and killed his parents, Danny was left to be raised by his 17 year old sister. Years later, a 14 year old Danny took his friends through his parents lab, and accidently re-activated the portal, causing an explosion of green ecto energy, that hospitalizes him and released several ghost. Waking up, he discovered that the ecto energy changed his DNA, turning him half ghost and gained a variety of ghostly powers. Now, with the help of his best friends, Sam and Tucker, Danny uses his powers to fight the ghost that escaped during the ghost portal explosion. Danny only goes by the ghostly surname he adopted in the original cartoon, Phantom, instead of just replacing his last name as Danny Phantom. At first, Danny desperately tries to fit in, feeling as an outcast, and was first unsure about using his powers, focusing on his normal life, with Jazz, his friends, and his friendship turned romance with his life long crush, Valerie Gray, but eventually grew mature, gaining great confidence and begins focusing on his heroic duties. Although Danny is oblivious at times, he often shows signs of inheriting his parents' scientific minds, and even re-opened their old business, FentonWorks, as a company.
    • Transformation - Though he can use his powers in both his ghost and human form, Danny learned to transform into his ghost suit instead of having to put it on. After learning to transform into his ghost form, he gained white hair and green eyes in his transformation and wears a redesigned version of his father's protective uniform, a black suit with white gloves, boots, collar, and belt, with white accents throughout the suit and the iconic white "D" with a "P" inside symbol on his chest. When he transforms he is surrounded by a blue spectral aura ring that seperates as he transforms.
    • Flight - Danny has the ability to defy gravity and fly at high speeds and altitudes.
    • Ghost Sense - Danny can sense nearby ghosts, which is shown as a blue mist from his mouth when activated.
    • Ectoplasmic Generation - Danny can create beams of green ecto energy he calls his ghost rays, and can create ecto energy balls and waves. He can also shoot his ghost rays from his eyes.
    • Ghost Shield - Another part of his ecto generation is the ability to create ghost shields of ecto energy, either full domes to absorb any attack from all sides or rectangular shields to deflect any attack.
    • Invisibility - Danny can turn himself and anything or anyone he touches invisible.
    • Intangibility - Danny can phase himself and anything or anyone he touches through solid objects.
    • Overshadowing - Danny can phase into living beings to take over their body. When overshadowed, the subject's appearance remains the same, but the eyes often glow green and he can still use his powers when overshadowing someone.
    • Levitation - Danny can also levitate objects, in which a green ghostly aura surrounds the objects he levitates.
    • Duplication - Danny can create multiple and identical clones of himself.
    • Cryokinesis - A power that is common to Frostbite's people, with this ability, Danny can generate beams or balls of ice that can freeze anything it touches. He can also create cold ghost shields that are more resistant to fire attacks. The appearance of his ice beams and shields look exactly like his ecto generation, but blue instead of green. His eyes also glow blue when he uses his ice powers.
    • Ghostly Wail - A unique ability in which Danny can create a large and powerful sonic scream of ectoplasmic waves, that sounds like an ongoing classic ghost sound. He learned this power after witnessing his evil future self do it, and uses it ten years earlier than he was meant to. It is most likely his most powerful ghost power, as it can cause extreme damage to his enemies and objects, but takes a majority of his energy to use it.
    • Repulsion Field - Danny can expel a large amount of ecto energy to repel his enemies, which he mostly only uses when he's surrounded by multiple enemies.
    • Ghost Stingers - An attack in which Danny utilizes ecto energy in an electric form to shock his enemies and can use it to reverse electric attacks targeting him.
    • Ecto Augmentation - Danny can generate his ecto energy through his body to increase his physical strength or speed tremendously, making him stronger and faster than humanly possible.
    • Spectral Body Manipulation - Danny has the ability to manipulate his body shape, constantly using this power to replace his legs with a ghostly tail. Danny can split his body in two, but keep them connected through spectral matter and can bend and twist his body far beyond the normal limits of human physiology.
  • Kira Kosarin as Samantha "Sam" Manson, Danny's gothic best friend, who knows and protects Danny's secret, as she talked him into to showing her the lab and witnessed the explosion. She helped Danny learn to use his powers and designed the suit that Tucker made. Sam is very intelligent and loyal to her friends and is often the most pragmatic of the group and stands up for what she believes in, particularly enviornmental problems, and owns her own greenhouse, as she is also a vegetarian. Her parents are extremely wealthy social conservationists, but she briefly kept this from her friends to avoid "fake friendships", with people who only like her wealth. Sam clashes with her parents multiple times about her gothic personality. Though she denies it multiple times, Sam does have a crush on Danny, and is always their when he needs her. With her knowledge of the Supernatural, Sam has discovered the weaknesses of multiple ghosts, as her friendship with Danny develops into romance.
  • Trevor Jackson as Tucker Foley, Danny and Sam's best friend, and a lighthearted genius, who acts as the group's comic relief in intense situations and also protects Danny's secret, as he was also present at the time of the ghost portal explosion. With his technical knowledge, Tucker fixed up the lab and the damaged equipment Danny's parents developed and helps Danny track ghost and hack into computers and machinery from a console in the lab. Tucker has a clear love of comic books, sci-fi, and pop culture. He has great pride in his tech and is protective and somewhat obsessed of it.
  • Elena Satine as Jasmine "Jazz" Fenton, Danny's older sister and legal guardian. Being 17 years old at the time of her parents' murder, almost 18, she was allowed to be Danny's legal guardian and raised him. To pay bills, Jazz took a full time job after High School. She is very intelligent and caring, and can also be a little over protective of Danny. Sometimes, Danny feels that Jazz could've had a better life, went to college and have a family, if she didn't have to take care of him, but she never regrets her decision to raise him and they have become as a close as siblings can be because of it, and she is more of his surrogate parent. Though she has tended to pry into Danny's personal life, she did not tell Danny when she discovered his secret, believing it's his secret to tell and will tell her when he's ready, which he eventually does.
  • Teala Dunn as Valerie Gray/Arsenal, Danny's first love interest on the show, who is a popular cheerleader, but unlike the rest of her popular friends, Valerie isn't mean, shallow, or selfish, but is instead very caring and smart, always willing to help those in need, and becomes good friends with Danny, Sam, and Tucker. Looking for honesty in her relationships, she struggled with a relationship with Danny, knowing that he has been dishonest, but only because he has been reluctant to tell her his secret, due to her obvious and variously shown hatred for ghost, as she has been caught in various ghost attacks, prompting her to learn to defend herself and even becomes a ghost hunter, recieving ghost hunting gear from Vlad Masters. She is hot-tempered, which often clouds her judgement while ghost hunting, but slowly starts to realize a world beyond the superficial.


  • Clive Owen as Clockwork, the Master of Time, an immortal ghost who keeps and controls the flow of time. He is calm, tricky, and knows everything that will or could possibly happen, and instead of killing Danny to prevent the destruction of the future, Clockwork instead tricked Danny into making decisions, that would prevent him from becoming evil. Neutral, he does not fulfill every wish Danny desires, including altering past events, and only adjusts time as he sees fit, usually in order to teach Danny a lesson. He constantly changes his age and appearance from a child to adult to old man, which refers to his detachment from the time sequence.
  • Bob Joles as Frostbite, a jovial yeti-like ghost, and the leader of his people in the far frozen area of the ghost zone, where Danny is worshipped as the chosen savior of the Ghost Zone, after defeating Pariah Dark. Like Clockwork, he has served as a mentor to Danny, and ultimately teaches him to master his ice powers.
  • Rowan Blanchard as Danielle "Dani" Phantom, an imperfect clone of Danny, created by Vlad, as a stepping stone towards a perfect clone of Danny under Vlad's power. Out of all the clones, Danielle was the most stable and a nearly perfect clone, matching his memories, his powers, his likes and dislikes, his thoughts, and how he thinks, except she is a younger female, and with those matching qualities, Vlad tricked her into thinking she was his daughter in order to capture Danny, until Danny convinced her she was nothing more than a tool to Vlad. After siding with Danny, she went to school as Danny's cousin, though he actually acts as an older brother. She has become friends with Sam and Tucker, and created a close sisterly relationship with Jazz, until she decided to leave and travel Earth.
  • Melissa Ponzio as Pandora, the creator and owner of "Pandora's Box", a magic that holds all the worlds evil. When Danny was powerless to stop the Box Ghost from creating havoc with the box, he entered her lair and asked her help in retrieving it back. She is a benevolent ghost who keeps the world less evil by keeping many malicious contents within her box, but can get aggressive when tampered with.
  • Dakota Fanning as Princess Dorathea "Dora", a ghost princess that has an amulet that can transform her, or any one who wears it, into a dragon. In her first appearance, she lost control of her Dragon form and attacked Danny, and lost the amulet in a battle. Danny gave the amulet to Valerie, causing her to transform upon getting angry, and returned the amulet to her after she helped save Valerie. She later returned to Earth as a teacher to retrieve a wife for her brother, and chose Sam under Danny's choice, until Sam helped her realize she is just as powerful as her brother and overthrew him.
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Wulf, a bipedal wolf ghost, constantly on the run from Walker, as an escaped prisoner. He only speaks Esperanto and has the power to create portals between worlds by slashing rips between dimensions with his claws. He always remains a loyal friend to Danny after he helped Wulf escape Walker.
  • Tom Welling as Daniel Fenton/The Phantom, the good future version of Danny. When Danny defeated his evil future self, he created a new timeline where he remained good and the hero of Amity Park, staying alongside his friends. Danny and Sam are married, and are the owners of the newly re-opened FentonWorks, which Tucker manages, and Jazz is the mayor of Amity Park. After Dark Danny escaped ClockWork's prison, Clockwork requested him to capture his alternate counterpart. He tracked Dark Danny to the night his parents were killed, to stop him from killing his alternate 9 year old-self, and stopped his teenage self from saving his parents, knowing it was destined to happen.


  • Robert Downey Jr. as Vlad Masters/Plasmius, a rich debonair billionaire, and an old partner of Jack and Maddie's, who helped them with the ghost portal, but he was caught in the first portals explosion of red ecto energy, putting him in a coma for a year. While investigating his parents' work, Danny searched for Vlad for help, but eventually learned that Vlad is also a half-ghost, far more powerful than Danny, due to his longer experience that constantly one-ups Danny's abilities. He is a very devious and intelligent man, whose exterior charm to the public hides his manipulative interior and alter-ego "Plasmius". Though he is Danny's main arch-rival in the series, he has a goal to obtain Danny as his son/apprentice.
    • Vlad has nearly all the same powers as Danny, but far more powerful, due to his multiple years of experience. Like Danny he can transform into his ghost form, which consists of a white suit, with black gloves, boots, collar, and belt with black accents throughout it, and his skin turns light blue, his grey hair turns black and his dark blue eyes turn fully red. Plasmius' ectoplasmic energy generation is red, instead of green like Danny's. Though the abilities that Vlad does share with Danny are far more improved, their seems to be a few powers he hasn't developed, such as ghost sense, ice generation, or ghostly wail, but also has various abilities Danny does not, such as the power to teleport and to absorb ecto energy and redirect it. Another power Vlad has that Danny doesn't is the ability to form red energy constructs, in which he has created an energy blade, a tornado, rope, cage, and a bubble. Like Danny, Vlad only goes by Plasmius the ghostly surname he adopted in the original cartoon, instead of Vlad Plasmius
  • Sean Bean as Walker, a very strict and vigilante warden who runs the prison of the Ghost Zone. He enjoys law and order and often commands with an iron fist; whoever so much as disobeys one rule from his law book is in trouble. To justify his cause, he often makes up the rule as he abides by them and is not above using dirty measures to keep the Ghost Zone clean and corruption-free.
  • Geno Segers as Skulker, the self-proclaimed "Ghost Zone's Greatest Hunter", who hunts down rare and unusual ghosts and has vowed to hunt down Danny for his rare half ghost status. He uses raw power and intense weaponry, but understands the way of the hunt, so he is able to utilize his brain to take advantage of his situation as a predator to one-up his prey. Though Skulker is tough and strong, he is actually a small green ghost, in a robotic exosuit.
  • Jim Carrey as Nicolai Technus, only refered to as Technus, a boisterous genius mad scientist ghost and the self-proclaimed "Ghost Master of Science and Technology", who has the ability to control and merge with all electrical technology, a supernatural power known as Technopathy.
  • Spencer Breslin as Box Ghost, is a running gag ghoul, who constantly fights with cardboard and anything square, but much like his future self, he can create explosive blocks of ectoplasmic energy. He is incompetent in his attempts to scare people and is barely taken seriously by either the heroes or the other ghosts.
  • Sabrina Carpenter as Ember McClain, a teenage ghostly musician, somewhat of a siren, due to her power to control people by singing, making them more rebellious, except Danny, who is protected by his ghostly aura.
  • Chad Michael-Murray as Johnny 13, a rebellious and mischevious ghoul biker, who often likes to cause bad luck, using his living shadow to wreak havoc, but also tends to leave Danny or anyone else alone unless prompted.
  • Stacy Farber as Kitty, Johnny 13's demanding and shrewish girlfriend. She is constantly under dire stress over her loose boyfriend, wishing he'd focus his full attention on her. She has the ability to banish anyone to a different dimension for 24 hours.
  • Krista Allen as Desiree, a genie-like ghost who travels the world granting anyone's deepest desires, unfortunately, while compelled to grant any wish she hears, she is free to interpret and twist it any way she sees fit and gets stronger the more she grants. "So you have wished it, so shall it be!" is her sly response to a wish. Her vindictive nature stems from her life as a human where many years back, she was a harem girl who won the affections of a sultan. He showered her with whatever gifts her heart desired, but was murdered by the Sultan's jealous wife and returned as a ghost.
  • Scarlette Johanson as Penelope Spectra, a sadistic ghost who strives to be youthful and beautiful. To do so, she often targets teenagers and through elaborate plans, slowly sucks the youth out of them. She retains a perky personality and chipper demeanor while hiding a dark, seductive and psychotic nature deep inside her.
  • Dylan Riley Snyder as Sydney Poindexter, a nerdy teenager from the 1950's, who was the most bullied kid in Casper High when he was alive, but died in what was supposed to be a prank by the Football team, and haunted the school for revenge, leaving Danny to stop him.
  • Davis Cleveland as Young Blood, a ghost with the appearance of a young child. Obnoxious and childish, he can only be seen by children. Despite his looks, Youngblood is a keen commander and skilled in battle.
  • Tom Felton as Prince Aragon, the ruthless older brother of Princess Dorathea, who, like his sister, has an amulet that allows him to transform into a dragon, especially when angry or distressed. Under his rule, his kingdom was lifeless and unhappy and he constantly treated his sister cruelly. She eventually finds Sam, as a bride for him, but Sam helps her realize her brother is no stronger than she is and Aragon is defeated and overthrown by his sister.
  • Brian Cox as King Pariah Dark, the former King of all Ghosts, who, with the Ring of Rage and Crown of Fire by his side, ruthlessly commanded the Ghost Zone. Nearly limitless in power and domineering, Pariah was eventually captured. He was placed into the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep where he lay until Plasmius accidentally awakened him in persuit of power and immediately laid waste to both Amity Park and the Ghost Zone until Danny ultimately defeated him, fulfilling Frostbite's prophecy.
  • Michael Dorn as Fright Night, a powerful, gruff knight who spreads terror by sending his victims into thier worst fears, and works as Pariah Dark's loyal servant, but also worked with Plasmius after Pariah's defeat.
  • James Garret as Nocturne, the ghost of sleep and dreams, who once put all of Amity park to sleep, and unfortunately becomes more powerful the more people dream. With the help of his sleepwalkers, he went around the world stealing the dream energies of everyone, until defeated by Danny.
  • Dave Boat as Vortex, a psychotic weather controlling ghost, bent on creating chaos on Earth, generating and controlling storms, with a power he calls a form of art.
  • Mark Hamill as Undergrowth, a ghost who controls plants, who, upset that his beloved nature has been torn down by human hands, overtakes Amity Park, turns it into his own horticulture lair, and possesses Sam, turning her into his "daughter" and the mother to his plants, but is defeated when Danny masters his ice powers and freezes the roots.
  • Dylan Sprayberry as The Wraith, a powerful ghost being that needs a host every 24 hours, leaving his hosts dead after leaving their body, in his search for the perfect host to become completely stable. He eventually searched for Danny and took the ghost boys DNA, becoming an exact doppleganger with all of Danny's powers, memories, interests and thoughts, but an inverted form of Danny's suit, wearing a white suit, with black gloves, boots, belt, collar, and black accents, and has red eyes and red ecto energy, but can invert his suit to look like Danny's, in an attempt to live Danny's life as his own.
  • Tom Welling as Dan Fenton/Dark Phantom, Danny's evil future self, and a result of the fusion of Danny's and Vlad's ghost halves. In his future, Jazz, Tucker, and Sam died in a tragic explosion of the Fenton Lab. With no where else to go, Danny went to Vlad, asking his arch nemesis to remove his emotions, so Vlad removed The Phantom from Danny Fenton, but the latter retaliatied afterward and did the same to Vlad. When The Phantom tried to overshadow Plasmius, Danny's strongwill took control of the merged body, but Plasmius evil conscious overwhelmed him and turned him evil, causing Danny to create as much destruction as he wanted and nearly destroyed Amity Park, but Valerie used ectoranium to throw him out of town and kept him out with the ghost shield, until breaking the force field with his new ghostly wail. In order to assure his past self's transformation into him he posed as Edison Stein to get close to Danny, and attempted to destroy Jazz, Tucker, and Sam, but was stopped by Danny, which caused his universe to branch off and become a reality parallel to the original. After escaping ClockWork's prison Dark Danny was followed by the future version of the main timeline Danny, and ended up killing Jack and Maddie instead.
    • His appearance is also a combination of The Phantom and Plasmius. He has light blue skin, white hair, and red eyes, and wears a white suit with thick black lines intercepting at his white belt, creating a "V", with  white "D" in "P" symbol inside, with black pants and gloves and white boots. Like Vlad, Dark Phantom's ecto generation is red, but unlike Danny's blue mist from the mouth, Dark Phantom's ghost sense is a wisp of red mist that comes from his nose.
  • Daniel Radcliffe as Ghost Writer, a ghost author who has a keyboard that can make anything he types become real, and once tormented Danny by trapping him in a poem to teach Danny a lesson on Christmas, which Danny has a strong hatred for.
  • Jackie Earle Haley as Freakshow, a criminal circus ringmaster, who, like his family has done for generations, uses ghost for his circus, but decided to use them to steal. He successfuly used his sceptor to make The Phantom part of his crew, but Sam stopped him. Freakshow has returned numerous times with only one henchman left. Lydia, who is loyal to him without being controlled.
  • Men in White, a secret organization bent on eliminating all paranormal creatures, with The Phantom at the top of their list. Though the GIW leader, Hannah Murtaugh, knows that The Phantom is good hearted, she feels that he is too powerful to be walking around freely, as he disagrees to join them.

Other Recurring Characters

  • Rene Lavan and Amy Adams as Jack and Madeline Fenton, Danny and Jazz's parents, who were scientist bent on exploring the supernatural, leading them to create a device, only meant to view a world of ghost, it became a portal, and they were killed by a supernatural ghost, who was revealed to be Danny's evil alternate future self. After that, their son Danny was left to be raised by their nearly graduated daughter. They are seen many times throughout the series in pictures or flashbacks, including Danny's travel to the past, in which he learned that that they were killed before the explosion.
  • Jesse L. Martin as Damon Gray, Valerie's father and a faithful employee of Axion Labs. He is a calm, patient man who adores his daughter, but once he finds out about it, does not approve of her ghost hunting vendetta.
  • Paul Giamatti as Mr. Lancer, the vice-principal and english teacher at Casper High, who is very strict, especially with Danny. Though he usually targets Danny to pick on, it is only because of Danny's grade average, and he is really well-meaning just wanting Danny, and the rest of his students to do better.
  • Robbie Amell as Aaron "Dash" Baxter, a popular high school football and basketball star, who constantly picks on Danny and Tucker, ironically, due to him looking up to The Phantom.
  • Daniella Monet as Paulina, a popular high school cheerleader who is rude and unbright.
  • Peyton List as Star, another Casper High cheerleader and Paulina's best friend.
  • Boo Boo Stewart as Kwan, an asian-american Casper High football player and Dash's best friend. Though he is popular and bullies the lesser known students as much as Dash, Kwan is a bit more reluctant to hurt others and can be smart and caring. He possibly only wanted popularity so that he can feel a sense of belonging.
  • John Henson and Jill Benjamin as Thurston and Pamela Manson, Sam's parents and the overall antithesis of their daughter, being a pair of super-optimistic socialites. They possess an enormous disdain of Sam's nonconformity and constantly try to steer her away from it.
  • Martin Lawrence and Tichina Arnold as Mr. and Mrs. Foley, Tucker's parents, who are also very intelligent.


Season 1

"My name is Danny Fenton, and I'm only half alive. When I was a child I saw my parents killed in an explosion of green energy, then a similar explosion made me half ghost and unleashed danger onto our world. To the outside world, I'm just an ordinary student, but secretly, I work with my friends Sam and Tucker to use my powers and recapture evil ghosts threatening my city. I am the Phantom"

Title Description
The Phantom (Pilot Episode) Five years after witnessing the death of his parents in a lab explosion, 14 year old Danny Fenton begins High School with his friends Sam and Tucker, living with his 22 year old sister, Jazz, but his life changes when he is caught in an explosion of ecto radiation in his parents' lab, making him half-ghost, and must now channel his newfound ghost powers into fighting an evil ghost attacking his city.
Hunted While adjusting to his new ghost powers, Danny struggles in his decision on whether to be normal or to use his powers to recapture the ghost that escaped in the explosion, but must put that on hold, when he becomes the new target of a ghost hunter, who wants to capture Danny as his ultimate prey.
Men In White While hunting down ghost, Danny is attacked by white suited men using high tech weapons and identify themselves as the Men in White, an organization that protects the world from Supernatural threats. Meanwhile, Danny learns to generate ectoplasm into beams of energy.
Power Outage Danny encounters a technopathic ghost that can manipulate and merge with technology, and feeds off electricity. Now Danny must stop him, but struggles to seal him off from all electronic devices. Meanwhile, Danny starts looking in to his parents' past work on the supernatural, while Tucker continues to fix up some of their old gear.
Poindexter When Danny obnoxiously uses his powers to emberass Dash, he learns a lesson, when a nerdy teenage ghost from the 1950's, attempts to kill him and anyone he sees tormenting others. Meanwhile, Danny's investigation on his parents' secret work on the supernatural leads him to one of their old partners.
Thirteen to One Danny faces off against a wreckless ghoul biker, who causes bad luck and destruction with his living shadow. Meanwhile, Danny continues working with Vlad Masters in his investigation of his parents' work.
So You Have Wished It While dealing with Desiree, a genie-like ghost that can grant wishes, becoming stronger the more wishes she grants, Danny helps Valerie with her birthday, which she is reluctant to have, but Danny may have to miss the party when Desiree targets a meteor shower taking place during the party, in which multiple people in Amity Park will be making wishes.
Ageless The students at Casper High seem to be losing their pep, including Danny, after Jazz signs up to visit the School guidance counselor, Ms. Penelope, due to his strange behavior, but the group learns that she literally sucking the youth out of teenagers to stay young.
Sound of Music When his friends, sister, and the rest of his school begin acting like rebellious teenagers attacking each other after a mysterious new band arrives in Amity Park, Danny discovers that the band is a group of ghosts, led by Ember McClain, a siren-like ghost who can hypnotize people with her voice, but has an immunity due to his ghost half.
Ghost Zone When Tucker, finally fixes the Ghost Portal, with Vlad's tech and blueprints, Danny gets pulled in and must battle an evil ghost, calling himself Plasmius, with all of his powers, but far more powerful. Meanwhile, Sam begins to distrust Vlad.
Rage After defeating a ghostly dragon, Danny finds an amulet that he gives to Valerie, but when he discovers the amulet's power to transform the wearer into a dragon, he must find Dora, the original owner of the amulet.
Prisoner On Jazz's birthday, Danny must travel through the Ghost Zone after losing Jazz's necklace, which she got from Maddie, but runs into Walker, the strict and vigilant warden of the Ghost Zone Prison, who captures Danny and locks him up with his enemies, making Danny's only choice to escape working with his enemies.
Restraint Danny finally asks Valerie on a date, but right in the middle of their date, Danny is attacked by Plasmius, who nearly killed Danny in their first battle inside the Ghost Zone. Meanwhile, Sam asks Tucker to help her research Vlad Masters. 
Techno Freaks After nearly surving two confrontations with Plasmius, Danny works to become stronger and improve his power, but must stop at the return of Technus, in which Tucker must put his computer skills to the test to stop. Meanwhile, Valerie starts researching Amity Park's mystery savior, as she continues to gain a strong hatred for the Supernatural.
Control Freak After Sam drags him to a goth circus, Danny begins acting on anger and dark desire, becoming a dangerous criminal, and unleashing the anger of losing to Plasmius and his Parents' deaths, leaving it to Sam and Tucker to stop and save him, after discovering the circus' ringmaster is controlling him and a group of ghost.
Vortex Danny discovers that major storms brewing are the cause of a psychotic weather controlling ghost, bent on causing destruction, leaving Danny to stop him. Meanwhile, Sam comes closer to discovering Vlad's secret.
Zero On Christmas Eve, which Danny is not so excited for, the group must go up against a ghost with the ability to generate ice and plans to put Amity Park into a new ice age. Meanwhile, Jazz tries to make Christmas a happy time for Danny.
Predators and Prey Danny must uncover the mystery, when Skulker, the Ghost Hunter, mysteriously tries to hunt Sam, even when Skulker doesn't usually hunt humans, while Tucker begins to believe that is has something to do with Sam being close to Vlad's secrets.
Secrets Danny must protect Sam from his powerful and yet to be defeated foe, Plasmius, but Danny is still no match for Plasmius. As Tucker finally learns the truth behind Vlad Masters, Danny is defeated, and Sam is captured by Plasmius.
Plasmius  Now knowing that Vlad is his evil arch-nemesis, Plasmius, who was also turned into half-human and half-ghost by a prototype ghost portal, Danny must push his powers to the limit to find Sam and once again face off against his most powerful foe yet.

Season 2

"My name is Danny Fenton, and I'm only half alive. I've learned that someone, or something from another world has killed my parents, then one of their experiments made me half ghost. To the outside world, I'm just an ordinary teenager, but secretly, with the help of my friends, Sam and Tucker, I must use my ghost powers to stop supernatural threats and protect Amity Park, and someday, I will find the thing that killed my parents. I am the Phantom"

Title Description
A Matter of Family

After encountering Clockwork, the Ghost of Time, Danny travels through time, from his parents first work on the Supernatural with Vlad, to the first ghost portal explosion, in which Vlad gained his powers, to the murder of his parents and gaining his powers, which leads him to learn that there was more to their death than he thought.

The Green Glow While out in woods looking for certain rocks for an assignment, Danny comes across a green glowing rock that causes him to grow weak, and the group learns that they're fragments of rocks from the Ghost Zone that, when on Earth, have a deadly effect on ghost. Meanwhile, the group begins their Sophomore year of High School, as they battle the Box Ghost.
Friendly Encounters Danny discovers that Jazz's new friend is actually the ghost girlfriend of wreckless ghoul biker Johnny 13, using Jazz to get to the portal in order to free Johnny. Meanwhile, Danny tries to get closer to Valerie by helping her with a blood drive.
Nothing to Fear When a ghost messes with Danny's emotions, he becomes fearful of everyone he sees, viewing them as the creature that killed his parents, but must overcome the illusions in order to stop the ghost.
Double-Crossed Danny battles two ghosts, powerless apart, but can fuse together to form one ghostly creature, leaving Danny, Sam, and Tucker to seperate the two in order to defeat them. Meanwhile, Valerie starts putting herself through tough physical training as her hatred for ghost grows even more.
Shielded While learning to generate shields of ecto energy, Danny must go up against Walker's second-in-command, causing him to break another date with Valerie, who continues her training and research on ghosts and Amity Park's new mystery savior.
Flirting With Disaster In order to distract Danny from stopping him from fullfilling his plan of taking over Axion Labs new satellite in order to control all of Amity Park, the Master of Technology Technus manipulates Danny and Valerie into becoming closer.
Suspect Danny, Sam, and Tucker must investigate when Jazz is framed for the murder of the presumed dead Vlad Masters, whom Danny begins thinking survived the explosion. Meanwhile, Valerie begins looking at her mother's old things and finds a box containing a red suit.
Arsenal While battling a ghost, Danny is attacked by a ghost hunter, with a glider, red suit, and multiple gadgets. Meanwhile, Danny and Valerie's relationship finally comes together.
Identity Crisis Danny becomes tired of his ghost fighting life getting in the middle of his personal life with his friends, and uses an untested invention his parents made to split the ghost from the human. While the Phantom battles Technus, Danny spends time with his friends, but soon realizes he needs to help his ghost half.
The Far Frozen When Danny, Tucker, and Sam get attacked and stuck in a frozen tundra region of the Ghost Zone, they get help from it's yeti like inhabitants to defeat their attacker and return home.
The Prophecy Frostbite, the leader of the Far Frozen Snow yeties, show the group a prophecy of Danny being the Ghost Zone's chosen savior to emerge the Ghost Zone into the light and defeat an ancient darkness.
Wrath While on a date with Valerie, Danny is attacked by skeleton-like ghosts and is also confronted by the red armored ghost hunter, that the gang calls Arsenal.
Public Enemy Walker, the vigilante and manipulative warden of the Ghost Zone prison, over runs Amity Park, using his men to take over powerful people and uses them to make The Phantom a public enemy of Amity Park, and Danny befriends a wolf ghost trying to escape Walker.
Wanted After previous events, in which Walker has made him a public enemy, Danny is hunted by Skulker, the Men in White, and Arsenal. Meanwhile, Jazz begins dating a young genecist, named Andrew Monroe.
What You Want Desiree, the genie wish-granting ghost returns and fulfills Tucker's wish of having supernatural powers, but becomes more powerful and aggresive by the minutes. Meanwhile, Sam is stuck at home, extremely sick.
Power Leech Danny's preparation to stop the darkness is put on hold when his powers are stolen by a ghostly enemy and must use his parents old gear and his new advantage of being able to be around ectoranium to stop the ghost.
The Legend of the Ghost King Danny, Tucker, and Sam review the prophecy that foreshows Danny saving the Ghost Zone, and learn of the story of the Ghost King Pariah Dark, the ancient darkness that both Frostbite and Clockwork warned him of.
Divide and Conquer Ghost King, Pariah Dark, finally puts his plan to conquer Earth into motion as his army raids Amity Park, and Danny feels he has no choice, but to battle Pariah Dark alone. Vlad Masters, aka, Plasmius, reveals himself to be alive.
The Dark Abyss While Danny is trapped in the Dark Abyss of the Ghost Zone, Pariah Dark and his army seize Earth, as Sam and Tucker gain help from past allies to protect Amity Park. Meanwhile, Arsenal makes her own stand against the army.
Reign Storm Danny returns from the Dark Abyss Region of the Ghost Zone to fulfill the prophecy and confront Pariah Dark in their final battle for Amity Park. Meanwhile, Danny is also confronted by a long thought dead enemy.

Season 3

"My name is Danny Fenton, and I'm only half alive. To the outside world, I'm just an ordinary teenager, but secretly, I'm half-human, half-ghost, and with the help of friends, Sam and Tucker, and sister, Jazz, I use my ghost powers to fight crime and stop supernatural threats. I stopped the Ghost King and became the savior of Amity Park, but in doing so, I opened up the world to new threats, and I am the only one that can stop them. I am the Phantom"

Title Description
The Savior of Amity Park After defeating Pariah Dark and saving the city, The Phantom is hailed as a hero among Amity Park and is thrown his own parade, known as "Phantom Day", as much as receiving a key to the city, but Danny is reluctant since Vlad's return and discovering that Valerie is Arsenal. Meanwhile, Jazz, who saw Danny transform during Pariah Dark's invasion, must decide whether or not to tell Danny that she knows.
Nemesis Vlad's return to Amity Park causes a one-up rivalry between The Phantom and Plasmius as Danny tries to sabotage Vlad's campaign, when he runs for Mayor of Amity Park. Meanwhile, Danny, Tucker, and Sam begin their Junior Year of High School and Danny breaks up with Valerie, not wanting to be to close to where she discovers his secret.
Frightmare Danny wakes up from a machine-caused slumber in the Ghost Zone, and returns to Amity Park to see that everyone in the city has been put to sleep, and must wake up Sam, Tucker, Danielle, and Jazz in order to stop Nocturne, the ghost of sleep, stealing energy from the dreams of others. 
The Ghost Girl Danny is confronted by a young girl, Danielle, claiming to be his cousin and learns that, like himself, is half human and half ghost with supernatural powers, and works with her to battle a ghost, but the girl reveals a dark secret.
One and the Same Danny is kidnapped by Vlad and learns that Danielle is a clone of Danny who believes herself to be Vlad's daughter. Now Danny must convince Danielle that Vlad is evil, as Sam and Tucker search for him.
Mind Games Danny's dreams are invaded by a telepathic girl in a coma to request his help to stop the evil ghost keeping her in there. Meanwhile, Danny tries to get Danielle to persue a normal life.
Urban Jungle As Danny begins feeling a chill, Undergrowth, a plant ghost turns Amity Park into his own garden and enslaves everyone. With nowhere else to go, Danny turns to Frostbite, who teaches Danny that his latest cold sensation is a new power that he must use to save his city.
Host Danny, Sam, and Tucker learned that when Danny escaped the Dark Abyss, where he was trapped by Pariah Dark, an evil ghost escaped with him and is now going host to host and killing them afterward.
The Wraith The Wraith takes Danny's DNA to form a stable body, with an appearance and powers identical to Danny's, but is without any of his weaknesses. Meanwhile, Danny finally learns that Jazz knows his secret.
Motel California When the bus breaks down while on the way to a class field trip, the class is forced to stay in at a creepy hotel, where Sam and Tucker learn that the hotel is haunted and every year three victims are forced to commit suicide. This year the victims are Valerie, Dash, and Danny.
Pandora's Box The Box Ghost steals Pandora's Box, a box containing all the worlds evils, and unleashes it on Amity Park, so Danny must now travel through a dangerous maze in the Ghost Zone in order to find Pandora and get her help.
The Message of Death Danny, Sam, and Tucker investigate, when Skulker goes out of his way to kill Sam, Valerie, and Jazz, and learn that he was left a coded message concealing a mind controlling property. Tucker is startled to discover that the message matches his handwriting and code that he created himself.
Two Halves of One Ghost When Vlad request Valerie to capture Danielle, whom she believes to be evil, Danny makes a decision to tell her that he's the Phantom. Meanwhile, Tucker begins feeling strange before a sudden blackout.
Riddled Danny gets a panicking call from Tucker in the middle of the night, saying that he doesn't know where he is, and that he doesn't believe he's alone, so Danny, Sam, Jazz, and Valerie race against the clock to find him.
Chaotic Two days after blacking out and disappearing from the hospital, Tucker arrives at the school with no memory of what he's been doing, but he and Danny race to stop bombs that Tucker planted around Amity Park, only for Danny to realize that Tucker is not himself.
Hotep-Ra Tucker feels that it would be best if he was placed in a cell and asks ClockWork to put him one of his time cells, where he tells Tucker the story of Hotep-Ra, an ancient demon that was released from Pandora's box by Box Ghost and entered Tucker's soul.
The Demon in the Soul In order to free Tucker from Hotep-Ra's control, Danny and Sam use Frostbite's Infinity Map in order to travel into Tucker's mind, but Hotep-Ra's control won't make it easy to free their friend.
Salvage Even though they have removed Hotep-Ra from Tucker, their souls are still connected, meaning if they destroy Hotep-Ra, it might kill Tucker, and Tucker insists that they have to do whatever it takes, but Danny is compelled to find another way and save his friend.

Season 4

"My name is Danny Fenton, and I'm only half alive. To the outside world, I'm just an ordinary teenager, but secretly, I'm half-human, half-ghost, and with the help of friends, Sam and Tucker, and sister, Jazz, I use my ghost powers to fight crime and stop supernatural threats. I stopped the creatures threatening my planet and became the savior of Amity Park, but in doing so, I opened up the world to new threats, and I am the only one that can stop them. I am the Phantom"

Title Description
The Calling As Danny, Sam, and Tucker begin their Senior year at Casper High School, they're greeted by a man that mysteriously knows Danny's secret and tells them that Amity Park is in danger.
Inner Darkness Tucker begins feeling lingering effects of the magic used to remove Hotep-Ra from his soul and collapses to the ground, so Dr. Stein instructs Danny to travel into the Ghost Zone in order to find a cure to save his friend.
Deal with the Devil Danny, Sam, and Tucker investigate when people claim to see deceased friends and family, and learn that Fright Night is behind everything. Meanwhile, Dr. Stein hides a dark secret from the group.
The Ghost Dog When strange attacks happen around Amity Park, Danny learns that they are caused by what seems to be a half-ghost and half-dog creature looking for something. Meanwhile, Dr. Stein offers Jazz help with Danny's college intuition.
Teacher of the Year When Technus accidently traps himself in Danny and Tucker's online video game, he disguises himself as another player and tricks Tucker into helping him beat the game to get free, so Danny must use his powers to travel inside the game in order to stop Technus.
Dragons and Castles When Prince Aragon, the dark brother of former ally Princess Dorathea, chooses Sam as his bride, Danny and Tucker must rescue her, as Sam tries to convince Dorathea that she's just as powerful as her brother and to rebel against him.
The Gardens Danny request the help of Frostbite and the warriors of the Far Frozen Region of the Ghost Zone, when he finds that his ice powers alone are not strong enough to destroy the resurrected Undergrowth.
Doctor Disorders Both Dr. Stein, Jazz, and Sam fall ill to a disease spreading through Amity Park, but Danny and Tucker must sneak in to the hospital when they learn that Penelope Spectra has created the disease to steal the best attributes from people.
Need for Speed The group must find a way for Danny to catch a ghost that can run at the speed of sound. Meanwhile, a mysterious ghost puts Jazz in the hospital and threatens to kill Danny and his friends.
Claw of the Wild The group goes on a class field trip to camp, but investigate when their classmates begin disappearing and discover that Walker is behind everything and gain help from Wulf to stop him and save their classmates.
The Ghost from the Portal The evil ghost that killed Danny's parents years ago returns to Amity Park and when Danny confronts him, he realizes that he was being toyed with, so Tucker and Dr. Stein devise a plan to kidnap him, but something mysteriously goes wrong.
The Fright Before Christmas In his anger at not being able to stop the ghost that killed his parents, Danny's reluctance of Christmas causes him to destroy a book written by the Ghost writer, who traps Danny in his new story and will keep him there until Danny learns his lesson.
Sweet Dreams When Nocturne, the Ghost of Dreams, returns and puts Danny into an endless slumber, Dr. Stein may have to risk revealing his secret in order to save Danny.
Siren When adults all over Amity Park begin disappearing, including Jazz, the group discovers that Ember McClain and Young Blood are working together.
Technohunter Danny trains to get stronger and stronger in order to defeat "The Dark Phantom", but that's interrupted by what seems to be a combination of Skulker and Technus. Meanwhile, Jazz gives Danny an early graduation present.
Graduation Day Danny, Sam and Tucker's graduation day finally arrives, and the trio is all, but calm, when the Dark Phantom attacks them during the ceremony, and during the battle, they suddenly disappear. Before the ceremoy Danny and Sam finally reveal their feelings for eachother and share a kiss.
The Dark Phantom In a battle with the Dark Phantom, Danny, Sam, and Tucker learn that Dr. Stein is the Dark Phantom, an evil future version of Danny and accidentally follow him to his dystopia future, where Amity Park and half of Earth are nearly destroyed by the Dark Phantom.
Out of Time The Dark Phantom traps Danny in his dystopia future as he remains in the past to ensure his own future. In order to get home to the past, Danny must turn to the future version of Vlad to get answers and to reach Clockwork.
Blast from the Past With the help of Clockwork, Danny returns to the past from the dystopian future in order to confront his evil future self, save his friends, and prevent his transformation into the Dark Phantom.

Season 5

"My name is Danny Fenton, and I'm only half alive. To the outside world I'm just an ordinary college student, but secretly, I'm half ghost, half human, and with the help of my friends, Sam and Tucker, and my sister, Jazz, I use my ghost powers to fight crime and stop supernatural threats. After eight years, I finally found the man that killed my parents and changed my future for the better, but now something worse has crossed over to my world and I am the only one that can stop it. I am the Phantom."

Title Description
Balance During months of quiet, Danny begins his first year of College with Sam and Tucker, forming a relationship with Sam, as Jazz works for a law degree, but his fear of something bad happening comes to light, when Frostbite finds another part of the prophecy.

When a killer robot attacks Amity Park, Danny meets it's inventor, Jimmy Neutron, a young teenager with incredible intelligence, and must work with him, in this special cross-over event of The Phantom and Neutron.

The Haunted House Danny, Sam, and Tucker compete in a haunted house competition, but unknowingly use the sword of the Fright Night, the former servant of Pariah Dark, causing everyone that enters the room to see their worst fears.
D-Stabilized Valerie Gray returns to Amity Park to get Danny's help after Vlad returns and kidnaps Danielle, who is having trouble keeping her ghost form stable. Now Danny and Valerie race to find Danielle and save her before Vlad uses her to make a new clone of Danny.
Infinite Reality Trying to use the Infinity Map, given to them by Frostbite, to learn more about the creature that is destined to kill The Phantom, Danny, Sam, and Tucker lose the map to Vlad, and must chase him through time and space to retrieve it and stop Vlad from becoming a ruler.
Purple Danny finds an old ring of his father's made out of a purple gem, but after putting it on, he loses his powers, and learns that the ring is made out of purple ectoranium. Now he must find a way to get it off when Skulker attacks.
The Weapon In order to bond with a lately distant Jazz, Danny convinces her to spend time together, but their plans are interrupted when Lydia, the ghost assistant of Freakshow, attacks them. Meanwhile, Jazz meets an interesting new classmate, Ben Greene, at law school.
The Boy in the Pink Hat Danny and Sam meet a young boy, Timmy Turner, who is searching for proof that magic is real, after claiming to see a small pixie as a child, and believes he has found it, when Desiree returns, but when Desiree puts Danny in a trance, Sam and Tucker must trust Timmy with Danny's identity, believing Timmy to hold the key to save Danny.
Three Ghosts Danny wakes up from his trance, with Timmy now knowing that Danny is the Phantom, and seems fine, but begins seeing hallucinations of people from his past, including his parents, Valerie, and his evil future self. Afterwards, Timmy returns home, where he is greeted by two magical beings.
Wrath of the Wraith Danny's evil double, the Wraith, returns to Amity Park to destroy Danny and take his place in life. Meanwhile, Jazz continues to grow closer to Ben.
Persona Though Danny seems normal, Sam begins to have a strange feeling of distrust towards him and pulls away, and learns that this Danny is actually the Wraith, as Danny is trapped in the Dark Abyss of the Ghost Zone once again.
Battle of the Duplicates Upon learning that the Wraith has stolen Danny's life, Sam and Tucker travel into the Dark Abyss region of the Ghost Zone to find Danny, while The Wraith goes to Vlad for a cure to stop his weakness of Danny's ecto light generation.
Blackout When Ben wakes up at a nearly destroyed night club that was attacked, with many injured and some killed, and finds that none of the blood on him was his own, he fears that his latest blackouts mean that he is the attacker.
The Evil of Earth Pandora goes to Danny for help when she discovers that her box has been stolen by Box Ghost once again, and due to Box Ghost developing his power even better, learns to summon the darkest of evils from the box.
El Tigre Danny, Sam, and Tucker meet Manny Rivera and Rida Suarez, when El Tigre chases a criminal from Miracle City to Amity Park and teams up with The Phantom to stop him.
Reality Trip Freakshow blackmails Danny using his secret identity to retrieve the gems of a reality controlling gauntlet, so Danny decides to face the blackmail by revealing his secret to the world, but when things don't go as planned, Danny, Sam, and Tucker must find the gems in order to use the gauntlet to turn back the moment he revealed his secret.
Darkness vs Light Danny, Sam, Tucker, and Jazz learn that Ben is the human form of Khilgarrah, the Destroyer, the beast in the prophecy that is destined to destroy the chosen one, so Ben decides that it's best for the world that he doesn't live, but his attempt at suicide with Ectoranium causes him to adapt and become stronger.
The Destroyer When Ben's metamorphisis into Khilgarrah the Destroyer is complete and now he's a mindless beast on a rampage across Amity Park looking for any ghost to destroy, so Danny has to find it and destroy it, even if it means the prophecy of his death coming to light. ClockWork has a talk with Sam and teleports her to the unknown.

Season 6

"My Name is Danny Fenton, and I'm only half alive. To the outside world, I'm just an ordinary college student, but secretly, I'm half-ghost and half-human, and with the help of my friends, Sam and Tucker, and my sister, Jasmine, I use my ghost powers to fight crime and stop supernatural threats. I conquered my destiny and changed the future for the better, but in doing so, I created a new future for myself and my enemies will stop at nothing to destroy it. Now my past and future are colliding, so I will fight to save my planet and my future. I am the Phantom"

Title Description
Salvation Three weeks after disappearing, Sam reappears being hunted by a ghostly assassin, with no memory of where she was or what she was doing. Danny gets a call from an old friend.
Identity Crisis A mysterious white rock seperates Danny's ghost half from his human half, but when he's captured by Vlad, Sam and Tucker must work with Danny's ghost half to retrieve the white rock to remerge The Phantom with Danny.
Rabid A ghostly zombie virus is unleashed in Amity Park, transforming citizens into zombie-like ghost, and the cure for the virus is Danny's blood. Now Jazz and Tucker must use Danny's blood to manifest a cure, especially after Sam is infected. Meanwhile, Sam begins having flashes of her missing three weeks.
Enchanted Desiree the genie ghost returns and grants Danny his latest desires, in which Danny wished that he and Sam had a more traditional relationship, so she moves in with him and begins planning their wedding, and that Tucker would relax more, as well as telling Jazz to be more protective of his secret.
Escape Danny and Sam head out of town for a quiet romantic getaway, but their time is interrupted, when Tucker and Valerie arrive at the same bed and breakfast inn. The two couples' awkward moment is ruined when a silver banshee is unleashed and plans to make Danny and Tucker it's latest victims
Warrior When a young boy begins reading an enchanted comic book, he becomes an adult superhero, that befriends Jazz, but Danny, Sam, and Tucker must reverse the enchantment when they learn that the comic ends with the hero becoming a villain.
Check and Mate Danny races to warn Tucker when he learns that Tucker is being tricked by the Guys in White, into creating weapons that can destroy ghosts. Meanwhile, Sam continues to have flashes of her missing three weeks.
Paranormal vs Mystical The emotion controlling ghost returns and effects Danny's mind, causing him to lose control of his rage, so when Timmy and his godparents, Cosmo and Wanda, visit Amity Park, he must stop Danny, but his magic isn't able to reverse the effects.
Isis As Danny prepares to propose to Sam, she is taken over by the spirit of the godess, Isis, trying to revive her fallen love. After saving her, Danny is unable to finish his proposal when Sam collapses.
Dystopia Vlad kidnaps Sam from the hospital in order to look through her mind, and learns that during her missing three weeks, Sam was sent to a future, where Danny lost his powers to Vlad, who has taken over the planet.
Labrynth Danny and Vlad must work together when they get trapped in an underground labrynth, crumbling down and full bombs and ectoranium. Danny must search for a way to avoid the future Sam travelled to during her missing three weeks.
Happy Holidays On Christmas Eve, an evil santa-like ghost plans to destroy Christmas, so Danny, Sam, and Tucker must stop him. Meanwhile, Danny and Sam prepare for Christmas together in their new home.
Asylum Danny wakes up in an insane asylum, where he is told that he made up the fantasy of being a half ghost fantasy, in which his father was killed in the explosion, and Maddie married Vlad, Tucker doesn't know him, Valerie is his girlfriend, Sam is dubbed insane for believing Danny, and Jazz is a successful lawyer.
Only Half Human Danny must do what ever it takes to stop the dystopian future he saw in Sam's mind, as Vlad uses Fright Night for an army to seize Amity Park. 
The True Phantom When the Dark Phantom, Danny's alternate evil future self, escapes from his cell, ClockWork gains help from the main timeline adult Danny of 2032 to stop him, but while in the past, Danny mistakes his good future self as the Dark Phantom and attacks him.
Ten Years from Now Battling his future self, thinking that it's the Dark Phantom, Danny accidently travels to the future he created when he stopped himself from becoming evil, and that his future self remained a hero, and is now battling the Dark Phantom.
Battle for the Future Future Danny and the Dark Phantom continue their battle for the future, Danny is in the future learning more of what his life will be; he is married to Sam and owns a company that Tucker runs, and Jasmine has recently become Mayor.
A Ghost of Chance As future Danny and Dark Danny continue to battle through out time, Danny follows them to the night his parents died and has the chance to stop the Dark Phantom from killing his parents, but might change his life completely.

Season 7

"My Name is Danny Fenton, and I'm only half alive. To the outside world, I'm just an ordinary scientist, but secretly, I'm half-ghost and half-human, and with the help of my friends, Sam and Tucker, and my sister, Jasmine, I use my ghost powers to fight crime and stop supernatural threats. My future is brighter than ever, I'm continuing the work my parents started, I'm with the woman I love, and my friends are happy, but now something darker is heading towards Earth, as my enemies continue to rise, and I am the only one that can save my planet. I am The Phantom."

Title Description
My Name is Danny Fenton With Amity Park safe from harm and recently without the need of the Phantom, Danny re-opens his parents' old business, FentonWorks, as a supernatural research company, proposes to Sam, asks Tucker to manage the company and be his best man, and convinces Jazz to run for mayor, but just as his life becomes perfect, Danny learns that Vlad has unleashed an ancient darkness upon Earth, uses the corruption inside of people to control them.
The Bachelor Party When Desiree sends enchanted bottles of champagne to Danny and Sam's bachelor and bachelorette parties, Valerie and Danny wake up, with Valerie in a wedding dress and half a wedding certificate with Valerie's name on it. Jazz wakes up in a casino, and Tucker wakes up naked on a bar. Valerie learns that the name on the other half of the wedding certificate is Tucker's.
Abandoned Danny, Sam, and Tucker investigate, when Valerie begins blacking out and has flashes of an old orphanage, and learn that she's being controlled by one of the Darknesses acolytes, as Valerie learns that she is really adopted from the same orphanage. To get answers about the darkness, Jazz goes to ClockWork, who sends her away.
Happy Reunion Danny, Sam, Tucker, and Valerie go to their High School reunion, where they're all reminded of the good memories and bad memories they left behind, and are greeted by old friends, such as Dash and Paulina, as Sydney Poindexter returns to terrorize the event. Danny learns that ClockWork sent Jazz forward in time.
The Harvest Festival While Danny and Sam drive to one of Danny's parents' old lab, the car breaks down, but Danny's powers mysteriously stop working. When Danny walks to the nearest gas station, a little girl takes Sam to her village where they plan to use Sam as a human sacrifice, and Danny Learns that their water is laced with purple ectoranium.
Danielle Phantom Danielle returns to Amity Park after ClockWork informs her that recent events has made Danny to impure to go up against the Darkness, and tells him that if he were to up against the darkness now it would consume his soul.
My Life as a Teenage Robot Danny, Sam, and Tucker meet JX-9, AKA Jenny Wakeman, Nora Wakeman, and Brad and Chuck Carbuckle, when Jenny travels to Amity Park to find a cluster, and teams up with them to defeat the Clusters.
Corruption Valerie and Tucker learn that the owner of new nightclub is an acolyte of the Darkness and plans to use him to find the the Darkness' weakness, but when they get captured, Danny's plan to save them takes a wrong turn, when Danny learns he isn't strong enough to beat it. In saving Danny, Valerie suffers a tragic death.
Virtual Reality After being captured at Valerie's funeral, Danny returns home and the rest of the heroes return powerless, but when Jazz immediately reappears and tells them that they're in a virtual world created by the Guys in White, who are trying to learn how to activate their powers when ever they want, but after Jazz disappeared without telling him what she was doing and her recent actions, Danny doesn't know whether to trust her or not.
Legends Unite Part 1 When Vlad requests the help of Professor Calamitous, Santana of the Dead, and Denzel Crocker to help him in their quest to defeat their enemies, Danny, Jimmy, Timmy, El Tigre, and JX-9 must come together to stop them.
Legends Unite Part 2 As Danny lays trapped by ectoranium, The Crime Syndicate has captured Cosmo and Wanda, leaving Jimmy, Manny, JX-9, and a powerless Timmy to save them, so the heroes can come together form the ultimate team to save their planet.
Masters When Danny accidently activates a portal box, he is transported to an alternate universe, where he was raised by Vlad, who never became half ghost and taught Danny to use his ghost powers for evil as Danny Masters, aka Danny Plasmius, who terrorizes the city and must now find this world's version of Sam, Tucker, and Valerie, who are part of a resistance to defeat Danny Plasmius to return to his world, where Danny Masters is taking his place on Earth.
The Patriot Hannah Murtaugh, the former leader of the Guys in White, returns from her presumed death by Danny, and now has ghostly powers of her own she plans to use to get her revenge and become the ultimate destroyer of ghosts.
Beacon Danny finds another secret lab under the Masters mansion where he finds a young boy that looks exactly like a teenage version of Vlad, who is using the boy to destroy Danny. After stopping the boy, he takes him to Tremorton so Dr. Wakeman can find out how the boy was created, and makes a startling discovery.
Scion Dr. Wakeman brings Alex back to Amity Park, to tell Danny that only half of his DNA is Vlad's, and that the other half of his DNA is Danny's, as he begins developing all of Danny's powers, but when Vlad uses red ectoranium to corrupt Alex, he becomes a criminal with a passion for Sam.
Fenton Danny Masters, aka Danny Plasmius from Earth-2 uses the portal box to switch places with Danny Fenton, and attempts to take his place. In Danny Masters' world, Danny learns that Jack Fenton is alive and gained ghost powers from the portal explosion that killed Maddie, as Earth-2's version of the Phantom, and works with him to return home, where Sam, Tucker, Jimmy Neutron, and Jazz are battling Danny Masters.
Masquerade Danny's new company FentonWorks finally begins to take off, Sam and Danny continue to prepare for the wedding, Amorpho returns and locks Danny with ectoranium to steal his place and take credit for FentonWorks.
Samantha Phantom To show Sam what Danny goes through when he transforms, ClockWork transfers Danny's powers to Sam for 24 hours, where she must use his powers to stop Ember McClain and Skulker. Meanwhile, the votes for the mayor of Amity Park are in, and Jazz has beat Vlad, as the new mayor of Amity Park.
I Am Danny Phantom

Part 1: As Danny and Sam's wedding day arrives, Tucker, corrupted by the darkness, plans to remove Danny's powers forever, as Jazz discovers that the darkness is truly the ressurected Ghost King, Pariah Dark, and a large meteorite made out of ectoranium is heading towards Earth. The spirits of Jack and Maddie Fenton aid Danny, when be begins to believe that the only way to move on is to leave the past behind.

Part 2: Danny's seven year journey comes to end, as Tucker, Sam, and Jazz help lead the attack on Pariah Dark's army, while Danny unleashes the maximum of his powers to free the people of Earth from the corruption of the darkness, defeat Vlad in their ultimate battle yet, and confront Pariah Dark, to destroy the disastroid, as Danny becomes the ultimate savior of Amity Park, Danny Phantom.

CW Nickverse/Shared Universe

When The Phantom and other Nickelodeon based Television Series made crossovers, they were referred to as the CW Nickverse.


Main Article: Neutron (2017 TV Series)

Neutron is another CW Television Series, based off of Nickelodeon's The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, created during the production of Season 3 of The Phantom, and featuring Uriah Shelton as Jimmy Neutron, a young teenager born with incredible intelligence. During The Phantom's renewal for a fifth season and Neutron's renewal for a third season, the producers planned a cross-over between the two series, in which Jimmy travels to Amity Park to find a robot he created, and works with Danny to defeat it.

El Tigre

Main Article: El Tigre (2018 TV Series)

A series based off of Nickelodeon's, El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera, began airing during Season 4 of The Phantom and Season 2 of Neutron, featuring Kolton Stewart as Manny Rivera, a teenage boy that gains amazing powers from a mystical belt, and learns that his father was once a superhero and grandfather was once a supervillain, and is torn between his destiny as a hero or villain. The series crossed over with Season 5 of The Phantom and Season 2 of Neutron.

The Fairy GodParents

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The Fairly OddParents was brought into the Nickverse during Season 5 of The Phantom, in which two episodes introduced Jonny Gray as Timmy Turner, who is trying to find proof of magical properties on Earth to explain a strange being he saw as a kid, hoping to find some in Amity Park, learning of Danny's identity along the way. The second episode featuring Timmy ended with Timmy returning home, where he is greeted by a couple of magic fairies. The posotive reception Gray recieved during the series' two backdoor pilots led to the choice of a full budget pilot of The Fairy GodParents, showing his adventures after leaving Amity Park, with his magic fairies, Cosmo and Wanda.

Season 3 of Neutron featured as Tak, a character originally from Tak and the Power of JuJu, a young boy that appears in Retroville, requesting Jimmy's help to retrieve his magic staff and return home to his dimension.


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In the middle of Season 3 of Nuetron featured characters of My Life as a Teenage Robot recieved their own debut in the shared universe, when Danny encounters a mega equipped robotic teenage girl, JX-9, better known as Jenny Wakeman, built by Dr. Nora Wakeman to save the world from alien invaders.

Nick Legends Unite

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Season 3 of Neutron featured as Tak, a character originally from Tak and the Power of JuJu, a young boy that appears in Retroville, requesting Jimmy's help to retrieve his magic staff and return home to his dimension.

Although JX-9 did not recieve his own Series, the character was placed in a new TV Series, Nick Legends Unite, a spin-off of each CW Nickverse series, featuring Danny, Jimmy, Timmy, Manny, Tak, and Jenny teaming up to protect their world when their enemies form a team of their own.



On January 30, 2013, it was announced that Nickelodeon would develop a television series reboot of their Television Show Danny Phantom for The CW and it would detail a new, but similar origin for Danny Fenton. Kriesberg stated that the character of Danny Fenton in the series would resemble his Nickelodeon counterpart, complete with his trademark black and white costume, and not be a poor imitation. Kreisberg elaborated: "No sweat suits or strange code names; he will be The Phantom." While researching the best way to depict his ghostly powers, Hartman stated that when he used his powers, The Phantom would give off a transparent ghostly aura, especially to depict his intangibility while walking through objects

Kreisberg stated that he wanted to re-introduce Danny Phantom, it's character, and the series' plot in a similar, but new way, that fans know and love can enjoy, but also make it original to introduce it to a new generation; First, by recreating the origin, similar to the original, but with a twist, including Danny's powers originating from the ghost portal, but a twist in which Jack and Maddie die five years earlier, by a supernatural creature, leaving Jazz, who is 22 in this series instead 16, to raise Danny.

The pilot was officially ordered on January 29, 2014, and was written by Berlanti, Kreisberg, and Johns, and directed by Nutter. On May 8, 2014, The Phantom was officially picked up as a series, with an initial order of 13 episodes. Three more scripts were ordered in September 2015 following a positive response to newly completed episodes by executives, while a back ten was ordered the next month for a full 23-episode season.


The costume was designed by Colleen Atwood, who also designed the costumes for Arrow and The Flash. It features a black and white color scheme, a white wig, and white accents throughout, and went through multiple adjustments from the moment it was placed in computer renderings to the day of filming the pilot. Primarily made of leather, the suit contains areas with a stretchable material to allow Sprayberry room to bend. It initially took Sprayberry approximately 40 minutes to get into his costume.


Production on the pilot began in February 2014, with filming taking place in Portland, Oregon. On how sequences shot in the series compared to the animated fights in Danny Phantom, Sprayberry said "We do a lot of plate shots that are empty shots of the area we’re going to be in and then they’re putting us in later in post. I do a lot of the fighting and the choreography is a blast to learn. I don’t have to do it full speed and then they ramp it up. it's an amazing reboot, the action and fighting scenes are a lot more intense than the original show, I think people are going to like it."

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