The Perfect Link is American 2014 action thriller film and directed by Robert Zemeckis and was distributed by Columbia Pictures and Lakeshore Entertainment. This films stars


A New York Officer who was injury in car chase found out one plan who he not to see it are the assassination of the president. When he got 3 days to safe the president and his family safe as undergrover secret service agent and he try to get the president's daughter away from the shooter who was kidnapped for 19 weeks and was found in his car. He must find a pefect link about the assassinton.



  • Ben Whishaw as Michael Barnes/A New York officer find out the shooter in the car chase was plan assassination of the president and got 3 days to keep his family safe as secret service agent in his undergrover.
  • Abbie Cornish as Amelia Miller/The president's daughter who was kidannped, return to her family and she is the target of the shooter
  • Pierce Brosnan as President David Miller/Amelia's father



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