The Penguin in the Ice is an 1995 american animated film produced by Scott Webb Entertainment, Melvin Films and distributed by Universal Pictures in North American and Ocean Pictures Internationally.


  • Herbert: A Penguin who wants to Marry Melody.
  • Rocky: A Rockhopper Penguin who wants to be the world’s first ever flying penguin.
  • Duncan: Herbert’s Worst Enemy Who wants to take Melody away from him.
  • Melody: A Smart Female Penguin who cares more for kindness than handsomeness.
  • Tommy: A Fun-Loving Red Seagull Who leads a trio of Musical Seagulls.a
  • Beamer: A Grumpy Blue Seagull Who Only Songs when he wants to or is begged by Tommy.
  • Patricia: A Pink Seagull Who is just as Fun-Loving as Tommy, But can someone’s be a guardian figure to Herbert and offends people to protect him.
  • Amy, Sally, and Cola: Three Female Penguins with Ponytails who are Melody’s Friends, But don’t like the fact that She loves Herbert.
  • Bingo: A Chubby Penguin who is friends with Herbert, and the only friend of his until He meets Rocky, Tommy, Beamer, And Patricia who has a Secret Crush on Amy.
  • Nureyev John: An Explorer who looks at a Statue of the Cast 20 years after the events of the film.


A Penguin Named Herbert Living in a Town In Ice wants to impress His Girlfriend, Melody, But Duncan Also wants to marry her.

Voice Cast:

Live-Action Cast:


  • Ocean Pictures's second animated theatrical release.
  • This is third Ocean Pictures film to be rated G by the MPAA.


  • Now for Iternity - Melody, Male Penguins, and Female Penguins
  • Sometimes I’m Curious - Herbert
  • The Love Inside You - Tommy, Beamer, and Patricia
  • Looks Like I Have a New Friend - Herbert and Rocky
  • Don’t Even Dare - Duncan
  • I Miss You - Melody
  • New Life Settled In - Herbert and Melody


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