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The Peak of Coronavirus is a upcoming Chinese-American zombie/horror film but the plot got somewhat leaked

Plot (Leaked)

It all starts in Wuhan, China, April 27, 2020. The virus has become so strong that the Coronavirus mutated symptoms that NO ONE CAN IMAGINE! Coronavirus a few weeks later started to reanimate the dead and chaos begins in Wuhan, but 6 characters will make their best to survive. An apocalypse shelter was somewhere they thought, and, they needed to find it as fast as possible!

Yu and Ui where caught in a supermarket in a city near Wuhan, Yu managed to escape the zombies and Ui got killed by the zombies. Animals also have started to turn into zombies beacuse of the virus. (based off TWD Noah's death)

Min soon ran in her shelter buried 15m underground and locked the doors to safety. The door was metal, so there is a chance that zombies will not be able to break it.

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