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The Pawza Hotel is a 2015 Live Action/CGI Hybrid Musical Film Made by Falidon Movies.




  • Anne Hathaway as Beth Blockner, A Girl who can talk to Animals who wants to open a Pet Friendly Hotel.
  • Chris Cooper as Mr. Berger, The CEO of The Anti Pet Community.
  • Miley Cyrus as Wilma and Dilma Berger, Mr. Berger’s Daughters.
  • Amy Adams as Mira Winter, A Hotel Judge.
  • Hilary Duff as Yahaira Smith, One of Beth’s Friends Who is A Chef and Baker who helps volunteer make food at the Hotel.
  • Jason Segel as Jason Thomas, A Songwriter and Animal Expert.
  • Stephen Tobolowsky as Philadelphia’s Owner


  • Heidi Klum as Philadelphia (AKA Philly), A Female Purple Dog Who is the lead singer in a band and was a stray when She ran away from her mom for abusing her rights when her dad and owner died.
  • Kristen Bell as Étoile, A Female Red Cat who can play the bass.
  • Candi Milo as Peyton, A Male Tan Bear who Sounds like a girl and can play the guitar.
  • Kristine Sutherland as Harper, A Female Pink Turtle Who can play the keyboard.
  • Frank Welker as Otto, A Male Blue Octopus Who can play the drums.
  • Tress MacNeille as Ebony and Blizzard, Wilma and Dilma’s Pet Chinchillas.
  • Kristin Chenoweth as Caroline, Mira Winter’s Pet Parrot who believes that every new place deserves a chance.
  • Danny Mann and John Kassir as Victor and Sebastian, A Lizard and Ferret who serve as The Hotel’s Security System.
  • Renee Victor as Philadelphia’s Mom
  • Gael Garcia Bernal as Philadephia’s Dad
  • Lyons Mathias and Sam Lavagnino as Philadelphia’s Brothers
  • Anna Graves as Butterscotch the Bunny
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Rooster


  1. My Big Dream - Beth Blockner
  2. Color Your World - Philadelphia, Etoile, Peyton, Harper, and Otto
  3. The Berger Family Business - Mr. Berger, Wilma, and Dilma
  4. Not a Stray Today - Etoile
  5. Color Your World (Short Animal Sound Version) - Philadelphia, Etoile, Peyton, Harper, and Otto
  6. Pets and People - Philadelphia, Etoile, Peyton, Harper, and Otto