The Parsifal Mosaic is a 2018 American spy mystery thriller film directed by Ron Howard, based on the Robert Ludlum's novel of the same title. This film stars TBA and TBA, this film also stars TBA, Chris Hemsworth, Patrick Stewart, Miles Fisher, Dennis Quaid, Ashton Kutcher, Jensen Ackles, Eric Bana, Adam Brody, Lucas Till, Ashley Johnson,


Michael Havelock is a renegade CIA agent who is wrongly led to believe his girlfriend Jenna Karras has been murdered. When he spots her in Rome, he obsessively puts everything at risk and follows her to France and a mysterious airfield. His findings lead him to a major global conspiracy which could threaten millions, with operatives that go all the way to his commander-in-chief.


The movie open with


  • TBA as Michael Havelock
  • TBA as Jenna Karas
  • TBA as Arthur Pierce
  • Chris Hemsworth as Anthony Matthias
  • Patrick Stewart as President Charles Berquist
  • Miles Fisher as Raymond Alexander
  • Dennis Quaid as Colonel Lawrence Baylor
  • Ashton Kutcher as Pyotr Rostov
  • Jensen Ackles as Emory Bradford
  • Eric Bana as Parsifal
  • Adam Brody as Dr. Harry Lewis
  • Lucas Till as George
  • Ashley Johnson as Harry's wife


The Opening Scene


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