The Park in the Woods is a 2018 American Slasher Horror film written by Drew Goddard & Joss Whedon. Directed by Drew Goddard it serves as a prequel to the duo's 2012 metaslasher horror film The Cabin in the Woods preceding the previous film's events. Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford, Amy Acker, Tom Lenk and Sigourney Weaver reprise their roles from the first installment as the cast is rounded out by a new ensemble cast including BD Wong, Anthony Mackie, Amandla Stenberg, Tom Holland, Lucas Hedges, Chloë Grace Moretz, Ashton Sanders, Hailee Steinfeld and Billie Lourd.



  • BD Wong as The Director
  • Anthony Mackie as Ralston Davis
  • Jake Johnson as Raymond Braun/The Carnival Host
  • Amandla Stenberg as Jeanie Sampson
  • Tom Holland as Cooper Mantle
  • Dacre Montgomery as Nolan Jensen
  • Lucas Hedges as Lewis Hancock
  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Stacey Drummond
  • Ashton Sanders as Mitchell Tulle
  • Hailee Steinfeld as Sara Able
  • Billie Lourd as Peta Hammond
  • Dan Payne as Matthew Buckner
  • Brandon Larracuente as Ryder James
  • Tyler Posey as Nick Cuso
  • Barbara Wallace as Diane
  • Tom Skerritt as Miles
  • Richard Jenkins as Sitterson
  • Bradley Whitford as Hadley
  • Sigourney Weaver as Moira
  • Amy Acker as Wendy Lin
  • Tim De Zarn as Mortdecai, Carnival Worker
  • Terry Notary as Evil Clown
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