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Here are the bloopers for The Paranormal Activity Project: The Evil Within.


The Opening Scene

[Scene cuts to Annabelle Sullivan filming a videotape]

  • Annabelle: Hi, I'm Annabelle and this is a video about... [laughs] I don't know what this video is about!
  • Director: CUT! CUT! CUT!

Ouija Board

[Ouija board spells out "KFC"]

  • Annabelle: KFC?
  • Kyle: Rubik murders teenagers at the KFC? [laughs as the Multiverse Heroes laugh]
  • Director: CUT!

Strange Things are Happening

Layla gets pulled away

[A demon grabs Layla Hart's leg]

  • Layla: Uh oh!

[Layla gets pulled away from her room, screaming and her head hits the wall]

  • Layla: Ow! OH BOB SAGET!

Multiverse Heroes talk about Rubik

The Hospital

Church scene

Multiverse Heroes meet Rubik

Layla gets possessed

The Exorcist parody

  • Pope Francis: The power of Christ compels you!

[Layla levitates faster and crashes through the ceiling]

  • Layla: Oops.
  • Director: CUT!
  • Pope Francis: Sorry about that! [laughs]