The Beginning of Something New: 2010-2013

The Paradox Network was created by Paradox Studios, subsidiary of Paradox INC. in 2010. The Network was created by Paradox Studios out of anger because no TV channel would air The Legend of Zelda, a TV series that Paradox Studios and Nintendo were co-developing. After purchasing a TV Network, Paradox INC. CEO Jack Smith had no clue what to do, and sent the channel over to Paradox Studios.

They began developing The Legend of Zelda with Brooke Jordan leading the project. They quickly realized they needed more than one show, and began developing a second show. Pitched by Ana Dixon, fresh out of film school, would go on to become The Junkyard Kids, one of the most popular shows on the Network. The head of Paradox Studios, Robert White, picked Jordan to be the head of the network. At 23, Brooke Jordan would become the youngest TV Network Head, beating Fred Silverman by 8 years.

In fall of 2012, The Junkyard Kids and The Legend of Zelda would air on the newly established Network. The two shows easily attracted millions of people, mainly because of The Legend of Zelda. A year later, My Weird School, Hobo Town, and Community College would air on the Network, solidifying it as a solid TV Network.

A Runaway Success: 2014-2016

Despite the controversy that Newman Labs received and its cancellation for episodes about child experimentation, the Network would continue to draw in millions of viewers. Macy's Market became the first spinoff series on the Network. Jordan said in an interview "We want to make sure that spinoffs are done right. None of these spin-offs of recently cancelled shows for money. Our spinoffs will air at the same time as the main series, and they'll actually develop the story further." Macy's Market would become an example for how to do successful TV spinoffs for years to come.

In 2015, Brooke Jordan, Ana Dixon, and Chloe Rogers, show-runner of My Weird School, were nominated as three of the most influential women of the year. Jordan won third place, and Dixon won eighth, with Rogers not making the top twenty spot.

Meanwhile, Head of Paradox Studios Robert White was working hard at trying to sign a major deal with Cambridge University to get a TV Show deal about the Cambridge Latin Course. He and Jordan would travel to the U.K. for two months to negotiate the deal. CEO of Paradox INC. Jack Smith threatened to buy the entire Country of England, as Paradox INC. had just become worth $1.6 Trillion Dollars and he was feeling cocky.

In December 2015, the deal would go through, allowing them to develop a show. Sacrilegious had also recently aired, and was a major success with audiences. It was clear that the Paradox Network was not slowing down anytime soon.

The Most Profitable Years 2017-2020

Brooke Jordan received backlash for not green-lighting enough shows. The Network still had not reached 15 shows by early 2017, even though it had been going for five years. She also received backlash for The Junkyard Kids taking way too long to air a full season, hurting the Network. Jordan refused to respond to the critics. People called for her firing, but White confirmed in an interview that Jordan wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon.

In May, a new live action series called Space Race was announced. The show followed a second space race, as each major country competed. It became an immediate success, and would go on to air eight seasons. Later that fall, another show called The Dumbest Heist would also become a major success.

In 2018, The Very Real Stories of D.C. and Catholic School Bus both enraged Conservatives for their depictions of Republicans and Christians. One being a satirical comedy about what was happening in Washington, and the other being about a Catholic family that wouldn't stop having kids. The shows would be highly successful however, and would both run for at least five seasons. In June, Brooke Jordan green-lit a My Weird School spin-off.

Brooke Jordan contemplated stepping down in early 2019 following allegations that she was intentionally driving the Network to the ground. She ignored these claims. She started by that in fall 2020, they would air ten live action shows, all pitched by the community. Throughout early 2019, the community would vote for their ten favorite. The final ten would be announced at Comic-Con.

At San Diego Comic Con 2019, Hollywood's Greatest Show, The Goodberry Conspiracy, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, SCP, and Diary of a Depressed Girl were all announced and were given trailers alongside The Junkyard Kids and My Weird School getting new season trailers. Hollywood's Greatest Show would join many others as being one of Paradox's most controversial show. Jordan also announced a second channel Paradox Kids would be created to start airing shows for children. She confirmed Dr. History and My Weird Fast Facts would be the only two being put on at that time. This reassured My Weird School fans, worrying that the show would be classified as a kiddie-show.

The ten live action tv shows that won the vote were, Conspiracy; Six Drunk People and a Swimming Pool; Micro-Transactions; Holy Punishment; No Scripts Needed; One Wife, Two Wife, Red Wife, Blue Wife; So You Want to Get Adopted?; Libertarians on an Island; Viral; and Collectors City.

Hollywood's Greatest Show and The Goodberry Conspiracy both became the Networks two shows for annoying edgy teens. Both Shows contained dark storylines and touched on real life subjects. SCP drew in quite a large crowd as well. In December, a trailer aired on the official Paradox Studios Youtube Channel showing a three minute trailer for a third season of the CBS show Jericho, which they gained the rights to in December of 2018.

In 2020, the Network would continue to churn out new live-action programs. Two on top of the ten in the community vote. Six Miles Outside Phoenix Arizona would become popular with fans of mysteries and other related genres. Of the ten winners, Conspiracy, Micro-Transactions, and Libertarians on an Island would become the three most popular and beloved of the ten. Others, would be panned. In the end, all of the shows made profit and in the end that's all corporate cares about.

A New Direction 2020-2022

In February 2020, Nintendo and Paradox INC. met in Tokyo to negotiate existing contracts. Present at the meeting were Jack Smith, Robert White, and Brooke Jordan alongside a number of translators. The deals included renewing the Legend of Zelda tv series for another 120 episodes, giving it at least four more seasons, and establishing a new contract for three full length films, and three more television shows.Jordan would later meet with the head of The Pokemon Company to sign a contract allowing Pokemon to be included in Nintendo's contract.

Jordan ordered The Case Files of Detective Pikachu and The Adventures of Captain Toad to begin with, and Fire Emblem The Series in August 2021. The Case Files of Detective Pikachu would be known as a Pokemon meets Scooby-Doo mix.

Brooke Jordan contracted Covid-19 but survived.

In late 2020, Jordan said in an interview with Variety that 2021 would be light on new programming due to the twelve shows they put out in 2020. Two of the shows were spin-offs and one was a reboot, which didn't resonate well with fans. Neither of the spin-offs did particularly well, but the reboot, Sonic Underground, did extremely well. Urban Legends, which was the only original show of the year, was a success.

In May of 2021, CEO Jack Smith announced that Paradox Incorporated was purchasing National Amusements and would merge its Production Companies with Paradox Studios and Simon Schuster would merge with Paradox Publishing, alongside HarperCollins which had purchased over a decade prior. Paradox Studios confirmed that Paramount Pictures would remain open, and that Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Showtime, MTV, or CMT wouldn't merge with existing Paradox Network programming. Robert White declared that all ViacomCBS television channels would be controlled by Heather Steyer, who was Vice President of the Paradox Network prior.

In 2022, Jordan and White held the first official Paradox Studios Live Event, where they would announce the TV and Film slates of the year. Jordan announced four brand new children shows and four brand new regular shows, alongside the six new films announced to be releasing by Paradox Studios. All of the childrens shows would be based around existing HarperCollins books, but Jordan confirmed that original projects were in the works. Jordan also re-negotiated the Nintendo contract once again to allow a spin-off series of The Legend of Zelda. The spin-off would follow a group of soldiers fighting in the war following Link's death in Breath of the Wild.

On the Paradox Network's official Youtube Channel in November of 2022, a teaser trailer for a series based on the book series Fazbear Frights was released. An eight episode season had been ordered. A week later, a spin off of My Weird School called My Weird University was revealed as well. The spin-off series would follow A.J.'s older sister Amy through her adventures in university.

Important Figures

Brooke Jordan

Brooke Jordan was selected has head of the Paradox Network by Paradox Studios President Robert White. She was and still is the youngest Network Head in history, taking control at 23. While it is rumored that she was sleeping with White at the time, this has never been confirmed. She is responsible for green-lighting all shows on the network, and former Showrunner of The Legend of Zelda. People believed Jordan would be fired when she spoke out against Paradox Incorporated's acquisiton of Charter Communicatiosn INC. in 2021, however CEO Jack Smith said "Nah she's good for another few years until she get's angry about our acquisition of the U.S. Senate."

Ana Dixon

Ana Dixon was a fresh out of college film student that pitched The Junkyard Kids to Brooke Jordan in early 2011 when the Network was announced. Jordan took a liking to Dixon and agreed to the project. Dixon was named Vice President of the Network is early 2018. She continued to be the Show-Runner and Executive Producer on The Junkyard Kids, as well as on Macy's Market. She was chosen to Executive produce SCP and became the Showrunner on Life is Boring and Executive Produced Urban Legends, Libertarians on an Island, and Conspiracy.

Chloe Rogers

Chloe Rogers was Jordan's friend who was working at Nickelodeon at the time. She left though to pursue a Showrunner position on My Weird School. She served as Showrunner and Executive Producer on all eight seasons, and served as Executive Producer on its two spin-offs, My Weird Fast Facts, and Yonkers Labs. She also served a producer role on Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Urban Legends. She, Dixon, and Jordan became three of the most influential women of the decade, much to the dismay of SJWs.

List of TV Shows Aired By the Paradox Network

All Shows

# Name Start Date End Date SE # EP #
1 The Legend of Zelda August 17th, 2012 TBA 9 221
2 The Junkyard Kids September 17th, 2012 TBA 4 96
3 My Weird School September 2nd, 2013 June 16th, 2022 8 158
4 Hobo Town September 23rd, 2013 June 15th, 2022 6 72
5 Community College October 17th, 2013 September 15th, 2017 3 54
6 Gossip Circle December 8th, 2013 August 9th, 2015 2 24
7 Newman Labs March 4th, 2014 April 8th, 2014 1 6
8 Macy's Market July 10th, 2014 November 17th, 2016 2 30
9 Dr. History March 14th, 2015 July 14th, 2018 3 62
10 Zodiac November 3rd, 2015 December 13th, 2016 1 21
11 Sacrilegious January 8th, 2016 November 22nd, 2019 3 36
12 Very True Court Cases May 14th, 2016 TBA 6 96
13 The Chronicles of Ancient Rome August 1st, 2016 TBA 4 56
14 Space Race February 10th, 2017 TBA 10 110
15 The Dumbest Heist June 7th, 2017 TBA 3 69
16 The Very Real Stories of D.C. March 7th, 2018 TBA 4 46
17 Catholic School Bus April 1st, 2018 TBA 2 32
18 My Weird Fast Facts April 16th, 2019 October 12th, 2020 2 30
19 Hollywoods Greatest Show July 12th, 2019 TBA 2 24
20 The Goodberry Conspiracy August 22nd, 2019 TBA 1 8
21 Diary of a Wimpy Kid September 2nd, 2019 TBA 6 108
22 SCP October 25th, 2019 TBA 5 100
23 The Case Files of Detective Pikachu November TBA 6 60
24 The Chronicles of Modestus and Strythrio November 18th, 2019 TBA 2 24
25 Diary of a Depressed Girl January 7th, 2020 TBA 2 28
26 Jericho (Continuation) February 7th, 2020 TBA 2 46
27 Six Miles Outside Phoenix Arizona February 21st, 2020 TBA 4 52
28 Under Suspicion April 13th, 2020 TBA 2 26
29 Conspiracy June 1st, 2020 TBA 1 16
30 Six Drunk People and a Swimming Pool June 22nd, 2020 TBA 2 32
31 Micro-Transactions August 6th, 2020 TBA 3 48
32 Holy Punishment August 17th, 2020 TBA 2 32
33 No Scripts Needed August 25th, 2020 TBA 6 78
34 The Turner's September 6th, 2020 TBA 5 80
35 So You Want to Get Adopted? September 6th, 2020 TBA 3 42
36 Libertarians on an Island September 18th, 2020 TBA 8 191
37 Viral November 4th, 2020 TBA 3 48
38 Collectors City December 15th, 2020 TBA 4 61
39 Yonkers Labs May 3rd, 2021 TBA 1 15
40 Urban Legends June 10th, 2021 TBA 3 58
41 Sonic Underground July 9th, 2021 TBA 2 46
42 Life is Boring December 3rd, 2021 TBA 1 20
43 How to Commit Tax Fraud January 6th, 2022 TBA 2 20
44 Frog and Toad March 12th, 2022 TBA 3 52
45 The Adventures of Captain Toad April 20th, 2022 TBA 2 36
46 The Cat and A Bird June 26th, 2022 TBA 2 36
47 Socialists on an Island August 5th, 2022 TBA 9 165
48 A Bad Seed August 20th, 2022 TBA 2 33
49 Store Wars September 11th, 2022 TBA 4 50
50 Fire Emblem The Series December 9th, 2022 TBA 5 90
51 My Weird University February 4th, 2023 TBA 3 46
52 The Calamity War March 11th, 2023 TBA 4 80
53 Fazbear Frights April 24th, 2023 TBA 2 16
54 Monopolies of the 21st Century May 21st, 2023 TBA 1 12
55 The Class Monster! June 22nd, 2023 TBA 2 40
56 City Council June 29th, 2023 TBA TBA TBA
57 Lost and Found July 5th, 2023 TBA TBA TBA
58 Public Broadcasting August 1st, 2023 TBA TBA TBA
59 The 20th Century August 1st, 2023 TBA 1 TBA

Currently Ongoing

# Name Start Date Current Season Type
1 The Legend of Zelda September 7th, 2012 Season 6 Animated
2 The Junkyard Kids September 17th, 2012 Season 3 Animated
3 My Weird School September 2nd, 2013 Season 6 Animated
4 Hobo Town September 23rd, 2013 Season 6 Animated
12 Very True Court Cases May 14th, 2016 Season 4 Live Action
14 Space Race February 10th, 2017 Season 4 Live Action
15 The Dumbest Heist June 7th, 2017 Season 3 Live Action
16 The Very Real Stories of D.C. March 7th, 2018 Season 2 Animated
17 Catholic School Bus April 1st, 2018 Season 2 Animated
18 My Weird Fast Facts April 16th, 2019 Season 1 Animated
19 Hollywoods Greatest Show July 12th, 2019 Season 1 Live Action
20 The Goodberry Conspiracy August 22nd, 2019 Season 1 Live Action
21 Diary of a Wimpy Kid September 2nd, 2019 Season 1 Animated
22 SCP October 25th, 2019 Season 1 CG-Animation
23 The Case Files of Detective


November Season 1 Animated
24 The Chronicles of Modestus

and Styrthio

November 18th, 2019 Season 1 Animated
25 Diary of a Depressed Girl January 7th, 2020 Season 1 Live-Action
26 Jericho (Continuation) February 7th, 2020 Season 3 Live-Action
27 Six Miles Outside Phoenix Airzona February 21st, 2020 Season 1 Live-Action

Paradox Kids

In late 2018, Brooke Jordan was approached by White and told that corporate had asked them to start developing shows for children, as they were spreading their resources on teenage-adult aged demographics and it was hurting the potential revenue stream. Jordan decided that it was too difficult to air children and adult shows on the same network, and went to CEO Smith to propose acquiring a second channel. Smith agreed, and Paradox Kids was created. For three years however, My Weird Fast Facts and Dr. History were the only two shows to air on the channel, as it was taking a long time to get childrens shows created, while also overseeing a the main network. In early 2021, when The Legend of Zelda TV Contract was renewed, the contract was also expanded. Paradox Studios would produce three full length movies based off of Nintendo franchises, as well as three full length television shows. The Adventures of Captain Toad was an idea from Nintendo as a show for their empty Children's Network. This inspired Jordan to begin developing shows for the channel.

Due to their acquisition of HarperCollins in 2008, Paradox INC. retained full television and movie rights to over 800 published media, according to their updated contract with authors. Frog and Toad was a part of this list. A show began immediate development and was planned to arrive on the network at the end of the year. It was delayed due to a lawsuit from Adrianne Lobel, the daughter of Frog and Toad's author Arnold Lobel. The lawsuit fell through and Paradox INC. and HarperCollins retained the television rights. Unlike Adrianne Lobel, most authors were honored when they were notified that their books would be adapted into a television show.

The channel would become a big success, and would become a free and constant money stream for the Network to use towards more big-budgeted shows.

The Paradox Network App

In late 2016, CEO of Paradox INC. Jack Smith held a press conference. During the conference, he invited Robert White and Brooke Jordan to talk about the Network as well as Paradox Studios as a whole. He announced that Paradox would be setting up an app for all Paradox Shows to be put on. The Paradox Network App would release sometime in 2027. Either for $4.99 a month or by inputing your TV Provider information, you could have full access to every show ever aired on the Paradox Network, with the exclusion of Neman Labs, which at that point had never aired re-runs and was only available on its Blu-Ray release.

The app became a major success, and spread the shows of the Paradox Network to many more viewers. The app held opinion polls for episodes, gathered data, and held frequent QnA's with Paradox Network Staff. The app would become available on computers, and entertainment systems. This allowed the app to spread wider, and the net-worth of Paradox INC. to get larger, which in the end, was the goal.


In 2020, the Paradox Studios unveiled the Neptune Streaming Service. It would host all of their television shows and films they produced. Episodes would air on the service a week after they aired on the network, and movies would arrive five months after they entered theaters. The App would shut down and Neptune would have a $4.99 monthly fee. Following the ViacomCBS acquisition, all of Viacom and CBS properties became avalible on the service.

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